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    What Railfan Trips are you planning in 2015

    in Hobbies

    What railfan trips are you planning in 2015? Call in this week and let everyone know where your headed, what are you planning on doing while your there? Will you be riding, photographing or just watching?  Do you plan to go to Steamtown?  Strasburg? Sandpatch?  Horseshoe Curve?  Cajon Pass?  Winterail?  Summerail? the 2015 NRHS Convention?  How about the 2015 La Plata Railfan event? Any others?  Do you work with a railroad museum?  Do you ride tourist trains?  Be sure and call in to 646-716-7106, or post your plans to our Facebook or Twitter pages. The Amazing Chris Guenzler will be hosting this week's episode, so call in and let Chris know what your itinerary is. 

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    Transformed Traveler show with Stephanie Oswald regarding Turkish Airline trips

    in Lifestyle

    As one of the top travel journalists in the business, magazine editor Stephanie Oswald is an expert at helping people plan unique and interesting vacations on a budget.   This year, the CNN Travel Correspondent will explain to your viewers and listeners why fall is the best time of year for travel deals.  Learn how using Turkish Airlines can save you big bucks for international travel, or how to find your own beach paradise on a budget.  Whether people are just loading up the car to visit grandma or taking an exotic trip to a sexy location, Oswald and the TravelGirl magazine she co-founded are helping people make their trips both fun and interesting.  On September 18th, just in time to get some of the best travel deals of the year, Oswald discuss some new deals from Turkish Airlines, the hidden beaches of Sarasota Florida and why rental car companies are providing their best deals in years! 



    TURKISH DELIGHT—Why you should consider Turkish Airlines for your next great trip
    SUPER SARASOTA–The most special beach paradise you’ve never heard of
    RENTAL CAR ECONOMY–Top rental car companies best deals of the year are here
    STEALS FROM STEPHANIE—Some amazing surprises that few people know about

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    Road Trips - To The Promised Lands

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall plan out a road trip in REAL TIME. I goal is to travel to destinations that offer business opportunities as well as social opportunities to prosper and be in VERY good health.

    If there is a location that you would like to visit............call in and let's see what happens. Offer your questions, comments, and suggestion...........however anyway you slice the cake by the end of this podcast we shall know where and when we are headed on a "Road Trip".


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    Planning Summer Road Trips

    in Travel

    It's May, and summer road trips are right around the corner! Start planning now by listening to this week's episode of Road Trip Radio. On this episode, we'll discuss how to get your vehicle ready for a cross-country excursion and also decide on some all-important gear every motorist should have on a long trip. Call in to our listener line 24/7 to share your summer road trip tips at (650) 27-DRIVE.

    We'll talk about Route 66 and why you won't find it on your typical road atlas in this week's Travel Q&A. Join us for classic commercials from the golden age of radio as we open The Travel Archive (including the 1969 debut of Ronald McDonald), plus we'll enjoy some lighthearted humor On the Lighter Side.

    It's another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week's edition of Road Trip Radio, hosted by Jeremy Krug.

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    The Italian Voice Radio Show !

    in Current Events

    Good Evening Everyone.,This Evening We have 2 Special Guests that will be Calling in to the Program Comic Trips A Duo that Travels for the Love of Comics and Focuses on Youtube so you the Fans Can Witness Their Every Move,So don't Forget to Tune in and or Call in To The Italian Voice This Saturday @5pm Call the Studio @347-426-3972 and get involved with The Most Honest Talk in New Jersey with Everyone's Favorite Host Mr Dominick Calvitto,.Brought to you Only By Blogtalkradio.com Checkout Their Facebook Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/ComicTrips/?fref=nf  & Youtube Also:https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Comic+Trips, It's Going to be a Great Fun Show,,Don't forget!!

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    in Education


    A great idea in tight budget times or anytime. Kevin Sullivan, one of FTZ's founders, is our guest

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    Presenting Radio Host, Writer, and Researcher Tim Weisberg

    in Paranormal

    Joining me this week is Paranormal Radio Host, Writer, & Resarcher Mr. Tim Weisberg.  Tim has worked on several Paranromal TV shows including Ghost Stalkers and Ghost Adventures and he's been featured on others such as Ghost Adventures and My Ghost Story.  He has a wealth of knowledge about the field and it's going to be a great show.

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    in Entertainment

    Innovative travel authority and author Claire Newell, owner and president of Travel Best Bets, reveals her secret ways to de-stress travel when she visits with Dan Schlossberg on TRAVEL ITCH RADIO at 8p EST on Thursday, January 21st. Find out how to make the flying experience painless, how to handle children on holiday vacations, and how to make the most out of your hotel stay from Newell, also the author of the best-selling Travel Best Bets -- an Insider's Guide to Taking Your Best Trips, Ever. Listen live on iTunes or BlogTalkRadio.com or check out the archived show afterward on www.DanSchlossberg.net.

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    Curtis Harwell Talk's Menu planning and Eating healthier and Spending less

    in Fitness

    When the clock approaches 5:00 p.m., do you start worrying about what to have for dinner? Are you tired of using fast food as the answer? If so, try this old-school trick that's back in fashion — menu planning.

    Menu planning is a great way to make sure you're eating a balanced diet and meeting your nutritional needs. And, as every frugal cook knows, menu planning can save you time and money.

    Benefits of menu planning

    You can have a big impact on your health — and your budget — just by eating at home more often. With menu planning you know what your meals will look like and what you need to buy. That makes grocery shopping more efficient and cuts down on unplanned trips to buy one or two items. And with a grocery list in hand — a byproduct of good menu planning — it's easier to resist impulse purchases.

    Menu-planning basics

    Menu planning doesn't have to be complicated. To get started, jot down some of your favorite meals. Cooking for a family? Ask them to suggest menu ideas, too. For more inspiration, flip through cookbooks or check out recipe websites. You can even find sample menus and menu-planning apps online.

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    in Christianity

    Hi, I am Pastor Steve Hall. I am the Pastor of the Johnston Church of God. A small church in Johnston SC with a very BIG heart for GOD and His people. Also the co owner of WUCC 99.9 F.M. in Williston SC. a Christian radio station reaching 1.5 million potential listeners. I have over 20 years in pastoral ministry however my greatest work for God has yet to be completed. Our church has a outreach ministry in Peru where I have been on 2 missions' trips and  plan on going back in August 2016. My new assignment from God started in January 2016. My Father has called me and the Johnston church  to fight against the Jezebel spirit including all of her many demons.

    My Grandpa Hall would say " I can't but WE CAN" so let the Saints join Together and let us bring down Jezebel.

    Pastor Steve Hall

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    in Self Help


    Yes we are! And the big word is MANIPULATION!!

    What is manipulation really?

    Let’s face it,

    If you’re not cut of a certain cloth you sometimes don’t know that you are being manipulated.

    So let’s look at the definition:

    Manipulation is getting what you want by ignoring or harming the desires of others. Manipulators use charm, persuasion, coaxing, trickery, and misdirection. The underlying idea is "I have to fool people to make them give me what I want."

    When manipulators are really caught up in their tricks, they will even start to believe that they are doing their victims a favor.

    We all have traits of being a manipulator. You can catch yourself falling into this behavior when you pretend that you are listening to people, when you really aren't, when you ignore what they want and when you pretend that your desires cost nobody else a price. There are also external signs. The presence of a manipulator brings tension, strain, complaints and conflict to a situation. Some people use passive manipulations -- they come up with "poor me" scenarios to tempt pity and sympathy out of others. Or they use subtle guilt trips with the intention of making others think that what they want is wide of the mark.

    Join me Janice Clarke, Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant Reiki Practitioner and Host of the SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW, as we discuss the traits of a manipulator to find out if you are a manipulator or are you being manipulated and how to SPOT AND STOP IT!!

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