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    Season 2 Episode 14: Star Trek Attack Wing, GM Chris and Captain Stu show

    in Entertainment

    We will be joined by GM Chris and Captain Stu from The Adventures of Captain Stu. This is going to be a fun show, we are going to talk about roleplaying and making Star Trek Attack Wing about more than just fighting and dice throwing. These guys play STAW as a campaign style game,each game builds upon the actions taken or not taken in the previous mission. I have posted the missions on our FB page, so, you can check them out, QAPLA'

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    SEASON 2 EPISODE 12: Star Trek Fan Films, USS HOOD and Star Trek Attack Wing

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we discuss Star  Trek fan films, Prelude to Axanar, Star Trek Horizon, Star Trek Phase 2, Star Trek Continues and more. Do you like Star Trek fan films or do you dis-like them? DO you think that fan films are the future of Star Trek? All of this, and, more will be talked about in our first hour. During our second half, we will go over all the cards that come with the OP ship USS HOOD, and, the Evasive Maneuaver resource. We also will discuss the Q-Continuum cards, Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice, X-Files, Star Wars and the new show format, so, what are you waiting for? Join us in chat or call in live. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

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    SEASON 2 Episode 10: , Star Trek 3 , How to improve STAW

    in Entertainment

    On this awesome epsiode Dan, Ken and I will talk about the Star Trek Attack WIng , Dan will draw a winner for the Trager raffle and during our second half we will talk STAR TREK 3, what we expect and all the rumors that have been flying around. WHat role could SOFIA BOUTELLA and IDRIS ELBA be cast in? Join us live or in the chat room, if you can't make it , download and listen when you can, and make sure to FOLLOW us, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

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    Trek Talking & Beyond with KATE VERNON, Star Trek Axanar, Battlestar Galactica

    in Entertainment

    Join us for a special live show with actress KATE VERNON. Kate is best know, to sci-fi fans, for her role on Battlestar Galactica as Ellen Tigh. She has also appeared on Star Trek Voyager, Tales from the Crypt, Falcon Crest, L.A. Law, Who's  the Boss, Nash Bridges and The Outer Limits, just to name a few. She most recently worked on Prelude to Axanr and is currently working on Axanar. You can ask her a question in the chat room or live on our studio line 646-668-2433, So say we all.....

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    InterGalactic Feng Shui with MRae and special guest Brian Besco week 8

    in Spirituality

    Feng Shui & Other Tools for Merkaba Ascension 

    BALANCE one’s personal Merkaba, the vehicle for ascension, with Atlantian Naturalist MRae, and guest star Brian Besco while they share insights and techniques using amazing DIY tools. 

    BOTH Brian and MRae see time frames and dimensions, and inner and outer energy fields to help others learn to self-correct traumas, injuries, upgrade DNA and one’s own vehicle of light, their Merkaba, to remember perfection. 

    TOGETHER, their energies amplify, and they will be exploring options outside of the typical in this dynamic conversation for our listeners. “It’s time to bring them out in a forum like this to actualize the intergalactic potential one PEACE at a time.”

    JOIN US while you remember your own intergalactic journey. We offer a supportive forum for questions and comments in hopes that you and others may benefit. 

    PARTICIPATE in the shift: LISTEN online OR CALL and be in the live show at 646-478-3085 by pressing 1 to be in cue to talk.   “It is like having your own mini session” so we are asking callers to keep to 5 minutes each to reach more callers.

    CONTACT MRae at: intergalacticfengshui@gmail.com  

    PARTICIPATE in the shift: LISTEN online OR CALL and be in the live show at 646-478-3085 by pressing 1 to be in cue to talk.   

    CONTACT MRae at: intergalacticfengshui@gmail.com  

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    Jeff Trek: Todd Shawn Tei Director of the new movie Star Trek Captain Pike

    in Entertainment

    Star Trek: Captain Pike will be produced by Rigel 7 Productions and directed by Jeff Trek's special guest Director Todd Shawn Tei. 

    If you saw the original series Star Trek pilot “The Cage”, then you remember Captain Pike discussing his previous mission with the ship’s doctor and seeing many flashbacks throughout the episode. At the beginning of The Cage, set in 2254, Pike and his crew are recuperating from a mission to Rigel VII during which several members of the landing party were killed by inhabitants. The incident filled Pike with so much guilt that he is actually considered resigning his commission. In “Encounter at Rigel” you will see this story for the first very time. The original series never showed us what really happened, only quick flashbacks, but never the whole story. Now, finally, after all these years, Director Todd Shawn Tei brings us this entire epic story and you get an extremely special preview right here on Jeff Trek. Get your com-lock and beam on board. \\//,

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    SEASON 2 EPISODE 13: Oberth Class and Time Ship, V The Series (1984 & 2009)

    in Entertainment

    On this exciting show we will talk about the Star Trek Attack Wing ships, Oberth Class and Time Ship, as well as new rules. Dan will also draw a winner for the USS HOOD raffle, part 2.  Dis you see Avengers Age of Ultron? During our second half we will share our views on the second Avengers movie as well as V the Series. We will take a look at  V the Mini-Series, V the Final Battle, V the TV series and V the Second Invasion. Resistance is Futile.

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    SEASON 2 EPISODE 9: Gorn Cruiser retail, Star Trek Attack Wing,

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we will talk about the retail Gorn Cruiser and have an open mic night. Our favorite Star Trek moments and we will draw a winner for the USS Stargazer raffle.

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    SEASON 2 EPISODE 8: What has kept Star Trek alive for 49 years? STAW

    in Entertainment

    In this exciting episode we will attempt to answer the question: What has keept Star Trek alive for 49 years? What attracted us to Star Trek and where we hope for the future of Star Trek. We will also ask you, the fans, what topics we should schedule on the show, and, what you want to hear. We will also draw a winner of the Pagh raffle and talk about Star Trek Attack Wing, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE....

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    SEASON 2 EPISODE 7: Star Trek NEMESIS , Attack Wing

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we have a "civil" converstion about Star Trek Nemesis, love it or hate it, share your thoughts. Game shops, what makes a good one or a bad one? Does size matter, in Star Trek attack wing ;} Space battles in Star Trek, are they done within the rules of Star Trek? Dan picked a Robert Stokes as the winner  of the B'Moth raffle.

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    Ellacey Selah - Vocalist, Vocal Coach, Musical Theatre

    in Radio

    Ellacey Selah was born to Willie and Patty Hunter October 15, 1970.  She attended Parks Refuge C.O.G.I.C.  with her mother and father.  When she was old enough, she joined the “Sunshine Band” which led to her development and love of the arts.  Her father was also a great singer and constantly sang around the house, dropping seeds into the aspiring vocalist and thespian.  After her parents split up, her mother married Johnny Blane and he moved them to Dallas, TX where she began to spread her wings and grow in the music field.  Inspired by her mother, Ellacey took an interest in playing the piano.  Her mother showed her the basics and she took it from there, learning everything by ear.  She also showed an interest in playing the drums by watching her sister, Sheila Hunter; play in the middle school band.  Music was always around her and in her mind.  She developed great creativity skills by playing, singing and acting at local churches in the DFW Metroplex.   Even though most of the things she learned came from her gospel roots, Ellacey took the time to take courses that helped to further her creativity.  Since only being known locally to sing gospel, Ellacey chose to move out of the box to see what more her talent could offer.  Her skills currently include vocal coaching, singing Jazz, gospel, musical theatre, R&B blues and rap.