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    Should You Train for a Triathlon?

    in Lifestyle

    Looking to participate in a triathlon? Tune in to this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, as Hilary interviews Richie Caiazza, Coach for Team Tri Global Coaching- a full service triathlon coaching system that offers top tier coaching. Richie, straight off of participating in the Half Ironman Syracuse, will provide tips for effectively training for triathlons to improve your strength in swimming, running and cycling! Have the knowledge you'll need to ace a triathlon, after you check out this episode! 

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    Cycling and Triathlon

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    Today, Jill Hamilton and Stephen McCarthy will be talking pro cycling with Team Wiggle Honday Pro Cyclist and Team Owner Rochelle Gilmore about the last couple weeks and the Tour of Flanders
    Chris Balser, the Bicycle Fit Guru, will join us to talk about the basics of fitting a triathlon bike or raod bike.
    Lastly, Robin Morton of G4 Productions will be talk about a couple great causes and events in the Northeast United States.
    XLAthlete.com: The online strength and speed development source for athletes, trainers, and coaches.
    Five Star Basketball: The premier basketball skill development camp in the nation.

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    Going Faster Part IV- The Triathlon Swim

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    The first leg of a triathlon is the Swim. Ocean swimming can be challenging and potentially dangerous for triathletes.  Join Richard Diaz and Chris Sinkovich of 2XU North America discuss; proper fit, care and purchase decision of a great triathlon wetsuit.

    Wearing a well-designed wetsuit offers speed, buoyancy and insulation from the cold water. Learn what to look for, what makes a fast wetsuit, the decision to go with sleeves or sleeveless. Learn best practices on putting on the suit and how to get it off quickly in the transition area. Anyone who is planning to race in triathlon and is in the market for a wetsuit should listen to this show!

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    Triathlon Training with the All Women's Tri Tream

    in Fitness

    Are you a triathlete with a full-time job and a family? How do you balance it all? During this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary chats with Megan White and Lisa Laws from the All Women's Tri Team on triathlon tips and how to fit training into your everyday life! Lace up your sneakers and join us for this informative episode. 

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    Interview with Cliff English - Elite Triathlon Coach

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    Cliff English is the task master of some of the top triathletes in the world today. Through his unique coaching style he is credited with several podium finishes for the pro’s in his stable, which now include Leanda Cave, Heather Jackson and Hunter Kemper.

    Cliff has become one of the most sought after “elite-high performance coaches in triathlon. As coach of the Elite US National Team, to working with such professional triathlete’s as ITU Long Course World Champion Tim O’Donnell, 4x Olympian Hunter Kemper, Olympian and 70.3 Ironman World Champion Samantha McGlone he has a lot to share in respect to training and racing not only for triathletes but for marathon runners as well.

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    IronMan Triathlon on Tamara Leigh's TREND ON

    in Social Networking

    What does it takes to be an #IronMan? What are the take-aways from the @IRONMANtri held in #Madison #Wisconsin on Sun., Sept.13, 2015. ##PaulTakesOnTheIronMan joins #TamaraLeighsTrendOn to share his experience & #Team support in the journey of YOU ARE AN IROMAN. 

    Tamara Leigh's Trend On - Engaging Your Audience to Trend On You! airs LIVE Wednesdays at 10:00amCT.  #TamaraLeighLLC is a Communications company meeting the needs of clients across platforms from #MobileOptimized website design/build, #Content #Writing #Blogging #Editing #Image #Style #InterCultural communication at tamaraleighllc.com - Follow on Twitter @tamaraleighll

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    The Tarpon Springs Triathlon

    in Fitness

    The Tarpon Springs (Fla.) Triathlon (Sept. 7) is one of the oldest and unusual multisport events in Florida. Starting at Fred Howard Park, athletes exit the Gulf of Mexico for a bike ride through the streets of the historic Sponge Docks, which feel very much like riding through a Greek Island. The event helps the local Rotary Club raise funds to award college scholarships to local students. We're joined on this episode by race director Celia Dubey to preview the event.

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    What to Eat Before-During-After Triathlon Racing

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    Proper feeding as a triathlete is critical to success.  Join us as Anthony Almada explains what to eat, before, during and after a triathlon to get the most out of your performance. This information also serves Marathon and Ultra Marathon Runners.

    Anthony received his MSc in nutritional/exercise biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and has been a co-investigator on over 90 clinical trials in nutrition. He is a co-author on over 25 peer-reviewed nutrition research studies and is often quoted as an industry expert (New York Times, Forbes, and Business Week).

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    Triathlons with Empire Tri Club

    in Fitness

    Have you considered joining a triathlon club for the upcoming season? Alison Kreideweis, Co-founder and Head Coach of Empire Tri Club joins Hilary during today’s episode of Hilary Topper on Air. Learn about Empire’s racing schedule, training programs and more. As a proud sponsor of the NY TRI EXPO’ 16, Alison will be giving a sneak peak into what’s in store for EXPO attendees. Listen in! 

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    Sott Tinley, Triathlon Legend

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    Scott Tinley is a triathlon legend. He won the Ironman World Championship twice and the Ironman World Series 3 times. No other pro triathlete remained competitive as long as Scott.  Join Richard Diaz as he revisits the sport with one of its principal players.
    “People always ask me why I haven’t tried to use my name more to continue profiting off my career, to continue my legacy,” he says. “I’ve always thought that people who were asking for more than their 15 minutes of fame were asking for trouble… for me, it’s more important to throw myself into things and figure them out. To keep things changing.”
    Scott was inducted into the Triathlon and Ironman Hall of Fame in 1999.

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    In the beginning there was...Endurance

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    Welcome to the show! I will be introducing myself to all of you, discussing what you can look forward too in upcoming shows, and speaking with my guest, JOSH SPRAGUE, about his innovative running gear company "Orange Mud" (www.orangemud.com). This will be an awesome show, and awesome series. So, welcome, and enjoy!!!