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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey: We're Back with Music & Memories!

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    Did you miss us?  Well, we missed YOU!  Thank you for your patience while "Hybrid Jazz" was on hiatus.  There was a move involved - and none of us knew what that move would entail.  Or what would be our circumstances when we landed.  MUCH has changed.  And, speaking from the heart, this host is proud to be back on ONLINE Radio!  Having heard much terrestrial Radio in the past several months, I have to say that I'm disappointed.  But still have hope in that format to present music/thoughts/news.  For this moment in time, however, it's empowering to be able to do this kind of show the way that it's supposed to be done - with no one looking over shoulders, no one offering advice or dictates as to how it's supposed to go. This show has been created by Trish Hennessey - the one typing ;)  If this kind of show can, eventually, also morph into a full-time radio station on the dial, cool.  If not: cool again!  No sweat.  We're just spreading the Gospel of Jazz, y'all.  And we'll do so joyfully!

    There is no guest for this first "comeback" show - we'll get to guests later.  For our return, we'd like to focus on new music and treasured songs to make you smile.  We desperately need to smile!  Anything that "Hybrid Jazz" can do for you in that regard, it's an honor.  Nepal.  Baltimore.  Loved ones are on our minds.  And you will FEEL the love in this show on 4/30 - which just happens to be "International Jazz Day!"

    Let your imagine run wild....be open to music that you've never heard.  Enjoy the colors, shapes, patterns and peace of all kinds of Jazz, etc.  That's why this show IS.  And it cannot be done without YOU.  Thank you!



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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Joanna Pascale!

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    When you see Joanna Pascale's website, you'll see the quote from her regarding her new project.  She says, "Wildflowers grow unter the most unlikely circumstances.  You'll find them in the most unlikely places.  From the beginning, that's how my journey has been."

    Joanna Pascale IS a "Wildflower."  Strong and resilient, unexpectedly beautiful and unique.  Her presence in the world of Jazz is appreciated - this writer speaks for many.  She LOVES the music, is grateful for the Masters and Mistresses that came before her, and dearly craves to bring those voices from the past to YOU - in her OWN voice :)  And what a gift that is!

    When Joanna was attending Philadelphia's High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, a fellow student and friend was Bilal.  He joins her on "Wildflower", as does someone who has known her for equally as long.  That's the well-respected pianist - and producer for this album - Orrin Evans.  Who else is on this spectacular effort is enough to make your ears burn until the end of 2015!  Let's just say The BEST of the Best.

    The new work from Joanna comes at a time when a successful ten-year run at Philly's Loew's Hotel was coming to an end. Sad as it was for all concerned, it gave our guest wings.  She was ready to get involved in HER music, having blessed other artists with her vocals on THEIRS.  She still has her day job at her alma mater, Temple University, and she reaches hundreds of students each year with her teaching abilities.  But this is where Joanna shines in a particular way.  She won't touch a song unless she feels it.  When she soaks her soul into the meaning of a classic, it's like you never heard the song before NOW.  This Lady Was Born To Sing.  

    Join Joanna and me on 5/5 - your ears will thank you!

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    Holiday Survival Tips with Celebrity Trish Suhr & your #SmGirlfriends

    in Entertainment

    Join Dabney & your Social Media Girlfriends as Emmy-Winning CelebrityTrish Suhr returns with some FAB tips on how YOU can clear the clutter from your holiday fun! 

    You may know Trish as the Co-Host and “Yard Sale Diva” of over 200 episodes of the Clean Housefranchise on The Style Netwok & most recently as a contributor on Good Day LA, Good Day NY & Woman’s Day magazine.  

    We have laughed with & LOVED Trish as we followed her work including Gamers for National Lampoon, Take My Kids Please for WE, Family Secrets for CMT & the Great American Cook-off for Lifetime.  Trish is also known for her quick witted commentary on specials for E!, Style, CMT and VH1.

    Join us LIVE for our show where YOU become a part of the convo on by following our hashtag #SmGirlfriends & tweeting to our host @DabneyPorte & @TrishSuhr!  

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    Trish Wells, the Quick Antidote Queen

    in Writing

    Trish Wells is truly what you’d calll Gifted. Ask anyone that knows her personally. They will tell you that there is not much that she can't do. Ask her husband and he will tell you that keeping up with her is like following a one-year old around . . . always doing something.

    Trish wears many hats as a Interior Designer, Event Designer, Florist, Cook, Preacher, Teacher, Speaker, Singer, Dance, Builder, Writer, Producer, Playwright, and Author.

    How does a woman who is also a Business Owner, and Nanna have the time to write? Trish says that writing as her passion is an outlet where she can take all her builtup energy of frustration and channel it onto paper. A writer for several years now, she enjoys it tremendously. As a sought-after speaker, she has the ability to motivate her audience to move and change.

    All that she is and will ever be, she attributes to the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ. She and husband, Carlos Wells, Sr., are the proud parents of three sons, one daughter, a son-n-love and two grandchildren.

    Author Trish Wells has a variety of Inspirational and self-help books that will strengthen the life of her readers and help them toward the direction of change for the better.

    Visit Trish Wells at: http://rarebeautyauthor.wix.com/living-on-purpose-

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Producer Matthew Shell & MTS Family!

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    By now you know that "Hybrid Jazz" will push boundaries.  Since the launch in 2011, we've examined the nooks and crannies of Jazz - or OTHER :)  Honey, you will be getting OTHER on 5/7!

    Matthew Shell is an extraordinary producer that has garnered MTS Music a fabulous reputation.  Based in the Washington, D.C., area, artists have arrived from various pockets of the globe in order to have their projects enhanced by MTS.  We have had Matt on the show serveral times, when there has been a compilation disc to discuss ("Freedom" and "Victory") - and when there have been significant singles that needed attention.

    Such is the case for the visit on Thursday, May 7th.  We not only have one exciting release to feature, but TWO!  The first is from IhsAn Bilal and Vicu Schek.  It's got that D.C. House vibe that is a source of pride for the region and it's called "Dance Shake."  We might have a party in The Chat Room - so get ready!  There are multiple talents involved in the song - and some or all might join the fun.  Also, we have another single to present to you - by Molly Moore.  "Natural Disaster" has another direction entirely.  This one cannot be classfied as "Hybrid Jazz", either :-D  If you're stretching the parameters, maybe, but that's not the point here.

    The profoundly original Mr. Shell has surprised so many people with his creativity.  And blown away yours truly with the caliber of talent that work with him.  It's ridiculous not to share this sheer joy with an audience craving authentic music! Besides, Matthew is about to launch his new collection of songs by various singers/writers.  Called "Spiritual Relationship: The Deeper Meaning", it truly reflects the faith and vision that our main guest possesses.  

    We hope that you'll join us!

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    Sexual Bullying with Christopher Reburn & Trish Bishop

    in Spirituality

    Listen as Christopher and Trish lead another discussion about bullying. During this show, listen as Christopher & Trish talk about sexual bullying, how to see warning signs, how to detract unwelcome advances from others, and how to heal in the aftermath. It's always a powerful show when Christopher and Trish get together, and this show will be no exception!

    Visit Christopher online to book readings, view tour schedule, prayer and healing center, and much more at http://www.reburn.org

    Become friends on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/christopher.reburn

    Learn more about Trish Bishop at http://www.questionjourney.com

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    All About the Funny Mz Trish Feat Darryl Damn

    in Comedy

    This is, “All About the Funny with Mz. Trish and Friends”. Listen live online or by calling 914-205-5568. Every Saturday at 6pm EST. Today Mz. Trish features Comedian, Darryl Damn, he's speaking on how the Willie Lynch Letter impacts communities of African diaspora, and how the men of the community can combat the The Willie Lynch Letter with Love. Darryl Damn is a host aththe Uptown Comedy Corner, every Thursday at 9pm EST, located 800 Marietta St NW Atlanta, GA 30318-5783, 404-881-0200 http://uptowncomedy.net.  

    You can find the latest episodes of "All About the Funny with Mz. Trish and Friends" at MzTrishFunny on Facebook and Twitter.


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    The Process319 Unleashed-Guest Trish Hankerson

    in Christianity

    Lutrica "Trish" Hankerson is a lover of all things God.  She's a retired nurse from the United States Army, where she became a licensed practical nurse during her 8 years of service.  She's also a 15 year veteran of The Broward Sheriff's Office where she worked in several departments but her favorites were those of training and mentorship before retiring at the rank of sergeant.  Ms. Hankerson has attained a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s of Science degree in Emergency Management and Administration both respectively from Lynn University.  She is also a HIS coach.  This is a spirit-led coach that is led by the Holy Spirit to train, equip, empower and shift the dimensions of individuals into the place that God has called them to be.  She is CEO/Founder of Conquering Excellence, Inc., an empowerment and resource organization for women and girls with a mandate from God to assist young ladies aging out of the foster care system.

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    Who is Mz. Trish

    in Entertainment

    This is, “All About the Funny with Mz. Trish and Friends”. Today at 6pm EST Call 914-205-5565. Comedienne Mz. Trish is bringing the funny. Today Mz. Trish is asking you, what is the craziest shit you've ever done? Also, did Creflo Dolla really ask his followers to help buy a jet for the church. In a special segment, “Ask Mz. Trish!” what ever you want. Listen live online or by calling 914-205-5568

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    From her latest release"Redemption" featuring Trish Standley

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's children thank you for your support of the ministry. My prayer is for you in 2015 to walk in your destiny without restraints.My guest tonight demonstrates that Trish Standley is a voice of hope in a hurting generation. With God-given vocal talent and a passion for those in need of healing and redemption, she has been called as a minstrel for today’s body of believers. Through her anointed music ministry, she has uplifted the downtrodden and encouraged the broken-hearted. The 2011 Excellence in Christian Music Award Recipient is not only a gifted vocalist, but a brilliant songwriter as well, exhibited on her sophomore release entitled Redemption. A superb collection of Christian music, Redemption isn’t just the title of Trish’s new project, but it’s a reminder. She wants every person to know that there’s nothing beyond the reach of God’s Redemption.Please join us in the studio for a time of worship as we lift up and glorify the name of Jesus.



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    Trish Causey Talks With Polly Superstar, Sex Culture Revolutionary

    in Women

    In this latest interview, Trish talks with Polly Superstar, author of the new book, Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary, which details her journey of discovering herself and helping others along the way. Polly is the founder of the famed Kinky Salon in San Francisco, CA, and a sex positive activist.

    To experience more of this interview, get the premiere issue of ArousedWoman Magazine (out January 2015) by visiting the AW website: ArousedWoman.com.

    And be sure to get Polly's book: Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary.

    Connect with Trish: facebook * twitter * blog * pinterest * tumblr * google+