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    Tryneal Addison, talk show host, journalist, entrepreneur, author and high school student is positioned to be the new “Oprah” for her generation. A Minneapolis native, her knowledge of urban issues and generational questions sets the stage for heartfelt conversation. From the age of five, she has moved with purpose, knowing that she had the power to mold the future as a talk show host. Never wavering in her commitment, she drew on the strong beliefs of her mother and her community to understand the real needs of today’s youth. Writing for two magazines, her journalistic panache fed her need to give voice to her generation. Unlike most high school students, she spent her time preparing a format for a talk show, pitching it to Producer John…., and co-producing What Girls Think! A well-rounded student, disciplined to allot time segments to priorities, she carved out the time to create the innovative content for the show. Balancing the busy life of a high school student, a journalist and an entrepreneur, she became the example of dreaming big, then executing the steps to win big. Tryneal Addison is a powerful force unleashed through What Girls Think! Tryneal Addison is destined for greatness.

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    Ambizion News & Entertainment Radio w/ Damitra Stuart

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    I will be chatting with Michael Jackson’s Personal Business and Financial Manager Leonard Rowe!  We will discuss his bombshell Tell All book about the corruption, conspiracy and greed behind the King of Pop’s death!  Also on the show Teen Talk Show Host Tryneal Addison and of course as always Celebrity Juice!  Call in to ask questions or give your opinion on Celebrity Juice at 917-932-1078 or go to www.ambizionnewsandentertainment.com!

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