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  • 01:59

    Rob Schneider on Autism, Vaccine and Ca Vaccine Mandates!

    in Health

    Continuing in the fight to reverse pro-vaccine California AB2109, April and Virstyne give an encore presentation of their interviews with vaccine truth activists, Dawn Winkler and Actor / Comedian, Rob Schneider.
    First segment is a re-play of interview previously heard on TT Episode 15: Back2School, Part Deux with Dawn Winkler, the California State Co-director of the National Vaccine Information Center and Executive Director of Health Advocacy in the Public Interest or HAPI, which can be found at: www.hapihealth.org.
    For more information on Dawn's work and how to continue the fight to reverse California AB 2109 go to:
    Californians for vaccine choice:www.caliaxchoice.com 
    Californians against AB 2109:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/393039350720224/
    Next segment is an exclusive interview with actor/comedian, Rob Schneider who has been publicly declaring his opposition to California vaccine bill.  Autism, Gardasil and political corruption are all on the table. His staggering knowledge of vaccine safety (or the lack thereof) and concern for children's safety is bound to amaze listeners.  
    A MUST listen show.. definitely not to be missed!   
    Peace, Truth & Love,  Truther Talk http://www.truthertees.com http://shop.truthertees.com/

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    Autism Special.. Therapies, Healing and More!

    in Health

    For this Truther Talk, Autism Special!  April and Virstyne give an encore presentation of their first interview with autism mom, activist and author, Angela Williamson.
    Angela discusses her experiences with helping her daughter heal from autism and the changes that have occurred in her life as a result.  She emphasizes that autism   can be safely and naturally treated with bio-medical, traditional and non-traditional methods.
    Her book, Effective Treatments and Solutions for the Autistic Population is available on Kindle and Hardcopy at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com,and at Angelawilliamson.webs.com.
    Until next time....
    Peace, truth & love, Truther Talk/Tees
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    TT Episode 38: Vaccines, Toxins and Women's Health!

    in Health

    In Truther Talk Episode 38: Vaccines, Toxins and Women's Health! April and Virstyne invite back their favorite correspondent, Sara Sotomayor.  
    Sara helps open the show with an update on her blog, life and healing from her Gardasil vaccine injury.  For more information on Sara, check out her blog at: http://sarashealingjourney.wordpress.com/
    In the next segment April and Virstyne welcome woman's health expert, activist and radio journalist, Leslie Carol Botha.  Check out Leslie's work and radio show at:
    http://sanevax.org/, http://holyhormones.com/
    Later in the show vaccine activist and expert, Eileen Dannemann joins the conversation to lend her expertise on the H1N1 flu vaccine cover up and more.  For more on Eileen and her work check out:
    http://vaccineliberationarmy.com/, http://www.progressiveconvergence.com/eileen-dannemann-bio.htm
    Gardasil, BPA, Mercury, Synethic birth control and more are discussed in this lively interview!!!!
    Until next time...
    Peace, Truth & Love,
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    Truther Talk Episode 36: The Original Truther Girl!

    in Current Events

    In Episode 36 of Truther Talk, The Original Truther Girl, April and Virstyne sit down with one of their most inspirational Truthers, Truther Girl Sonia.  
    Sonia is a popular independent journalist in the alternative media.  Her journey began through the Natural Health Freedom Movement and blossomed from there.  Today she has a youtube channel, radio show and blog.  
    This lively conversation that goes from vaccines, Sandy Hook, gun control, the New World Order, Bill Gates and much more is not to be missed. Sonia's work can be found at: 
    http://www.youtube.com/user/thetruthergirls, http://thetruthergirls.com/, http://thetruthergirls.wordpress.com/, http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/programs.html#Sonia
    Until next time... Peace, Truth & Love,
    Truther Talk/Tees
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    TrutherTalk Episode 31: The Patriot Nurse!

    in Education

    In TT Episode 31: The Patriot Nurse, While April is away, Virstyne gets to sit down with the youtube sensation.
    The Patriot Nurse is an actively practicing RN, with a BSN that teaches a well rounded prepping approach including the frequently ignored medical preparedness.  Gun Control and the best way to get ready when the SHTF are all discussed.  
      Until next time... Peace, Truth & Love,   Truther Talk, http://www.truthertees.com, Shop.truthertees.com  

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    Truther Talk Episode 32: Birkham Yoga for Health!

    in Health

    In Truther Talk Episode 32, Birkham Yogan for Health! April and Virstyne talk to 9 year Birkham yoga instructor, Loren Cherrstrom.
    Loren provides insight, history and health tips for those interested in starting yoga, learning Birkham or experts wanting to understand better why this unique style is so effective.  
    If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can check out his classes downtown at:
    Please find April and Virstyne at the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach March 1-3: http://www.healthfreedomexpo.com
    They'll be wearing and selling their famous "Conspiracy Realist" t-shirt: http://shop.truthertees.com/ as well as Liam Scheff's book "Official Stories" now availabe on kindle at Amazon.com.
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    Men and Women Mysteries Revealed!

    in Culture

    Encore presentation of Truther Talk Episode 12, What do men and women want?, Virstyne Henry welcomes back frequent guest Liam Scheff while April Boden is away on a family day. They go into the differences between men and women and ask the age old questions at the center of every romantic comedy plot since the beginning of time.. "what do men want... what do women want..."
    April re-joins Virstyne to close out the show, as they re-cap Virstyne's discussion with Liam and continue to explore these questions.
    Liam is the author of the groundbreaking book, The Official Stories, co-host of the Robert Scott Bell Show on Natural News radio, and star of the new youtube sensation, Liam In Three. Find him at: http://liamscheff.com/, http://www.youtube.com/user/liamscheff?feature=watch, http://radio.naturalnews.com/Archive-RobertScottBell.asp Please check out Truther Tees/Talk at: http://www.truthertees.com/Home%20.html, To find out how to get a free copy of The Official Stories by Liam Scheff, as well as our awesome new tees "The Conspiracy Realist" go to: http://shop.truthertees.com/ Peace, Truth & Love, Truther Talk/Tees

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    TT Episode 30: The Ultimate Truther Talk!

    in Culture

    In Truther Talk Episode 30... April and Virstyne are joined by frequent correspondent Sara Sotomayor.  Sara serves as guest for the entire show and lends a hand during the ultimate truther interview with Max Igan.
    Max Igan, radio host of 'Surviving the Matrix', provides wisdom and insight on topics ranging from Sandy Hook to the meaning of In lak'ech.  Great interview... not to be missed.
    Please check out 'Surviving the Matrix', Max's art, videos and other works at The Crow House: http://www.thecrowhouse.com/home.html
    Until next time...
    Peace, Truth & Love, Truther Talk
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    Truther Talk Episode 28: It's Alive... it's alive!!!

    in Current Events

    In Truther Talk Episode 28, April and Virstyne have survived the apocalypse and are ringing in the New Year with their first NEW show of 2013.   Starting with a bang, they talk to Christopher Key, co-founder of  S.W.A.T.S.  (or The Sports With Alternatives to Steroids).  Seeing the devastating effects that synthetic steroids had on athletes, Christopher believed something had to be done to help athletes enhance their performance and improve their physical and mental health. As an answer to this dilemma, Christopher Key co-founded S.W.A.T.S., a unique and exclusive program that uses current, and former professional, drug-free athletes from every sport as role models to teach youth athletes about character, and staying free from illegal steroids, recreational drugs, nicotine, and alcohol.
    You won't want to miss this exciting new episode that addresses all current events of the day... including the hot topic of gun control, Sandy Hook false flag, and much much more...
    Until next time...
    Peace, Truth & Love, 
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  • 01:51

    Mayan Calendar Doomsday Special!!!!

    in Art

    And one last time we re-play our end of the world special Truther Talk Episode 27: It's the End of World.. As we know it.. April and Virstyne are feeling fine when discussing the Mayan Calendar end of the world prediction on December 21, 2012. In the second segment a lively bunch of creative forces from the hit rock musical "Doomsday Cabaret" join the conversation.  Why is the end of  the world so fascinating and addicting to our culture?  What elements in modern society are we missing that cause us to romantize the end?  All this.. art, music and more are discussed in this lively conversation.
    Please check out Doomsday Cabaret.. a great way to spend your last days on Earth.. Just kidding.. but a good time at the theater for sure.
    For showtimes and listings go to:  http://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/825
    Until next time..
    Peace, Truth & Love, Truther Talk
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    Holiday Special!

    in Education

    In this Holiday Special, April and Virstyne give an encore presentation of Truther Talk episode 26!
    A look at the history of the Native American people is discussed in the first segment of the show.
    Later the truthers are visited by friend, activist and author, Kevin Annett as he lays our further details of the on-going lawsuits defending the rights of the indigenous Canadian people.  
    For more information go to: http://itccs.org/ and http://hiddennolonger.com/.
    And finally everyone's favorite subject.. food!  April and Virstyne give types for healthy and delicious holiday eating.
    Whatever holiday you celebrate Truther Talk would like you to eat healthy, be Merry and be Happy..
    And may there be peace on Earth...
    Truther Talk
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