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    Richard Trombly Reports Live From China on Russia Space

    in Science

    Most of our regular listeners are aware, Richard Trombly has an unusual vantage point looking at the space faring nations from where he sits in China.  Our show supports all space faring activity and Richard will report on developments in Russia and in China,   

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    Shredded: Reaching Your Contest Destination

    in Fitness

    The Catz Lair is pleased to welcome IFPA Pro Mr. Greg Trombly to our show!

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    Eastern and Western Minds Meet for Indie Films Promo

    in Movies

    Richard Trombly, East West relations–Joint Ventures and Co-productions; and just what is a micro international co-production? Join K. Leslie Graves for this live event with Gloria Lemos, and of course our team member Richard Trombly who has been busy in China. Besides his science analysis for our Earth Moon SPACE SMART BLOG Talk Show, he has been bringing the East and West closer in the film arts.  For a special benefit on behalf of this work, we will be joined by this Beijing film maker and Massachusetts native (Richard Trombly) to talk about the film industry in China. We have seen in the news that Beijing and L.A. are eagerly pursuing deals for big budget and especially IMAX 3D films. But there is a new movement of independent film in the largely government controlled industry in China. Richard Trombly has been supporting the efforts of both local and international “indie” film makers. Now he is developing a short film project, ANALYSIS, that he terms a “micro international co-production” in which he is seeking partners from around the world to join in supporting this “made in China” film for free “creative commons” distribution around the world. We will also get an exclusive preview of the project ANALYSIS. You can learn more by visiting www.indiegogo.com/analysis and by listening to and calling into this show.  His Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/#!/ObscureProductionsFilms

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    Blue Ice - ESA Ice Mission - China's Satellite Market Plans

    in Science

    SPACE SMART is EARTH SMART- Blue Ice, Cryosat Ice Mission, ESA and Galileo, may not be familiar to you now, but if you listen to the show, they will be.  Part one of our show, CHINA Desk Correspondent Richard Trombly updates us on China's March 2012 satellite launch.  Part two of our show, global changes are making us EARTH SMART and you are invited. This show is geared to your knowledge, your learning and hopes to excite you to active interest.  Bring young minds to the fresh problems of our natural environment.  Remember, EARTH SMART and SPACE SMART, is one!  French Space Agency, European Space Agency, NASA, Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) and more!  Follow our BLOG. http://fe8.shine.sp2.yahoo.com/channel/none/now-china-mitt-romney-are-you-still-studying-the-matter-you-laughed-your-plan-is-3153851/

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    Touch for Health keeps Health in Balance

    in Health

     In an age where we are so quick to pop the pills to relieve our symptoms, it is wonderful to know there is an option.  In an age where we are finding ourselves remarking how we can't seem to shake this or are always fighting that illness it is exciting to know that there is a simple, very simple technique available to bring our bodies into balance thereby bringing our lives into harmony!  One such techique is Touch for Health and in this special edition of InTouch Interviews Annette Aben welcomes practitioner and instructor Jennie Trombly to give us the skinny on how we can learn and put into practical application this modality.  646-378-0378 is the listen/comment line and we encourage questions if you have never heard of Touch for Health and we welcome your testimonials if you have had the pleasure of experiencing this exciting healing technique.  Jennie will also be announcing upcoming classes in the Novi, MI. area where you can earn 16 CE's. 

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    On the spaceship - why first human settlements will orbit

    in Politics Conservative

    When it comes to human settlement in space, K Leslie Graves would rather stay on the space ship.  This show discusses why.  A novelist challenges the established order with their own Facts! Taken from the research cited below, a paraphrase: "The worse place in Siberia is better than the best place on Mars or on the Moon." In my novels: Earth Moon Colony Two, Mars Moon Colony One, Earth Moon and Mars Moon Colonies, and in all of the Earth Moon Colony One Episodes, the living takes place in orbit and the work is done on the surface for a very good reason. Be SPACE SMART IN 2012. Richard Trombly opens our China Desk as section Chief in this show. Quote source: http://settlement.arc.nasa.gov/Basics/wwwwh.html A discussion of Ancient Astronomy begins, in part two of this show.

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    The Future of the Profession of Art

    in Art

    What does it mean
    to be an artist in these times when art means so much more than painting and sculpting? If you work in performance or installation, how do you fit into an art world built on the buying and selling of collectable works? This week we'll have a roundtable of artists who will discuss the balance between community and commodity, commerce and connection. Joining the discussion are Bethany Trombly, Kathy de Rosas and Elizabeth Benson-Udom, and hopefully you! Please call in to contribute to the discussion.

    Also mentioned in the show: 
    Personal Myth, Fairytale and Mythos distance group,
    Stepping Forward: Art Career group coaching course starting 10/10 in Oakland, CA

    Special invitation: Please participate in the God's Answering Machine project. Here is the number to God's Answering Machine: (800) 871-9012 x 3176632#. Call now and leave a message! Pass it on.

    Image: SEIZURE, 2008, by Roger Hiorns