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    the true Gospal.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, sunday service with barney and nancy from albuquerque new mexico as we talk about the true word of God. so that we can learn the truth and nothing but the truth and we shall be set free in the name of jesus, because it is only by his word which is truth that we can be free and no longer be held by this world amen. so come on in at 9:00 central time to hear the word to be set free, amen and God bless and ill see you there.

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    The true Gospel of God.

    in Christianity

    Hello everyone and welcome to God's true life line ministry's, Sunday service. With barney from albuquerque nm, to share the true word of God with us , so that we may grow spiritually in our walk with christ amen. So come in @ 9:00 central time, to hear the word amen and Gb.

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    the true Gospel of God.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ,minstrys friday night service with me nancy and judy from dallas, amen tonights message is about the true joy of the lord , and what is the different from worldy joy and spiritual joy, so dont miss out on this message so we can just grow stronger in the lord amen and God bless.

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    the true word of God.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to the watchmen report , with Gods true life line ministrys with nancy and barney, as we are getting closer and closer to Gods returned, so come on in on monday and see were we are in these end days amen and God bless you all and ill see you there.

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    come listen to the true Gospal.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys , the watchmen report, with me nancy your host and brother barney as we bring you the news from around the world, and to see that every sign in the bible is coming to pass, from war to tornados, weather changing and more. so dont forget to come in at 9:00 central time to hear whats going on in the world. and see bible prophecy take place and also to know were you at in the bible, amen and God bless and we will see you there.

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    The Loneliness of Being Show

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever gone someplace and felt absolutely lonely when you were there? In my case, I was out of my fantasy world for a bit and felt absolutely lonely there. Was it simply the fact that I was alone and felt like I had no one or does society sometimes feel lonely? And if so, why? Let’s dig deep and figure out whether loneliness is normal to the human race and/or is it something we have to understand and deal with together in order to nip it in the bud (on a daily basis)?

  • the true word of god come and listen.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys, sunday service at 9:00 central time with brother barney from albuquerque, to share the true word with us, so that we can only get stronger and better with God and his word . so dont forget to come on at 9:00 central time to get fed and blessed in jesus name, amen and ill see you there, God bless.

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    the bible has the true word.

    in Christianity

    hello and welcome to Gods true life line ministrys , sunday service at 9:00 central time with brother barney from albuquerque new mexico, as he teaches us the true word to only get stronger in our walk with the lord.so come on in and hear the word and get blessed. see you there on sunday amen and God bless.

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    Turning Negatives into positives~Dealing with loneliness - Nothing but the Truth

    in Christianity

    Admitting loneliness is not a negative confession in itself but an honest and humbling expression of human need.  The desire for companionship is a legitimate need.  The book of Ecclesiastes says to everything there is a season, time and a purpose.  How does one embrace this season and not let it consume them in a negative way?  Let's discuss how to turn this negative into a positive on tonight's episode of Nothing but the truth.

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    True Grace

    in Religion

    Live two hour inspiring show with Brother Dave Jesusonian and co-hosts Reverend Blunt, Richard Stinson, and our featured Guest: Brian Duffy Zolotor

    From the Christian Bible John 1:14

    The Word [Christ] became flesh and lived among us. [as Jesus Christ.] We gazed on his Glory, the kind of Glory that belongs to the Father’s uniquely existing Son, who is full of Grace and Truth.

    From the supernal 2097 page Fifth Epochal Revelation of Truth in the public domain !

    149:2.14 On both friends and foes he  [Jesus Christ]  exercised a strong and peculiarly fascinating influence. Multitudes would follow him for weeks, just to hear his gracious words and behold his simple life. Devoted men and women loved Jesus with a well-nigh superhuman affection. And the better they knew him the more they loved him. And all this is still true; even today and in all future ages, the more man comes to know this God-man, the more he will love and follow after him.

    This show will always have a panel of Guests Representing Diverse people who seek to Help Humanity in one way or another; as that is one of our major goals.  Show call-ins are welcome; the number is 347-838-8506 and you may use our open Chat Room.

    We all are sincerely dedicated to Unity not Uniformity. Our Progressive nature leads us to Unify on spiritual Values and shared Goals, and not only tolerate different beliefs or un-beliefs, but with free will dignity honor to be led in God's Spirit to treat them as the divinely beloved Children of God that they are !

    Truth-seekers and Truth-finders should find value in our shows.

    Free 100 page .pdf, a tremendous new Revelation on Jesus Christ's nature, life and teachings; scroll 30% down this page:  http://www.PureChristians.org   Peace and progress in Jesus Christ here in Spirit !


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    Mitchell Nicholas Gerber..Falun Gong.. Forced Live Organ Harvesting

    in Politics

    Forced live organ harvesting from falun gong practitioners in china

    His name is Mitchell Nicholas Gerber. He is an Activist who has dedicated his life to expose and help stop the Most brutal persecution and Human rights atrocity in Modern history: The State Mandated and State Endorsed Forced LiVE Organ Harvesting of the Falun Gong spiritual movement; where up to 6 MILLION practitioners of this spiritual mind and body practice have been murdered, since 1999 in China, sent to 36 death camps and over 700 hospitals; where their bodies are cut open while ALIVE; organs removed and sold; and the Falun Gong practitioners’ bodies are burned in ovens to conceal this horrific atrocity. He leaves no name, and seeks no reward; all he wants is for people to know about this human rights violation and become aware and lend their support and consciousness to stopping this barbaric and inhumane atrocity that will soon leave the worlds’ people numb, soul stirred and shocked that this has been going on for the last 16+ years! Also joining us,The Former Secretary of State to Asian Affairs of the Canadian Parliament and Lead Attorney who first confirmed the allegations are true that Falun Gong practitioners and others are being forcibly harvesting for their organs. 


    Website(s): http://www.stoporganharvesting.org



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