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  • 01:01

    Geek Nation Tours Warps In!

    in Travel

    Join us and get the low-down on the new Star Trek film site tour from "Hollywood to Vegas" with Larry Nemecek, the "mayor of Trekland," and Teras Cassidy, owner of Geek Nation Tours! Time is running out to jump aboard the August adventure. And both guys are up to plenty more


  • 01:02

    Larry Nemecek, Star Trek's Mr. ATOZ, beams back in!

    in Entertainment

    Larry's quote is: "People are kinda funny—they'll believe any kind of a lie if it sounds like the truth, but they won't believe the truth if it sounds like a lie."—Will Rogers, as/in "Jubilo"
    Larry is the resident professional Trek geek and he knows his stuff! Putting that aside, Larry does come from news and theatre, and he has news—BIG NEWS!
    "The CON of WRATH" news is out and here is the link: http://larrynemecek.blogspot.com/2011/05/finally-announcing-con-of-wrath-our.html