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    What Railfan Trips are you planning in 2015

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    What railfan trips are you planning in 2015? Call in this week and let everyone know where your headed, what are you planning on doing while your there? Will you be riding, photographing or just watching?  Do you plan to go to Steamtown?  Strasburg? Sandpatch?  Horseshoe Curve?  Cajon Pass?  Winterail?  Summerail? the 2015 NRHS Convention?  How about the 2015 La Plata Railfan event? Any others?  Do you work with a railroad museum?  Do you ride tourist trains?  Be sure and call in to 646-716-7106, or post your plans to our Facebook or Twitter pages. The Amazing Chris Guenzler will be hosting this week's episode, so call in and let Chris know what your itinerary is. 

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    Planning Summer Road Trips

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    It's May, and summer road trips are right around the corner! Start planning now by listening to this week's episode of Road Trip Radio. On this episode, we'll discuss how to get your vehicle ready for a cross-country excursion and also decide on some all-important gear every motorist should have on a long trip. Call in to our listener line 24/7 to share your summer road trip tips at (650) 27-DRIVE.

    We'll talk about Route 66 and why you won't find it on your typical road atlas in this week's Travel Q&A. Join us for classic commercials from the golden age of radio as we open The Travel Archive (including the 1969 debut of Ronald McDonald), plus we'll enjoy some lighthearted humor On the Lighter Side.

    It's another hour of roadtripping, travel, and fun on this week's edition of Road Trip Radio, hosted by Jeremy Krug.

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    Monthly WDW Fan Zone Blogcast - Episode 22 - Saving and Paying for Disney Trips

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    Join hosts Shelley Scholl and Diane Butler as they discuss thoughts on saving for, paying for, and saving money while on Disney Trips! 

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    NC ComiCon, SciFi, Pop Cluture, road trips, movies, and more

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    Talking about NCComiCon, scifi, A Christmas Story, Pop Culture, art, comics, travel, South Carolina ComiCon, Lord of the Rings, Cosplay, costumers, Lee Majors, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, John Barrowman, Walking Dead, Dr. Who, and more today with our Pop Culture Editor Rebecca Clise. Check us out online at www.hobostu.com

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    Divatosity: Dangly earrings, Grown Up Field Trips, Desserts On The Fly

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    Join Alaina as she discusses Dangly earrings, Grown Up Field Trips,  Desserts On The Fly.


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    Listen to Fred Solheim w/Warriors on Cataract -sponsoring 4-day whitewater trips

    in Military

    Listen 24/7 to our program that aired Nov 18th 7pm MST with Frederick Solheim Creator of Warriors On Cataract sponsors of 4 day whitewater trips on the Colorado River through Canyon lands National Park from Moab to Lake Powell for our disabled veterans.

    Last summer they were able to provide two trips, each taking about 25 Wounded Warriors, their caregivers and families on each trip. 

    Details: http://thankyouforyourservice.us/issue/november-2014-happy-thanksgiving/article/listen-to-fred-solheim-warriors-on-cataract-sponsoring-4-day-whitewater-trips-for-disabled-veterans

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    We Must Restrain You Pope Fraize!

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    Restraining Orders?  Calling the Cops?  What's all the to do about the Traditional Church of Satan's  Pope Fraize?  Tune in this week for candid talk and learn how Big Brother shook hands with the Sinister Minster.  Live callers are both welcome and encouraged!

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    Jeru Trips Part Deux: Limitations, Do's or Don't's???

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    Y'all will say I have come again oooooh!!!!! No pun intended(still no pun intended) :p

    So,questions have been coming in for 2 months straight from the last show on this topic. Keep in mind, these questions are coming mostly from the Ladies!!!

    They want to know if there are or should be any limitations when it comes to Jeru Trips. Are Sexually Assisted Toys and Apparatuses ok in a Christian Marriage? How about Fellatio and Cunninlingus??? Positions???


    It shall be Glorious!!!!!

    10pm Fam!!! Central USA Time.

    Let's Swap Tales ;) 

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    Finding THAT New Everest to Climb

    in Psychology

    What can you possibly learn in just 30 minutes that may change the quality of your life? Good question. I guess you will have to tune in to find out.

    Bob Zima, MA/LCPC, is a self described “Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back.” He has experienced many trips to the gates of Hell and has lived to tell the tale.

    In this short, 30 minute podcast, Bob shares with you his insights and lessons learned from several trips to Hell and back.

    On today’s show, Bob discusses our behavioral health need to find new challenges, new opportunities and new adventures all in the name of The Art of Healing.

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    His loss, his gift, life is all about perception

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    Jack was one of the first hearing-impaired babies identified in Georgia through the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening program. He received his first pair of behind-the-ear hearing aids when he was 6 weeks old. His parents, teachers and audiologists went to great lengths to make sure he learned and developed like any other kid in America.  At 11 years old, he was fortunate to go on a mission trip to Ghana where he realized that this was his calling in life. Jack believes that his hearing loss is a gift so that he can help others who also have loss of hearing.

    On his return from Ghana, Jack told his parents he wanted to start a foundation to raise money for hearing aids, audiology care and other hearing expenses that many insurances do not cover. Jack was motivated to make a difference in the lives of kids with hearing loss.  He believed that he had been blessed with the care that he needed and therefore, wanted to be able to bless other people with the same level of care. Thus, 20/20 Hearing was formed and is now a 501-(c)(3) non-profit.  Its mission is to give the gift of hearing and a better future to those less fortunate around the world. 

    Aside from this extraordinary mission, Jack is a typical 7th grade young man. He loves to play lacrosse and follows the Duke Blue Devils lax team closely.  His fun loving nature is enjoyed by all that are around him.

    Our website will give more information of the mission trips that he has been on. www.2020Hearing.org

    We have given financial assistance to 4 children since August and currently are in the process of funding 2 more.  We will be helping the deaf community in Leveque, Haiti. This is one of the largest deaf communities in the Caribbean, with over 160 families affected by hearing loss. Jack hopes to help as many people as possible. Jack always says, “It’s a small world so let’s all make a big difference!”

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    Anthony Moffett - Sawtooth National Forest Bigfoot Organization

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    Tonight our guest is Anthony Moffett, Bigfoot Researcher from the Sawtooth Mountains Bigfoot Organization in Idaho.Here is what Anthony has to say about himself:I am a mountain man, and explorer, adventurer, trail guide and a big footer, and a bigfoot investigator. I do my research in Idaho, in the sawtooth national forest north of Kethcum, Idaho, I do long day hike deep into the mountains, and I also do camping trips deep into the mountains for day and night research, when I do hear of a sighting in or around Idaho I will go to the location and investigate the sighting and if possible interview witnesses. I have been a big footer for 20 years off and on in many different states, I have been doing it full time now for around 10 yrs, but I am fairly new to the whole computer end of sharing what I do this next summer I think will be exciting.i have had a few sightings over the years, but last summer I had an encounter with a group of Bigfoot. 

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