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    Leadership, Leadership, Leadership

    in Motivation

    Alfreda B. has served in a leadership capacity for over 30 years.

    I think she has something to say.

    Listen in!

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    Global Women's Leadership Roundtable | Resilience

    in Women

    Are you wondering how to be strong as a leader through the changes in your personal life, your company or your industry? Do you want to lead your life with integrity, openness and vulnerability — yet want to appear strong and resilient through hard times?

    Join our live-broadcast Global Women’s Leadership Roundtable with influential women to explore real resiliency. This conversation will shift us from wrestling with the concept of “being fine” to using challenges and difficulties to grow as a person and a leader. 

    During this panel discussion, we’ll discuss the following issues related to this topic:

    When did you get derailed in your career and how did you keep going?
    How have tough situations made you a stronger person?
    How did you navigate through emotional personal times when you are a leader?
    How do you know when to take a break? How do you take care of yourself?
    How do support and teach others to navigate tough times?

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    Leadership 52

    in Business

    Leadership is one of the hottest topics that everyone is discussing and devoting an enormous amount of training to improve. There are many theories and ideas of how to be a more effective leader. I have taken this topic as an opportunity to share with others the leadership philosophies that I have learned by working with some very success business managers and executives over the years. However, leadership goes far beyond just the business environment. It touches us in every aspect of life. One of my favorite quotes says, “Everyone is a leader, even if the only person you are leading is yourself!"

    Today I will be discussing some of the ideas and philosophies that have been shared with me over the years. Many of these ideas have allow me to lead very successful teams and begin a very successful business of my own.

    Please join me on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 6:30pm. You can call in to listen at (914) 205-5650.

    Look for my latest book Leadership 52 to be released later this year! #Leadership52 #Transformation

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    The Keys to Exemplary Leadership

    in Business

    The changing landscape of business requires a more relational leadership style. Why? Because the traditional world of work that existed in the past - dictatorial, autocratic, etc. - is no longer an option for optimal productivity from followers. Join our guest, author and former New England Patriots linebacker Dr. Jason Carthen, to discuss exemplary leadership and its positive impact on the workplace.

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    Let's connect : Africa & leadership

    in Politics

    Hosted By Sulayman Badjie today show is focused on leadership 

    . Mr Badjie will be talking with executive coah Mr Abdoulaye Mbengue .

     Mr Mbengue is also  working on his doctoral degree in organisational leadershi

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    Animals Characterize Empowerment Teachings

    in Education

    Storytelling is the practice of leadership

    One of the most powerful tools an organizer can choose to use is the art of storytelling. It is the context of public speaking to all sorts of audiences. Stories that tend to be more compelling answer the “why” of our values in our belief systems. Elements of the story help us gain practice in hearing and coaching others to share their stories. It is here leaders employ the head to heart method. In other words they motivate people to change.

    Should you wish to contact us through email: bderrick@nativestudioart.net

    We are looking to host people on the show. Do you empower others in your line of work? If so, how so? Love to hear from you my friend. Drop an email our way and share with us how you empower others.


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    The impact of religious leadership failure

    in Religion

    Join the conversation as we explore the subject:

    What is the impact of religious leadership failure?

    “ The catholic church is no longer providing a solution that resonates for many and fewer believe in such solutions when they are proposed by a discredited brand”  Brendan Canavan




    To read more


    Something to consider:

    When individuals come up short or does not meet our expectations of leadership how should we interpret and process such shortcomings?



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    How to be a tribal figure and advocate 101

    in Culture

    The experiences of a tribal advocate and public speaker is a very special responsiblity and a declipine.  Its so important to understand how much balance plays, and the commitment it takes to develope a solid and honest message.  If you are feeling a vibe about how you want to make a difference I would like to invite you to tune in tonight (April 17, 2016; 9pm Central)

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    Contextual Leadership with Sunit Rikhi

    in Business

    Sunit Rikhi has a unique perspective on how context impacts leadership. You'll want to hear it.

    Sunit Rikhi

    VP and General Manager (Retired), Intel Custom Foundry


    Founder, Reach For Infinity, LLC


    Member of the Board, Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute


    Sunit Rikhi brings a lifetime of career learning and leadership to help clients, readers, and audiences achieve results worthy of their potential while experiencing the joys of growth without limits.


    Global Game-Changer


    In his 30 year career as an Intel executive, Sunit Rikhi pioneered several game-changing initiatives and contributed significantly to the shaping of the semiconductor industry and our way of life on earth today.


    Intel Custom Foundry – A disruptive force in the semiconductor industry


    Sunit started Intel Custom Foundry from scratch in 2008 to provide leading edge custom silicon manufacturing services to fabless design companies. At the time he retired from Intel in May of 2015, the business was on a path to ramping volume to over a billion dollars of revenue run rate. The business had over a thousand engineers spread across the globe and more than ten customers in the USA and Asia.

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    Taking The First Steps in Leadership

    in Motivation

    Are you prepared for success. If so, Good! Let us continue.

    If not, why not? Let us begin.

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    Obeying Leadership

    in Religion


    1. Earlier he wrote of their previous leadership (v.7); now he writes of their present leadership

    2. These are most likely their "elders" (also known as "bishops", "pastors")