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    In Times of Trouble...Pt. 2

    in Spirituality

    Due  to technical difficulty this broadcast will have to be redone. 

    This week on "Christ Voice of Thunder"we will continue our discussion on how to maintain endurance to victory in times of trouble.

     As believers, troubling times will come. What do we do from the beginning of a storm to the end? When opposition comes as a result of doing what is right you do we retreat?  Do we Keep pressing on? What about storms we bring on ourselves?  

     The children of Israel lifted their eyes. So they were very afraid, when Pharaoh drew near and the children of Israel They cried out to the LORD. Then they said to Moses, "Because there were no graves in Egypt, have you taken us away to die in the wilderness?

    Did God deliver them from Pharaoh?

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    Rakem Mangham also known as Maker

    in Music

    Rakem Mangham also known as Maker chilling with Uncle F on FnF Studio Radio

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    PBC Allegedly losing $446,127,000 Are Rumors True? Are They In Trouble?

    in Sports

    On This Super Bowl Sunday Edition, the gang will discuss the rumors of the financial losses of PBC and if they are in serious trouble or not?Waddell & Reed's Investment in Haymon: $82 mil. Remaining (of $521 mil.) as of December 31, 2015, self.Boxing
    submitted 9 days ago * by jimwilson128

    Building off of my last post of the Q3 results from the mutual funds managed by Waddell & Reed that invested in Haymon:
    Acquisition cost (initial value) of combined investment: $528,481,000
    Value of combined investment as of September 30, 2015: $214,288,000
    Value of combined investment as of December 31, 2015: $82,354,000

    To date, the investment made into Media Group Holdings, Series H (which invested in Haymon Boxing) by the three Waddell & Reed funds (Ivy Asset Strategy, Ivy VIP Asset Strategy, Waddell & Reed Advisors Asset Strategy) has lost 84% of its value. At this rate, the investment will be worth zero dollars by the end of February, which implies that Haymon will run out of funding at that time.
    Edit: Headline contains a typo. Should say $528 mil.

    And, of course, we will be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. From Alumni to first-time callers, we encourage everyone to call 646-478-3068 to voice your opinion. And remember you can express your opinion in writing by becoming part of the team and writing for the site- contact Mario Mungia or Nestor Gibbs at Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com. Potential for substantial growth within the field of boxing journalism.

    Please consider leaving a review of the podcast on iTunes helps tremendously to raise the visibility of the podcast https://itun.es/us/oY7JJ.c

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    Jamel Northen: Film Maker

    in Film

    Today I bring you the the film Maker Jamel Northen

    A native of Philadelphia, PA, Jamel Northern worked for 12 years as a video editor at WTXF FOX-29.  Jamel felt the need to follow his dream of working in narrative film and TV, so he returned to his alma mater Temple University, where he received a MFA in Film and Media Arts in May 2015. During his time in the program he worked on two short films: Groundhogs and Blind Date (his thesis film.) He is currently working on a feature length script while trying to burn off some calories to get his Magic Mike bod on.

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    Jody Jelas on taking your business to the next level

    in Entrepreneur

    In this episode, Jody Jelas explains her entrpreneural journey and shares what in her experience it takes to get your business to the next level !

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    How Do A Beat Maker Get Recognition?

    in Music

    Today's Topic: "How Do A Beat Maker Get Recognition?" 

    Show Date: Monday 1/12/2016 

    Show Times: 8pm Est| 7pm Cst| 6pm Mst| 5pm Pst 

    To Listen in call: 213.559.2995 

    Unfortunately, Beatmakers are among an ocean of every wannabe producer on the planet. Technology has without a doubt made it simpler to make music. One might inquire, how does one emerge in a crowed and break into an officially jumbled coliseum? Most are utilizing the basic the most common outlets to host their music i.e. ITunes, Sound Cloud, Sound Click, Reverbnation, Tune Core… and so forth. With no real mandate to get a group of people to listen other than the basic techniques for online networking outlets, for example, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter… and so on Are there other system that are being disregarded? 

    All Rights Reserved: Hip Hop National LLC, 2014

    Call 213-559-2995
    Link: http://bit.ly/HHNRadio

    We aim to educate, will you help?

    Register and Upload your Radio Ready Mp3

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    Trouble Don't Last Always

    in Christianity

    Who is in Trouble? What have you done that brought trouble in your life? Minister Carnita Smith will focus on this word "Trouble" as the scriptures bring Light to a troubled life, mind or heart. 

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    EPS 10: Did you fact check that? trouble with the mainstream media- re-broadcast

    in Current Events

    Join UIF founder Tim Ray and his guest Don Martin the CEO of Aquarius media network as they discuss the trouble with mainstream media on UI Radio!

    Don Martin is the CEO of Aquarius Media Network and the publisher of Aquarius magazine.  Aquarius is the oldest and most widely read periodical in the Southeast - it is devoted to alternative spirituality, consciousness, global transformation and healthy living.  Don is a writer, speaker, media and marketing consultant, and a leading teacher in spirituality and consciousness.  He has traveled to several nations, and established four international programs that serve local communities at risk. He is a talented intuitive, shamanic healer, and media expert.  He is a native of Atlanta, and currently lives in Decatur, GA.

    Check out Aquarius magazine at http://www.aquarius-atlanta.com/.

    Join UIF and start creating the life you desire through the power of intentions atunitedintentions.org.

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    Living your faith Jacobs Trouble Pt4 plus Prophecy News Hr

    in Christianity

    Today’s schedule:


    1st hour is Prophecy News  Hour with Watchman n Tower        6:30-7:30 
    2nd hour is Living your faith Jacobs Trouble Pt4a 2ndhr              7:30-8:30
    3rd hour is Living your faith Jacobs Trouble Pt4b 3rdhr                8:30-9:30

    Living your faith Jacobs Trouble Pt4 plus Prophecy News Hr | www.warn-usa.com

    Jacobs Trouble meets the end of days in a battle for Living your faith

    Prophecy News Hour up with the following world events and biblical commentary from the Watchman and Tower on the latest Prophecy News. 

    Simply believing and living out your faith hits a snag, it is described this way in Jeremiah chapter 30: "so that none is like it!". Simply believing becomes more difficult for people as trembling, fear, and lack of peace sweeps the earth.


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    Raven Krogstad The Rus Film Maker

    in Film

    The film maker Reven Krogstad, will be joining us to talk of  her journey in film making. 

    Raven will tell us of her begings, her goals with a bit about well an interesting experament we will let her tell us about that.

  • 03:00

    Hillary REALLY in trouble? - Baltimore in turmoil - Lecture of Lies!

    in Politics

    Hr1  Question of the Day: If someone else gifted you the winning powerball ticket, would you share the winnings with them?

    Is Hillary's campaign in trouble now? Whoever thought sending Bill Clinton out to campaign for her didn't really think that one through!

    XANDERMONIUM comes to The Real Side, Xander Gibb "Queen of All New York Media" joins Joe to discuss current events from a different perspective.

    Safe spaces for fat, white, gay men. A good idea or PC run amok?
    President Obama's take on the economic recovery. Recovery?
    Who needs to drop out of the Republican presidential race?
    What would you do with your Powerball winnings?

    Hr2   Is education more geared toward girls' learning rather than boys?

    Corey "The Prez" Duncan - TRS man on the street in Baltimore (and sometimes Texas!) on to discuss politics from a reformed black liberal perspective.

    How does anyone even consider voting for Hillary Clinton with all the lies and her record on Benghazi?
    For the Clinton's, it's not about money, it's about power!
    Bill Clinton is the Teflon Don. He knows how to work the media.

    Hr3  What did President Reagan do when Iran assaulted a U.S. Navy vessel? Not what President Obama did! We need a REAL Commander in Chief again.

    Libertarian pundit and author Michael Hausam joins Joe to discuss today's events and the president's speech of lies.

    Obama cut the deficit? It's only gone down because so many of his programs have been rejected by both parties.

    And what DIDN'T Obama mention in his speech? Guns... Iran... hostages... US Navy.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?