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    True Love is All Powerful, Never Weak

    in Politics Progressive

    True love is all poweful, never weak a fruit of the Spirit to be shared; to succumb evil; to bring comfort. When chaos exist and those in power shrug chaos off, or those in power create chaos, you can be sure that love does not dwell in such characters. Love is a language that is not difficult. Love is a language that is easily learned, and eloquently spoken by any who wish to be a light to all mankind. The language of love holds all power. The language of love comes against evil doers. The language of love brings comfort in time of need.

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    Love Never Dies: A Conversation With Dr. Love Pt1

    in Relationships

    Welcome welcome welcome everyone to The ChickSHYT & Real Talk Radio Show, where these chicks'll Surely Have You Talkin...

    A couple weeks ago, SJ sat down with an impressively accomplished HAY HOUSE author. You've seen and heard her on radio and T. V. giving the world the gift of her knowledge in LIFE, LOVE and LOSS.

    She brings to us, an amazing personal story of emotional healing and spiritual reconnection when faced with the loss of her love. She's written a book about it entitled, Love Never Dies: How To Reconnect And Make Peace With The Deceased. She's alos created a groundbreaking new grief therapy method to help those that have lost loved ones keep and cultivate the spiritual connection that still exists. 

    Who is she? ONLY one of the NATIONS TOP relationship experts and creator of AskDrLove.com, Dr. Jaimie Turndorf, known to the WORLD as DR. LOVE!!!

    In part 1 of 3 in my conversation with Dr. Love, she shares with us the story of how she dreampt about, then later, met and married the love of her life...and the tragedy that took him from her. You don't wanna miss this one!

    As usual, we will have another EPIC and gut-busting Yaz Spaz with JC.

    And the evening just wouldn't be complete without a face-splitting dose of Ain't THAT Some Shyt with DJ.

    You don't wanna miss it. 

    Tune in and join the conversation (347) 857-4326

  • Lights, Smoke, Mirrors: The true Magick of Love”

    in Relationships

    Lights, Smoke, Mirrors: The true Magick of Love”

    In the arena of love, does the concept of magick have any place of relevance for you? We all believe in and practice magic to some degree or another, though we may not call it this. Whether it’s the tailor made cologne a man adorns before going or the subtly suggestive make-up a woman masterfully applies to evoke certain undertones and responses, we all have our preferred magical tools.

    But what if there's a person and part of ourselves, who we've always been connected to at the deepest core of our beings. Or people designed to help us upgrade our soul program? Can we use the energies of the universe to elevate us beyond slight of hand tricks and physical manipulation to attract that mate? Are there rituals and wisdom techniques that we can use to elevate our natural magnetism? Do the gods care about our love lives, and can we work with them in particular ways to help us identify healthy mates? This Sunday we’ll talk about some of these not to openly discussed love secrets this Sunday

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    An Expert Tells Us How To Find True Love

    in Current Events

    Are you looking for true love? Join your national family radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton as we explore what it takes to find the ideal partner in 2016. Clinical Psychologist Chloe Carmichael joins Shana to discuss the adoring notion of love. Listen in! 


    Please visit www.letstalkamericawithshanathornton.com. Thank you for tuning in.   #LTARadio 

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    in Christianity

     Join us as we discuss the origin and true meaning of Valentines day and the real meaning of Love. 

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    Dr. Jamie Turndorf on Love Never Dies - Reconnecting to the Deceased

    in Spirituality

    NOTE: Something really strange happened during the live interview. At 51 minutes:51 seconds into the show Dr. Turndorf and I couldn't hear each other even though the entire conversation was recorded. Stranger still is we were both on landline phones and not Skype. Dr. Turndoft said she forgot to warn me that her late husband, Jean Pierre, does this all the time on her interviews--proof our departed loved ones never leave us!

    Internationally famous relationship therapist, bestselling author, and media personality, Dr. Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love) shares her amazing true story of her spiritual reconnection with her beloved deceased husband, internationally renowned former Jesuit priest, Emile Pin. Dr. Turndorf discovered that relationships don't end in death and has written about it in her latest book, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased.

    As a result of her deceased husband's remarkable manifestations, Dr. Turndorf realized that we don't die and relationships don't end in death. Dr. Turndof writes that what we've been told about the afterlife is dead wrong. We don't need to wait to die to be reunited with loved ones in heaven, which is a state, not a place. She has created her groundbreaking new Trans-Dimensional Grief Therapy that brings her acclaimed conflict-resolution method to the world of death communication.

    About: Known to millions as "Dr. Love," radio and television personality Dr. Jamie Turndorf has been delighting audiences for three decades with her engaging blend of professional expertise and spicy humor. Dr. Turndorf''s "Love Never Dies" radio show can be heard each Tuesday on Hay House Radio. 

    Visit Dr. Turndorf's website: www.askdrlove.com


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    the true Gospal.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, sunday service with barney and nancy from albuquerque new mexico as we talk about the true word of God. so that we can learn the truth and nothing but the truth and we shall be set free in the name of jesus, because it is only by his word which is truth that we can be free and no longer be held by this world amen. so come on in at 9:00 central time to hear the word to be set free, amen and God bless and ill see you there.

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    The true Gospel of God.

    in Christianity

    Hello everyone and welcome to God's true life line ministry's, Sunday service. With barney from albuquerque nm, to share the true word of God with us , so that we may grow spiritually in our walk with christ amen. So come in @ 9:00 central time, to hear the word amen and Gb.

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    Never Had It So Good Sports Radio

    in Sports

    Never Had It So Good Sports Radio.....we make it easy to talk sports

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    the true Gospel of God.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ,minstrys friday night service with me nancy and judy from dallas, amen tonights message is about the true joy of the lord , and what is the different from worldy joy and spiritual joy, so dont miss out on this message so we can just grow stronger in the lord amen and God bless.

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    Ask Dr. Love – Discover the Secret to a Love that Never Dies!

    in Romance

    Did you know that we never completely lose those we love?

    And that there is a way to remain connected to them?


    For the first time in history there is a vehicle to help you resolve issues with someone who’s passed.

    Sound like a fairy tale?

    I promise, it isn’t!

    And the secret to this happy ending?

    Make a new beginning with loved ones in spirit.


    Can’t stop crying over someone who’s died

    Fear dying and leaving loved ones behind

    Want to know how to contact the living after you die

    Are afraid of a loved one dying and leaving you alone and in pain

    Want to reconnect with someone in spirit

    Want to learn how to make peace with someone in spirit

    Tune in to find out how reconnecting is the secret to:

    Tossing out the tissues

    Turning your smile back on…

    And filling your heart with joy and happiness!

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