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    Enigmatic XpressionZ Changing The Game With Ms. Trina V

    in Poetry

    Come One, Come All! It's An XpressionZ Xtravaganza At Epiphany Radio The 4Real Entertainment Network! Tonight's Feature Will Be None Other Than Very Talented Musical Prodigy Looking To Change The Game, Ms. Trina V! Join Enigmatic Mahogany And Xpress Yourself To Your Heart's Content At www.blogtalkradio.com/eyecpeople Or By Calling 646-200-0568!

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    Career Talk with Coach Trina Ramsey: Dare to Embrace Your Calling

    in Self Help

    So many of us go through life not listening to our inner voice. We do the things we are “supposed to do” and follow a pre-determined path. Somewhere along the way we are taught to “play it safe” and not to make rash decisions. Some become very successful, even wealthy. But some people would trade the money and success for feeling truly alive.

    Join Trina and her special guest Julia Clark, president and founder of TravelOn2, a salsa dance and travel company,= she started after voluntarily leaving corporate America, where she worked in finance for over a decade.  TravelOn2 grew out of her two great passions: salsa, particularly New York-style On2 dancing, and world travel.  Julia is a native of Texas and has a Master’s in Public Administration from NYU and an English degree from Spelman College. She decided to follow her inner compass and build a life that she loves. Join us as we discuss how to overcome fear and embrace your inner voice in creating a life that makes you DANCE! “TravelOn2’s Tailored Dance Trips are flavorful adventures satisfying your salsa and sightseeing needs.” Learn more at travelon2.com.

    About your host: Trina Ramsey is a career and life coach, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina's is a "people person" and a change agent. She is on a mission to help people to discover the joy in life and make more empowered decisions. To learn more visit trinaramsey.com

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    Trina Parks: Consummate Triple Threat Entertainer /1st Black James Bond Girl

    in Education

    This week:  A lesson in Greatness.    How does Trina Parks achieve Greatness? 

    Join us for An Interview with Trina Parks: Consummate Triple Threat Entertainer / 1st Black James Bond Girl  

    Trina Parks:Consummate Entertainer, Creative writer, Director, Artistic director, Choreographer and Stage director / The 1st Black James Bond 007 Girl,

    Trina Parks first made Black History in 1972 as the 1st Black James Bond Girl in the movie ‘Diamonds Are Forever, basically saving the James Bond Franchise which saw loses from the two prior movies. Diamonds are Forever made $116,000,000 dollars worldwide in 1972.

    Today,Trina Parks continues to be more than a Triple Threat as the Consummate Entertainer…

    Trina Parks is the Artistic director, creator, writer, choreographer, stage director of the Original production Black and Brown Anthology  first performed in 2012

    Trina is also the Founder and Choreographer of  PUSH’ET formally known as the Palm Spring’s Historical Dance Theater.

    Manager Robert Walker: 404.254.7539
    Carol Lloyd:  404.542.7733

    Listen. Talk. Learn. Act.  Call in 347.855.8603.  You may also join us in the chat room.

    Phyllis Austin:  www.phyllisaustin.com
    The National Parent Education Center:  www.TNPEC.org

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    Career Talk with Coach Trina: 10X Your Life & Business w Dr. Will Moreland

    in Self Help

    Are you ready to take your business and life to the next level? Join us for an exciting show with "Dr. Will" Moreland, a premier speaker, author, and business strategist.  Dr. Will  will talk about his unique "10X Game Changer" approach to achieving phenomenal results in your life and business. Acclaimed as one of the top leadership speakers under 40 in America, Dr. Will's presentations on leadership and personal development are in high demand. He has authored 14 books which include the top selling Genius Potential, which is being held by many as a true developmental tool for anyone wanting to increase their life. His vast experience as a military leader, educator, CEO and community leader has enabled him to write on several topics which include finances, relationships, mental development and leadership. Dr. Will says, "A 10X GAME CHANGER is not about playing small, they are committed to doing things BIG & BOLD!!!"  Learn more about Dr. Will at willmoreland.com. 

    About your host:  Trina Ramsey is a career and life coach, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina's is a "people person" and a change agent. She is on a mission to help people to discover the joy in life and make more empowered decisions. To learn more visit trinaramsey.com

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    NEXT ON UNIVERSAL SOUL LOVE: Dr Lana and David Love Interview Trina Markandu Bawden-Smith

    in Self Help

    Please join us for a live show (Tuesday at 6:00 PM PST) as we interview Trina Markandu Bawden-Smith - Yoga Instructor, Personal Development Professional, Spiritual Events Manager, and Social Activist.

    Follow the link below to listen-in:


    Trina Markandu Bawden-Smith is a trailblazer in the fields of Yoga and spiritual and personal development. Trina is passionate about connecting people, building communities, changing lives and raising consciousness.

    Trina is the creative heart of Enlightened Events. Through Enlightened Events, she offers life-changing, pioneering events. Trina hosts Australia’s premier yoga therapy conference, now in its fifth year and conducts in demand, world class Yoga therapy training. Her visionary event, Divine Feminine offers timeless wisdom for the modern woman through a deeper understanding of the ancient mysteries of womanhood. People talk about her events for years after they have finished and often tell her that her events changed their life.

    She has worked with internationally respected Yoga teachers, mindfulness experts, Tantra teachers, mind-body medicine specialists and scientists. These include Judith Hanson Lasater, Donna Farhi and the world’s most prolific Yoga researcher, Dr. Shirley Telles, as well as, women’s health pioneer and mind-body spirit expert, Dr. Christine Page.

    She has worked with top Australian doctors and scientists including wellness pioneer, Professor Marc Cohen, and mind-body medicine and mindfulness expert, Dr. Craig Hassed. Also, wellness pioneer and inspirational speaker and author, Petrea King. And leading Australian Yoga teachers and therapists, including Simon Borg-Olivier, Australia’s most famous Yoga celebrity; Eve Grzybowski, Australian Yoga legend; Leigh Blashki, former President of Yoga Aust

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    Career Talk with Coach Trina: Gratitude and Other Topics with Author Russ Terry

    in Self Help

    January is the month of new beginnings! There’s no better way to start a new year than choosing to adopt gratitude as a regular practice. Join Trina and special guest Russ Terry, Founder and CEO of Life Coach Radio Network. Russ will discuss his book “My Gratitude Journal…” as well as his first year as an author and tips for aspiring writers. Like Trina, Russ has been blessed with several career paths over the years. They will discuss how to boldly navigate your career to create the life of your dreams.  Don’t miss this one – it’s sure to be a powerful show!

    More about Russ:  In addition to serving more than 75 clients and facilitating dozens of workshops that influenced thousands of people in his first 2.5 years as a Business, Life & Career Coach, Russ Terry is Founder and CEO of the Life Coach TV & Radio Networks.  He’s also written his first book -- My Gratitude Journal:  365 days of the people & things I’m grateful for and the lessons you can learn from them – and is working on his next 2 books, both of which are also about Gratitude and both will be out in 2015.

    About your host:  Trina Ramsey is a career and life coach, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina's is a "people person" and a change agent. She is on a mission to help people to discover the joy in life and make more empowered decisions. To learn more visit trinaramsey.com

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    Trina Matous featuring Paul's letters to the Early Church

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people thank you for tuning into another show of From Insanity to Sane.I pray blessings over each of you and your families. My guest today is Trina Matous she is the Author of "Christian Living Bible Study Series"which provides insightful books to assist believers and non believers to understanding scripture and drawing closer to God.
     Why did the apostle Paul write to the Galatians? How does he use sarcasm to achieve his goals? What practical instructions do James, Peter, and Jude convey for living a Christian life, and what does favoritism have to do with it, anyway? In the first two books in her new Christian Living Bible Study Series, Trina Bresser Matous answers these questions and many more. Her goal in _Paul’s Letters to the Early Church_ and _The Epistles of James, Peter, and Jude_ is to help readers better understand the Bible while revealing the tremendous love that God the Father has for each one of us.Bring your bibles to the table as we discuss Paul's letters to the early church.

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    Keys to Winning at the Game of Life

    in Self Help

    What attributes do winners have in common? And what does it mean to win? Does winning mean that everyone else loses?

    The truth is – most of us want to get ahead. We want to be successful, and to have a good quality of life. We want to WIN. But winning is not just about who gets to the finish line first. And you can win by adopting some key practice as you go about your day-to-day life. Join three coaches from diverse backgrounds as they explore all facets of how to win in this crazy, fabulous, sometimes exasperating game called LIFE. 

    Veronica Taylor, CPC, is the founder of Life Leaders Coaching, she's comes with over 17 years of administrative and corporate experience and her passion is the business of administration. Her practice focuses on accelerating, not just "speeding up," but rather deepening the relationship between c-level executives and their admins to ensure lasting growth, inspire passion, discovery, and innovation between the two. 

    Kristin Young, the “Marriage Enthusiast”, is the CEO of Living The Vows, which assists with bringing joy to marriages BEFORE the proposal.  Her mission is to restore the beauty, respect and value that marriage deserves by reaching 3 million married couples who are committed to “Living the Vows - and LOVING it!.” For more on Kristin, visit www.livingthevows.com

    Trina Ramsey is a career and life coach, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. She works with her clients to embrace 'what's next' and design a future that embraces their authentic selves. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina is a "people person" and a change agent.  For more on Trina visit trinaramsey.com

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    Bonnie Ross Parker, Founder Xperience Connections

    in Women

    Join us on Monday, March 23, 2015 as we feature Bonnie Ross Parker during our "Women Making It Happen" segment.

  • 00:56

    Serena Washington, CEO 2 Covenant Mogul Publishing

    in Women

    Tune in today, March 9th @ 12 Noon Eastern as host and business success coach, Trina Newby interviews featured guest, Serena Washington, CEO, 2 Covenant Mogul Publishing.

    Learn how Serena pushed through her obstacles to become a Supernatural coach and help other women to publish their story or self-publish their own book!

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    Career Talk with Coach Trina Ramsey: Career Coaches' RoundTable

    in Self Help

    You can make 2015 your year! Join Trina and a panel of 3 experienced career coaches to gain insights and strategies to jump start your career, navigate the job market, and start the year off right!

    Or maybe you’re down. You’ve suffered a job loss or other disappointment. Or maybe you just aren’t motivated at work anymore and you’ve decided it’s time for a change.  This is the place to be to get answers to your burning questions and gain some motivation to create real change in your career. 

    If you are poised for change, or just considering taking on a new challenge, join us and we will work it out together!  We are here to serve and welcome callers. Let us work through your situation with you! Join Trina and 3 experienced coaches for an inspiring show! 

    Ben Carter is a certified Life Transformation Coach and founder and CEO of L.I.V.E, LLC (Leap Into Victory Every day). Ben will soon release his first eBook about his journey. Visit Ben's Facebook page: TheBenCarterCoachingExperience

    Debrah Mathis, founder of E2S Solutions Professional Coaching LLC works with women newly promoted into middle management to develop core leadership competencies needed to be successful. Visit EngagetoSuccess.com for more info.

    Divya Parekh is  CEO of The DP Group. She has over 25 years of experience as a university associate professor, scientist, and career leadership coach. and helps executives, professionals, coaches and youth harness their drive to succeed by building skills for constant improvement. Learn more at divyaparekh.com

    Trina Ramsey, founder of Perspectives Plus Coaching, is a career and life coach specializing in personal transformation and career transition. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina's is a "people person" and a change agent. Visit trinaramsey.com for details.

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