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    HEALING LIGHT with Trisha Keel

    in Spirituality

    If you have been wanting to see your life get a little easier, your relationships a little sweeter, and your wallet a little fatter—but you haven’t tried feng shui yet because it seems too complicated—this program is for you.

    Now you can learn with baby steps, feeling your way to what is yummiest by experimenting and seeing for yourself.

    Feng Shui FUN delivers interactive support in multiple layers:
    • Downloadable worksheets, guides, and practice pages
    • YouTube videos with candid, clear, and straight-forward explanations
    • Blog tidbits with photos from FengShuiFunOnTheRun.com
    • Links to articles written to enrich your feng shui in each area
    • Hundreds of color photos showing you exactly what to look for

    Marvel at the Difference!

    Trisha Keel, PhD is the most respected, published, and sought after feng shui teacher and energy master in Texas. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and is certified as a Master Teacher. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Metaphysics and a doctorate in Holistic Life Coaching. Trisha loves to encourage, empower, and enlighten others, and remains a lifelong student.

    Trisha Keel is author of several books on feng shui as well as an annual calendar:

    • Feng Shui & Moon Magic
    • Feng Shui & Moon Magic Complementary Compendium
    • Feng Shui & Moon Magic Calendar
    • Adventures in Energy: Real Life Feng Shui Reports

    Healing Light is proudly sponsored by Hay House!  You can learn more about Healing Light, our services, and details on upcoming broadcasts at www.healinglightonline.com. 


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    Life in the Universe with the Gyspies & The Tone Zone Persent Trisha Gelder

    in Spirituality

    Trisha Gelder is a born Healer, Intuitive, Clairvoyant/Clairesentient. Numerologist, Neimologist & Life Coach.....
    Trisha has been through her fair share of life's ups and downs, so Trisha can empathise with others on many levels. Trisha is non judgemental and a great listner.

    Trisha Gelder's mission is to help raise the vibrations of her clients and empower them to lead happier abundant lives, which dhe believes we all deserve. All of Trisha's wonderful clients are part of her journey.   As seen on Psychic Today Sky Channel 886

    Trisha Gelder is currently offering Telephone/Skype Readings which can be tailored to your needs    

    Contact her at· 0 01444 390 946    trishagnumerologist@hotmail.com


     We are  organizeing as a "Month of kindness" for people around the world let kindness guide our way everyday , let's see what we can do .
    Everyday for 30 day to be kind it might be just smiling at someone, listening to them , praying for them.. We're asking that each person stop & send out prayers, positive thoughts, Reiki (or any other healing modality) to help those who really need the prayers & healing energies. We all know that the power of prayer is strengthened when more people are praying for the same request. So, let's join together in a community of prayer & healing energies to help those who need it most. And all other people just try do , kind things for them.
    Thank you. Please mark your calendars and pass it along.
       Love is not what you say; Love is what you do.

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    Writing Royalty Radio- "Live...Laugh...Love..."

    in Books

    Special Guests: Playwrights/ Actor and Actress Anthony and Trisha Mann-Grant

                           Author/Singer/Songwriter  Bunny Debarge

                           Singer/Producer    B. Taylor

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    2014 Review Show: The Spotlight #187 (season finale)

    in Entertainment

    On episode 187 we say goodbye to 2014 by taking a look at some of the events that took place and we also look at what we hope for in 2015

    Host: Kinte
    Co-host: Shai G. Shantay Branco & Olaf Barbosa
    Guest: Yardley Hickey Chris Gray Trisha Woods, Jennifer Ruggiero

    Show: (9x13) 12/18/14 #187

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    Interview with Meredith Shaw

    in Music

    “At 14 I booked myself into a studio and recorded a demo and it was sent to a producer in Nashville. He liked it and I flew back and forth to Nashville a few times. So Nashville was the very first place I ever made music in a studio,” Toronto's Meredith Shaw explains. “And I know I have come back to this place very naturally. Every moment of putting these new songs together has felt right. I just feel very at ease and at home.”

    Her passion for country music was rekindled over the past few years through writing trips back down to Nashville, working with The Stellas and Carolyn Dawn Johnson - among others. Meredith's debut country single is called Better Than This - a song she co-wrote.

    “For much of the past couple of years most of the people I was writing with, talking with, and dealing with on a regular basis were in country music. I know I am in the right place,” she said adding that she has always been drawn to female singers who not only had powerful voices but powerful personalities, regardless of their genre citing the likes of Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Stevie Nicks, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride and fellow Canadians Shania Twain and CDJ as key role models.

    Songwriter/producer Jeff Johnson has been brought in to produce the music that will eventually become Meredith’s debut country music album. His track record with breakthrough acts like Wes Mack, and his writing credits with Dallas Smith, Madeline Merlo and Small Town Pistols impressed her.

    Meredith is the host of the top-rated weekend radio show in Toronto on boom 97.3, a model with a number of successful national campaigns to her name, a business owner of a gift and custom greeting card company, and a philanthropist who started the Girls Who Believe Festival to help girls and young women reach their fullest potential through affirmation and mentorship.

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    Hey, Did You Know?

    in The Bible

    Your hosts, Cheryl-Perry Lewis, Shannon Harvey Szatkowski, and Trisha Camacho will be reconnecting the Torah to the Gospel as did the Bereans before them. They will be comparing "Scripture to Scripture" showing that Yeshua and the Apostles were not revealing anything new because, the WORD is just true.

    Join them as they discuss another controversial topic. "Are You Prepare to Give An Account Why You Celebrate Christmas.)

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    HEALING LIGHT with Trisha Keel

    in Spirituality

    Trisha Keel has been a favorite guest of ours for quite a while & now she is going to share info about creating the Magic in You, as well as her Summer Solstice Celebrations with us!

    As with all of Trisha's programs & information, this is to help encourage and empower you to take charge of your life & transform yourself into the shining star you have always wanted to be.

    You can find out more about Trisha at www.tomorrowskey.com & http://www.tomorrowskey.com/web-content/MagicOfYou.html

    Healing Light, hosted by Teri Van Horn, is a place where we discuss and explore the many facets of working with energy.

    Teri is a powerful intuitive and empath who provides Distant Healing sessions, has a tremendous connection working with animals, and in private sessions, helps you live your ultimate life.

    She is the author of several books, including:  Chakras, 365 Days of Blessings, Harness the Power of the Light, Manifesting the Life You Desire, The Magic of Crystals, and her newest, The Mystery of Crystals.   

    You can learn more about Healing Light, our services, and details on upcoming broadcasts at www.healinglightonline.com. 

    You can follow Teri on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HealingLightOnline.

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    Hey, Did You Know?

    in The Bible

    Join your hosts, Cheryl-Perry Lewis, Shannon Harvey Szatkowski and Trisha Camacho as they reconnect the Torah to the Gospel as did the bereans before them. and exposing the untruths that have  taught through the years. They will be comparing "Scripture to Scripture" showing that Yeshua and the Apostles were not revealing anything new because, the WORD is just true. They will go where a lot of people won't, bringing to their listeners very controversial shows and information. Tune in!

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    Loretta talks to Playwright Priest Tyaire and the Mrs Independent Cast

    in Entertainment

    Loretta  McNary Live is a premier blog talk radio show created for an empowered, active, and diverse TV, radio, social media and online listening audience. LML uses a progressive live call in format to target online listeners wanting an impressive menu of meaningful, and authentic conversations.

    Our guests today are Playwright Priest Tyaire, Actress Robin Givens, Actor Christopher Williams, Award winnin Gospel Artist Dottie Peoples, Actor Tony Grant and Actress Trisha Mann-Grant. They are the some of the cast from the fabulous play, Mrs. Independent!

    “Mrs. Independent”, based on a true life story, takes audiences on a riveting, yet thought-provoking journey to explore the question – Can a woman still love and honor her husband if she makes more money than he does? In the play, Priest Tyaire and Robin Givens take on the leading roles.  Trey (Priest Tyaire), maintains an honest and respectable salary of $40,000 a year as a head mechanic, while his wife, Carleena (Robin Givens), climbs the corporate ladder and makes a six figure salary. This leads the marriage on a downward spiral of emotional and spiritual conflicts.  But, can Godly integrity, love, hope and forgiveness be realized for all in the end?  

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    All Hallow's Eve with Michelle Whitedove Live and Scott Cluthe on P I Radio !

    in Paranormal

    Watch Scott's Halloween Comedy Video HERE 

    Join Scott Cluthe on FACEBOOK 

    FREE BOOK from Scott Cluthe

    Join Scott's Free Newsletter HERE 

    No 1 Rated USA Psychic via Lifetime TV Michelle Whitedove LIVE 2 Nite with Scott Cluthe. Call in: 347-308-8478

    Celebrity Psychic Michelle Whitedove has achieved the title of America's #1 Psychic Medium, awarded by Lifetime TV. She has been tested on TV more than any other psychic. With humor and straight forward style she relays messages from the Spirit World and higher truths through media appearances, her syndicated column ASK Whitedove and her books.

    As an expert she's been featured on the TODAY Show with Matt Lauer, the HBO documentary No One Dies in Lily Dale, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and PBS TV. Currently she's on The Sixth Sense on RTL TV Netherlands. Most recently she made a guest appearance on TRISHA the new daytime talk show by NBC Universal and gave a reading to Patti Stanger, STAR of BRAVO TV's Millionaire Matchmaker.

    As a sought after Expert, Michelle Whitedove shares her gifts and positive messages of love, hope, and transformation. www.MichelleWhitedove.com

    Michelle Whitedove works as a:Celebrity Psychic & Spiritual Medium-TV Personality/ Media Expert-Author of Six Spiritual Development Books-Enlightenment Teacher/Workshops & Classes-Keynote Speaker & Business Consultant and more.

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    Get Your Bachelors Degree at O'Hehir University

    in Business

    Are you a Dental Hygienists with an Associates Degree and wish you had your Bachelors Degree?  Well, it may be easier than you think.  Shirley Gutkowski, Host of Cross Link Radio, speaks with Trisha O’Hehir, about her degree completion program with O'Hehir University.

    Trisha graduated from the University of Minnesota with degrees in dental hygiene and higher education and has been a hygienist for four decades.  Her interesting and varied career has included clinical practice, teaching, writing, speaking and designing instruments.

    After college, Trisha worked four years in Switzerland with a general dentist and two periodontists. She learned how to scale, but not how to ski very well.

    Despite failing Freshman English, Trisha has published over 300 articles and authored a cartoon book entitled:  The Toothpaste Secret.        

    Trisha is considered a future-focused thinker who combines current research, practical applications, and alternatives for the future.  

    www.ohehiruniversity.com and www.onlineoralhealth.com


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