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    The Best of The Best guests in 2014 Part 2 with Dr. Millie and Dr. Staveley

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    Today is part 2 of the best of the best guests we had on the show in 2014. I just want to mention that every guest we had on the show, were absolutely incredibly amazing and I am forever grateful for each one of them for being my guest and for their contribution. Today’s pic is two amazing women, first Dr. Millie Lytle. Dr. Millie is Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutritionist. She is anti-aging specialist and relies on functional medicine, clinical nutrition, epigenetics and nutrigenomics to be the key to health and longevity.  You contact her at: www.eatingformeaning.com

    Our second special pic is Dr. Judy Staveley. Dr. Staveley is a biology Professor and a triathlete. She is the Chief Editor of “The Platform Magazine”

    Additionally, as a triathlete, and National Health/Fitness Specialist she assists in several community programs to initiative “health in youth sports” and is part of the USA Swimming, USA hockey and USAT organizations. For more information and to contact her, go to: www.judystaveley.com

    For more information contact us at: http://YourLifeNow.info

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    Ironman Triathlete Brendan Brazier on achieving optimal performance

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    "If I didn't pay attention to nutrition, I wouldn't have had a pro-career as an athlete," remarks former ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier and co-founder of the nutrition food brand Vega. Having kept extensive nutrition journals when in training, Brendan was shocked to discover that he was gaining a pound of fat every three weeks. Every doctor he turned to said the same thing: You're putting more calories in than you're burning. But with 40 hours of training a week and a strict vegan-based diet, he couldn't see how that was possible.

    On the 28th episode of SRO Conversations, Brendan discusses mindful nutrition, talks about how he was able to listen to his own body needs, achieve rapid recovery after intensive training, and achieve optimal health in everyday life even when not training.   "The goal of eating is not to get more calories, it's to get more nutrition," he says.  "You can be overfed and undernourished. Take white bread, you can feel full but you're really not because you're not getting any nutrients."

    Tune in to all SRO Conversations at www.summerrayne.net/podcast.

    Follow @sroakes, @brendan_brazier and @vegateam.

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    Carol Schulte

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    Carol Schulte

    Who am I ?

    a free-spirit. a big dreamer. a believer. a creator. a speaker. a writer. a coach. a wine drinker and chocolate indulger. a searcher, a yearner, a passionate learner. an MA grad in communication from University of Illinois. a BFA grad in theatre performance from Ryerson. a yogi teacher. a big musical theatre fan. a lover of gerbera daisies and bubblebaths. a marathon runner. a triathlete (well, only completed one so far!) a daughter. a sister. an auntie. a godmother. a friend.

    A woman’s empowerment coach and inspirational speaker, Carol is on a mission to ‘Spark your G.E.N.I.U.S.™’ ~ a program she created for fabulous women to embrace and celebrate their true brilliance. She holds a BFA in Theatre Performance and an MA in Communication, and loves living BIG (how many folks can say they’ve lived in an Ashram, shaved their head, or bungee jumped naked?) But it wasn’t always that way. She was fresh out of theatre school, with nothing but a dream to make it on Broadway, when her mother’s passing changed everything. Carol has since learned that life is simply too short not to live in the here and now, and only YOU can believe in you.

    Carol has lived in 7 different countries (including Thailand, New Zealand, & Germany) as well as volunteered and/or travelled through an additional 25. She also speaks Spanish, French, German, and conversational Thai. She is also a volunteer bereavement facilitator, marathon runner, and certified yoga instructor


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    The Building Your Xtra-Ordinary Business Radio Program!

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      The Building Your Extraordinary Business Radio Program!

    BLIND AMBITION:  How To Envision Your Limitless Potential And Achieve The Success You Want!

    My guest this Wednesday is Patricia Walsh, author of the book, “BLIND AMBITION: How To Envision Your Limitless Potential And Achieve The Success You Want!” Here’s more about Patricia:

    Diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor, Patricia Walsh became partially blind at age five and lost the rest of her sight at age fourteen due to lingering complications from the surgery.  As a teenager she struggled with depression and hopelessness.  Today, Walsh is a world champion triathlete and award-winning engineer.  She has raced in over 12 marathons and ultra-marathons.  In 2011, she set the world record for blind Iron Man athletes, blowing away previous female and male records by over 50 minutes.  Walsh has a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, becoming one of the first blind engineers at Microsoft.  She is the National champion for the Olympic sprint distance and secured Bronze for the United States in the Short Course World Championship in Beijing, China in 2011, as well as in Auckland, New Zealand.  She also won Athlete of the Year for USAT in 2012.  She is currently training for the 2016 Paralympics in triathlon.  Walsh is a sought after keynote speaker on the topics of resilience, goal achievement, employee motivation, leadership, employee engagement, women in leadership, and more.

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 at 7:00 pm EST. Do you have Blind Ambition?


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    Mother, Wife and Former Pro Triathlete

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    I would like to introduce to you my very awesome guest.
    She’s a wife and a mother of 5 wonderful children. She was A former Pro Triathlete and  for the last 8 years she has been with the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S.,
    Come listen to her story as she inspires you to go after your dreams.
    Please welcome Jane Pederson
    If you have any questions for Jane.Please contact her at

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    From Unhealthy, Unhappy, and Injured to Ironman: Adam Hill

    in Health

    For many years, Adam Hill abused his body, mind, and spirit through heavy drinking, poor diet, and harmful exercise. Ironically, by worldly standards, he had a great life, with a wonderful family, but in the big picture of living, he had a serious problem with perspective. Adam tried to hide his symptoms and self-medicate, suffering from severe anxiety, and was often depressed and angry.

    He lost control of his life, became destructive to himself and his family, wallowing in self-pity and self-inflicted abuse.  Then, he had the epiphany to focus on his spiritual growth.  He became committed to rebuilding his relationship with God, got brutally honest with himself, and discovered his negative mental symptoms began to leave.  He recognized the gift of serendipity.

    He began exercising again.  He walked, ran, biked and swam; he began to participate in Tri-Athlons.  His life was turning around for the better, and he was inspired to help others turn their lives around too.

     “Negativity exists in many forms across the world and over the internet. I am hoping that through sharing my experience honestly and openly that I can add a little joy to the few eyes that may grace this site, and raise money for worthy causes.”

    Visit   http://www.adamhilltri.com/

    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.DebScott.com

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    What to Eat Before-During-After Triathlon Racing

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    Proper feeding as a triathlete is critical to success.  Join us as Anthony Almada explains what to eat, before, during and after a triathlon to get the most out of your performance. This information also serves Marathon and Ultra Marathon Runners.

    Anthony received his MSc in nutritional/exercise biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and has been a co-investigator on over 90 clinical trials in nutrition. He is a co-author on over 25 peer-reviewed nutrition research studies and is often quoted as an industry expert (New York Times, Forbes, and Business Week).

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    Interview with Cliff English - Elite Triathlon Coach

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    Cliff English is the task master of some of the top triathletes in the world today. Through his unique coaching style he is credited with several podium finishes for the pro’s in his stable, which now include Leanda Cave, Heather Jackson and Hunter Kemper.

    Cliff has become one of the most sought after “elite-high performance coaches in triathlon. As coach of the Elite US National Team, to working with such professional triathlete’s as ITU Long Course World Champion Tim O’Donnell, 4x Olympian Hunter Kemper, Olympian and 70.3 Ironman World Champion Samantha McGlone he has a lot to share in respect to training and racing not only for triathletes but for marathon runners as well.

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    Over the Top Radio - Silver State 508 Competitor Sarah Cooper

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    Sarah Cooper brings her inspirational story to Over the Top Radio this evening.  She is a stay at home mother of four (plus pets!). Her husband is an infertility doc. Sarah previously worked as an advanced care cardiac nurse practitioner until her first child was born. Now she has four and is crazy, crazy busy. She drives her coach crazy because she never sleeps enough - great home training for ultra.

    Cooper is a former triathlete who whose first endurance cycling race was the 2014 Sebring 24 hour where she rode 433.8 miles (winning her division and qualifying for Raam in her first outing).  Now she's facing uncharted territory on the mountainous Silver State 508 course. 

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    Going Faster Part II – Gaining an Edge with Aero Wheels

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    In Triathlon, Cycling Aerodynamics shaves precious time. Paul Lew, Director of Technology & Innovation at Reynolds Cycling explains; the importance of the right aero wheels for every condition and when they make a difference. This information is critical for every triathlete, beginner to pro.

    In the previous broadcast Jim Gourley, Author of FASTER, shared his insights on the influence of carbon wheels, wetsuits etc. on performance.  Now we will introduce cutting edge technology from the leaders in the Multi-sport performance industry.  Be sure to listen to each broadcast, it will surely help you finish your next race faster as you back your performance with Science!

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    Project Rewind-Influence, Perspective & Erik McElvenny w/Derek Abbey

    in Lifestyle

    Host Allison McClintick and special co-host Derek Abbey engage in the first Influence Project Rewing-where they discuss the insight from former guest Eric McElvenny-former Marine, combat veteran, amputee, triathlete and thought leader. 


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