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    Reality Check By Johnny Nelson (EP 2)

    in Wrestling

    Welcome TCW and BWE Fans, alike. I am first ever and only TCW GrandSlam Champion to date and 2014 BWE Breakout Star of the Year, Johnny Nelson and This is Reality Check where I let you in on my thoughts and predictions in both TCW and BWE.

    With Special Guest: Nicholi White

    This week we talk about what happened in TCW This Past Sunday:

    Here is the Card: 

    CJ D. Johnny Nelson via KO

    OD d. Wayne 

    Brooks Promo

    Boondoxx D Nicholi White

    Jacob Ayers & Jaymes Won Tag Title Gunlet Match

    Christopher Chambers D. Deadkidd 

    Dean Raddick Lost to.... A TCW Ledgen 

    NXZN vs Dyanmo

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    Reality Check Hosted by: Johnny Nelson

    in Wrestling

    Welcome TCW and BWE Fans, alike. I am first ever and only TCW GrandSlam Champion to date and 2015 BWE Breakout Star of the Year, Johnny Nelson and This is Reality Check where I let you in on my thoughts and predictions in both TCW and BWE.

    This week we talk about what happened in the BWE Rumble and the upcoming event, TCW PowerTrip.

    In BWE's, The Rumble:

    In the Pre-Show: TCW United States Champion Wayne Gracie def. former TCW Superstar, Andrew Gonzalez via Pinfall.
    Johnny Nelson, myself, with, the beautiful, Sammi Mayhem def. Joey Badass via Pinfall to qualify for The Rumble.
    Xero def. "The Don" Dave Matthews via Pinfall.
    BWE Championship Match: OMX def. Jay Cloud (c) via DQ.
    TG1 won the BWE Rumble by last eliminating TPC Abraham.

    In TCW's, Powertrip:

    United States Championship will be on the line as Wayne Gracie defends against Official D. 

    The TCW Tag Team Champions, the Syndicate, is put to the test against the newly formed team of Deadkid and Nicholi White.

    Dean Raddick takes on Johnny Nelson and if Dean Raddick can secure a victory, his tag team partner, DC Brawler, will get his job back in TCW.

    The first time two female competitors go one on one in TCW's 9 year history as Sammi Mayhem takes on Beyonka Brookes-Gracie.

    Bless vs The Equinox's Showtime Wes and if Bless wins he gets to join The Equinox.

    The Equinox (Nicholas Crowley and J Hostel) vs SmashMouth Marcus and Hellsfire, collectively known as Ragefire.

    the first ever Warzone Champion, trys to get the Warzone title back from the current Champion, Jacob Ayers.

    And in the Main Event, Jaymes Tyler defends his TCW Championship against Boondoxx, Jakovski and, former stalemate and fresh off a big win against the champ, BDM.

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    #215 - Waking Gods & Goddesses: "The True Nature of Reality" with Marja West

    in Spirituality

    This Episode #215 ~ "The True Nature of Reality" from Marja's new book, F'd Wide Open

    Topics explored:

    Formless and Form
    Absolute Balanced Mastery
    One Man, One Woman
    Another Puppet of the Patriarchy: the false New Age
    Big Fat Lies
    Masculine-Feminine 101
    The Seven Senses of Our Sensual-Sensorial World
    Our Core Essence is Feminine or Masculine
    You are the Divine-In-The-Flesh
    The Nature of Reality and Perception
    Duality into Oneness
    Our Emotional-Energetic Blueprint and Energy Mastery
    Our Thoughts, Beliefs, and Feelings
    The Time is Now
    Chapter 1 Journaling Exercises

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    Revised Reality Radio Welcomes, Best Selling Author, Edwin F Becker & Marsha Lee

    in Spirituality

    As seen on Paranormal Witness, Edwin F Becker and his Wife, Marsha Lee Becker were the unfortunate " Tennants" of a very haunted home, it was the first televised Exorcism of a home by NBC, and the reason for the best selling book, True Haunting- was written, after years of speaking on this Haunting, another shade is added to the story, from the wife's perspective, and Author Ed Becker will fill us in on this new Book, and on all of their experiences. A do not miss.

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    God's true life line ministry's, Friday service.

    in Christianity

    Hello everyone and welcome to God's true life line ministry's, Friday night service. open night. so if you have a topic you wanna share about the bible come on in. We will be having communion as we celebrate Isreal birthday. 67 years. so God bless and amen. So don't forget to come in @ 9:00 central time, to share the word of God. Amen.

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    God's true life line ministry's

    in Christianity

    Hello everyone and welcome to God's true life line ministry's, Sunday service live as we preach the true word of God , @ 9:00 central time, so dont miss out amen and God bless

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    God's true life line ministry's, bible trivia

    in Christianity

    Hello everyone and welcome to God's true life line ministry's, bible trivia, with nancy,judy,Samantha. Let's see how much we know about the bible. so come on in and play the game and win some fun prizes and gifts. amen and see how much you really know about the bible. amen and God bless, see you there. And let the games begin.

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    An Overview of True Pixel and Augmented Reality

    in Business

     On today's episode of Getting Social with Miriam,  we are going to cover the topics of branding as well as augmented reality. I am proud to have someone who I have worked with for over 3 years as a guest today- and we will be uncovering everything that you will definitely want to know about augmented reality. 

    My guest is Aqib Kahn, who is the owner of True Pixel, which offers services such as brand development, architecture and positioning, as well as many other services involving augmented reality. Aqib  attended MIT’s ACE program and targeted an Ivey MBA. He has coupled his strong knowledge-base with over a decade of executive experience. Aqib manages a team of “Rockstars”, ensuring only the best and brightest ideas for his clients. http://www.truepixel.ca

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    in Television

    MONDAY 04/27/15 LIVE AT 7pm ET/6pm CT/4pm PT MICHELLE COSTA (BIG BROTHER 10) HOSTS THE MANIC MONDAY SHOW with Special Guest: ***GILLIAN LARSON from Survivor Gabon AND Reality Rally fame! GILLIAN LARSON just wrapped up the 2015 REALITY RALLY event and we always Love having her join us to share the Wonderful and Amazing stories that come from #RealityRally every year AND because of it's HUGE SUCCESS, how #MichellesPlace will benefit! There was even a marriage proposal on the Red Carpet this year! So if You attended #RealityRally2015 please call in and say THANK YOU to Gillian Larson for all the hard work and dedication she puts into this event each and every year, and share your Reality Rally story too! What Reality Stars did you meet? What was your favorite event at Reality Rally? Do you have a Great Story from the weekend? Also, MICHELLE COSTA may have another #RealityStar or two planning to call in, but she likes to leave a few surprises for her fans! (Those who listen regularly know when she says that, she's usually got something special up her sleeve...or unitard!) So don't miss another Very Special #ManicMondayShow! Click the link and scroll down to join us in our Live Chat Room and/or call in at 1-347-237-5506 to say HI to MICHELLE and GILLIAN! Cherry Garcia & Paul from Mn. will be Co-Hosting with Michelle. 

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    in Television

    THURSDAY 02/12/15 at 10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT - Join us for THE REALITY ROUND TABLE SHOW!

    YOU Love #RealityTV - WE Love #RealityTV - So we invite you to be a part of the show and let's talk about Our Favorite Reality TV Shows! There are some like #CelebrityApprentice - #RedneckIsland - #PartyDownSouth - #LittleWomenLA - #VanderpumpRules and #MasterChefJunior etc. that only an episode or two before their FINALE! That gives us a Lot to talk about! Others shows, like #TheBachelor - #RealWorldSkeletons - #TheChallengeBattleofTheExes2 -#MarriedAtFirstSightTheFirstYear - #UltimateSurvivalAlaska - #MarriageBootcamp - #MobWives  (I could go on & on) that are mid-season and really getting GOOD!! And...we have shows starting later this month like #SurvivorWorldsApart - will Blue Collar, White Collar or No Collar Win? And #TheAmazingRace26 - will new love (blind daters) or old love (existing couples) win? #TheVoice will be back! Who is your favorite judge?
    Call in at 1-347-237-5506 and/or click on our link, scroll down to our Live Chat Room and Let's Chat About #RealityTV!

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    Gods true life line ministrys , the watchmen report.

    in Christianity

    hello everyone and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys the watchmen report. amen with brother barney , bob, and john, we start @ 9:00 central time .  so come on in and hear the word as we unlock the bookof revelations and bring you the news from around the world and to see that it is all from the bible. amen and God bless you all in the love of the lord, dont miss out