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    Top 10 Consumer Trends for 2015 With Trendwatching.com

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    Welcoming my annual visit with Henry Mason, Managing Partner of Trendwatching.com and US Lead Trend Analyst Max Luthy. We will be discussing the top trends consumer trends for 2015. Trendwatching .com has been serving forward-thinking business professionals and businesses since 2002 in 180+ countries. Based in London, and now in the US, Trendwatching.com strives to understand the new consumer and subsequently uncover compelling, profitable innovation opportunities for them. 3000 spotters in 90+ countries, 260,000 subscribers discover and uncover the latest, greatest most innovative  comsumer trends of products and services that make life more fun, efficient and interesting.

    They offer tips, presentations, workshops, briefings, reports and more live and on the web.


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    Trendwatching.com Partner and Editor Henry Mason

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    Trendwatching.com http://trendwatching.com, independent and opinionated, is one of the world’s leading consumer trends firms, relying on a global network of hundreds of spotters. Our trends, insights and related innovations are delivered to 160,000 business professionals in more than 180 countries.
    Henry Mason, Managing Partner and Global Head of Research and Analysis, is a sought-after keynote speaker who delivers engaging, interactive and intensely practical sessions that show organizations how to both understand changes in consumer behavior and how to seize the subsequent innovation opportunities. Henry has given keynote presentations in more than 20 countries across 6 continents, and was also the key speaker at trendwatching.com's own 2012 Trend Seminars.