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    Tribal Wisdom Presents 5 Ways Couples Can Successfully Manage Their Finances

    in Romance

    Join us tonight for our final live show of 2014 on Tribal Wisdom. We celebrate Marriage Matters! with our guestReshell McKinnon Smith. Ms. Smith a Certified Financial Planner and Transition money coach. Her passion is helping people make a successful financial transition from where they are to where they want to be.

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    TRIBAL ECONOMICS: Traditional vs. Modern w/ Jaime O Perez, Mixteca Medicine Man

    in Religion


    "Tribal Economics 101" is our second interview with Mixteca Medicine Man, ceremonialist, author and (most recently) Congressional Candidate Jaime O. Perez. (Facebook)(Blog) of El Paso, Texas.

    Jaime says: "Members of the Sun Circle Community, We Honor Our Ancestors And Our Grandfathers And Grandmothers; That Beliefs Evolve; That Fire Is The Symbol And Manifest Reality Of The Memory Of Our Ancestors; That Fire Was Handed Down To Us As A Ritual Practice By Our Ancestors; That We Demonstrate Love For Our Ancestors When We Hold Place Around The Fire And Honor Its Warmth and Energy In Our Ceremonies; We Honor Our Ancestors When We Establish Guardians For The People And The Fire; When All Men And Women Hold Their Place In Ceremony And All Cultural Practices, Rituals, Quests and Pilgrimages; When We Honor A Balance Of Male And Female; When We Honor Our Tradition By Consistent Words And Deeds; and Participate In The Civic, Cultural, Traditional, Social And Political Life Of Our Community."

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    Tribal Council & Election Reform Update: walls are coming down

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    Jason Merida, there's a lot to be thankful for in his decision to go to trial. So much information was revealed that has supported years of suspicions and has caused a crack in a wall that couldn't be penetrated. In just a short time, a committee for election reforms has been implemented, the tribal council allowed a citizen to speak, and the council was standing room only. The mood was very general like any other time, and the verbal interaction was civil. No disruptions, outbursts or actions out of the ordinary. Were it not for Merida's choice to go to trial, then we would still be trying to bring about accountability and transparency.
    Our show tomorrow will be an update for many of you who were there, and you will be hearing from those who were. This show should be encouraging to many of you so I hope that you will all listen in!

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    Choctaw Tribal Council: election reform action

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    Much has been done and said about Batton's election reform ask force and their recommendations. Last month Batton took the reforms to the council, and word is that the people will be disappointed once again. However, let's see what happens Saturday at the councl house in Tushkahoma, and we'll have guests to share with you their own thoughts and opinions.

    It is an election year for Chief and six council members, and they will be expecting the people to vote for them once again. In the years past, voter turnout has been dismal, and with good reason! The general attitude is one of disempowerment, one feels it is useless to try and change anything even by voting. So my question is when are you going to stand up and exercise your power, your voice and put committed actions to those words. It does appear that Batton will be the next Chief simply because there is not enough time to change the election procedures and rules, unless we begin to become involved the various grassroot groups that have emerged, such as, Choctaws Rising and Chahta Veterans for Chahta Civil Rights: McAlester Reunion and Potluck. By the time the elections are over, there may be a few more, but the true test will be those who have learned from this process and begin planning for the next election two years away when another six council seats are up.

    Join us as we discuss the recent happenings and what is next. Future meetings have been planned for McAlester and Talihina so let us know if you would like for us to come! Share this post with other Chahta's and listen in on Sunday!

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    1491 Census: Tribal Nations Map of Turtle Island with Aaron Carapella, Cherokee

    in Religion

    The 1491 Census: Native Creates Tribal Nations Map of Turtle Island


    It took him 14 years and thousands of hours, but Aaron Carapella finally did it. He created a map that represents what Turtle Island looked like in 1490. It shows where roughly 590 Native nations were located and gives their indigenous names, instead of the names given by Europeans.

    Being part Cherokee, or Aniyunwiyah, and having grown up in the city, he’s always sought more knowledge of Native history and culture.

    “I would attend pow pows and scour through the items vendors had for sell [sic]. From time to time I would see maps of the traditional territories of our tribes, but thought they looked incomplete, and the names mostly inaccurate. I filed away the idea of one day creating a more authentic-looking one myself,” Carapella says on his website. “Years went by as I looked from time to time for a better map. One day I decided, ‘It’s time to make a REAL map of Native America, as WE see it.’ It started with four poster boards and a rough pencil drawing of the United States. Over the next 14 years I would create the Tribal Nations Map.”

    The process of collecting the real names of tribes was a tedious one. He studied books, and called tribes individually.

    “Some tribes, once contacted, wouldn’t know that information,” he told the Tulalip News. But the tribe always got back to him with someone who could tell him what he needed to know to continue his research.

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    2015 Tribal Mojo Magic with Planet Remix!!

    in Spirituality

    Join Ester and the Remix Family as we get into our Tribal Mojo Magic for 2015! We know that Planet Remix is the loveliest most magical tribe out there!! Join us as we get into some toning linguistics, tribal legacies, tribal pyramid magic, tribal totems, and more!

    Come share your magic with the Remix Family! We will also be on twitter so be sure to check in under the hashtag: #tribalmojomagic15 and follow Ms. Blue @BlueRasberry and Ester @MissSoulVirgo

    See you there ~~ <3 <3  

    This is night you definitely want to be on the lines ~~ Call In Number: 646-652-2711


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    SpokenHeard with Tribal Raine and Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    Tribal raine is a multi-recorded and published artist whose words have been used as teaching tools for college poetry courses. She has performed on stages nationwide with legends and leaders of the Spoken World realm, such as NJ Poet Laurate Imiri Baraka, Abiodune Oyewole of the Last Poets, Georgia Me, HBO Def Jam Poet Abyss, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Nappy Roots, Queen Sheba, Black Ice, Suny Patterson, Autumn Ashante and more.

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    InfCon - Tribal Mix

    in Electronic Music

    This episode features InfCon of Better Beats Entertainment with a Tribal House mix. 
    Check out InfCon at www.inf-con.com
    Check out Better Beats Entertainment and upcoming events at www.betterbeatsdj.com 

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    Tribal Mojo Magic and Cosmic Reflections

    in Lifestyle

    Join Ester and the Remix Family as we do some tribal mojo magic and share our cosmic reflections of the year 2013.

    Contact MsBlue: question4blue( @ ) gmail.com   Know Your Magic Audio Workbook: www.msblueblast.com Know Your Magic Oracle Deck: www.msblueblast.com/cards

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    Maureen Hackett, Founder Howling for Wolves & Sandra Skinaway, Tribal Chairwoman

    in Radio

    Fast Horse Productions' The Martha Fast Horse Show

    Special Guests: Maureen Hackett (Minnesotan), Founder of Howling for Wolves and Sandra Skinaway, Tribal Chairwoman, Sandy Lake Band of Mississippi Chippewa.

    Show Topic: "Ask Minnesota Governor Dayton to Suspend Wolf Hunt."

    Minnesota is home to the largest original and most biologically diverse wolf population remaining in the lower 48 United States. The vast majority (79%) of Minnesotans view the wolf as an asset and think it should be protected for future generations. Wolves have been historically a persecuted species and vocal special interest groups maintain a position of animosity towards wolves today.

    State legislative and wildlife policies have been designed to facilitate recreational wolf killing to cater to special interest groups; not designed to protect wolves as an important state asset and ensure their long-term survival. Wolves are unique creatures that capture the wild spirit of our north woods but they need strong advocates to stand up against this anti-wolf agenda. Get informed about the issue by reading our Fact Sheet and MN Wolf Brief.

    For More Info: www.howlingforwolves.org

    Featured Song: "Wolf Song" by Wade Fernandez

    Producer/Host: Martha Fast Horse (Rosebud Lakota), Engineer/Talent: Justin Severson (American)

    Airing Monday 11/10/14 at 2:00 p.m. CDT on Blog Talk Radio

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    Dave Logan: The Tribal WE: An Interview from the CTI Co-Active Summit

    in Motivation

    The Voice of Leadership is a big fan of Dave Logan, co-author of Tribal Leadership, and co-founder of CultureSync, an organization dedicated to culture change, strategy and negotiation. 

    Imagine our excitement, being the media team for the Coaches Training Institute's Co-Active Summit in Napa, CA, and learning that Dave Logan is one of the keynote speakers. And, double that excitement when we learned we'd get some interview time with Dave. The rest is history!

    Pre-Recorded at the CTI Co-Active Summit, this program includes clips from Dave's keynote presentation as well as his personal conversation with the Voice of Leadership.

    Linda and Tom will be LIVE on the AIR during this broadcast to lead the conversation and share the experience with you. - See more at: http://www.thevoiceofleadership.com/upcoming-programs.html#sthash.pzHeNtPP.dpuf

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