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    "Trayvon Martin- Two years Later: Gun Violence in America Special"

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    Its been two years since the nation was turned upside down by the tragic death of a young man walking on his way home. Unfortunately, Trayvon Martin is just one of thousands of teenagers killed every year as a result of gun violence. Tune into "The Dedan Tolbert Show" LIVE tonight at 9:00pm EST as we discuss "Trayvon Martin: 2 Years Later...Gun Violence in America". To hear us discuss:the epidemic of black on black crime, gang violence, media bias, race relations and what can be done to get the guns off the street in your community, call 646 200 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... "REAL Radio that Matters".

  • The Professional Idiot George Zimmerman Tweets Photos of Trayvon Martin's Body

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    Let's discuss some of the reasons that George Zimmerman are doing things on social media that are unethical and stupid. Join the show at 10:00am. Call (818)301-5834.

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    JustScore Magazine (Trayvon Waller, Editor In Chief)

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    JustScore Magazine Brings you a new way to experience the game on and off the field!

    Just Score Magazine is a Print and Interactive Digital Publication devoted to competitive recreational sports. Covering all platforms of all recreational sports our goal is to exemplify the camaraderie in exercise, athletics and team sports. Get your copy of the First Issue of Just Score Magazine and find out what all the excitement is about!.

    2015 MCFFU Tournament of Champions

    Our National Coverage started in San Diego with an MCFFU Major NIT

    On August 29th Just Score Mag Covered the MCFFU Tournament of Champions. The event was proclaimed to be one of the most competitive tournaments in years, and it didn't disappoint. With two exciting semi's and a punctuating victory by the visiting All Met Core, the National Title was solidified. Congradulations to All Met Core of Maryland. They won the only way you can... JustScore baby!

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    Best of the Best - "Trayvon Martin"

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    Tonight's show is a repeat of a popular show from July 23, 2013.  The topic was Trayvon Martin.  Listen and reflect on today's concerns regarding the shooting death of Michael Brown.


    The conversation will be guided by the DR. MICHAEL E. HODGE, Chair of the Department of Sociology at Morehouse College; the REVEREND THOMAS BOWEN, Chaplin of the Morehouse Alumni Chapter, DC and Minister of Fellowship and Outreach at Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington, DC; and MR. TOM BACOTE, Morehouse alumnus who is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, serving as the Country Program Director for the Southern Africa Office of the American Center for International Solidarity.

    To some Trayvon Martin is the “other brother”… the unfortunate one, the one who got caught, the one who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and, to some, he is simply the one who was a victim in a rather tragic story. But are we missing a powerful truth… is Trayvon Martin your son or brother? Is Trayvon Martin America’s son? Does Trayon's story mirror hidden and blatant racism? Listen and decided for yourself. Call in and share your thoughts.

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    "Remembering Trayvon Martin: The VERDICT"

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    A few short years ago, America was turned upside down when George Zimmerman was found Not Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder/Manslaughter. If you missed our classic special on “The Verdict” where we discussed the facts of the case, America’s reaction to the case and where we as a community go moving forward in regards to the healing process, tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast. Whether you agreed with the verdict or not, please join us for a discussion on the Stand Your Ground Law, as well as the definition of Reasonable Doubt by calling 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com.... “REAL Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years”.

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    DOJ &Holder Will Not Charge Zimmerman for Unarmed Teen Trayvon Martin's Death

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    Tonight on The Gist of Freedom Join host, Roy Paul and guest, former prosecutor Dwayne Nash as they discuss Holder's decision not to charge Zimmerman.

    The Justice Department announced Tuesday that George Zimmerman will not face federal criminal civil rights charges for shooting and killing teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012.

    Zimmerman fatally shot Martin while the unarmed African American 17-year-old was walking in Sanford, Fla. The shooting became a national flashpoint, sparking a discussion of race relations that continues to reverberate since the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and other incidents across the country.

    “The death of Trayvon Martin was a devastating tragedy,” Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in a statement. “It shook an entire community, drew the attention of millions across the nation, and sparked a painful but necessary dialogue throughout the country.”

    As a result of the announcement Tuesday, the federal investigation into the shooting has been closed.

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    Grassroots Vibrations Revisited Trayvon Response

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    This episode was originally broadcast on July 14,2013 in response to the Trayvon Martin verdict that basically convicted Trayvon with his own murder, instead of the person who pulled the trigger, nor the officers of criminal injustice, lawyers, prosecuters, representatives, etc. 

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    Talking Trayvon

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    In this episode DJ MagicSpinnz and SB Illustrious will discuss the Trayvon Martin case, and the controversy surrounding the case.

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    "Trayvon Martin: 2 Years Later...Gun Violence Special"

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    Did you miss our recent special on “Gun Violence in the Black Community”, where we discussed the two year anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, Black on black crime, new gun laws, stop and frisk, and many other issues plaguing our people? If so, tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a special rebroadcast. Listen 7 nights a week, 365 days a year by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters”.

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    Trayvon Martin: The Second Deadly Assault

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    This week, Roundtable with Stephanie Robinson takes on the Zimmerman trial and leads a "family" discussion to help absorb the blow of Trayvon Martin's killer being set free. For Americans reeling from the young man’s senseless death, the verdict is another mortal wound. Facts are reviewed; legal procedures are analyzed, from the point of view of relationships: Trayvon's to his immediate and extended family, George Zimmerman's to our nation of laws, and both of them to our own psyches. We look at emotional impacts of violence against young people of color in America, and examine the related legal statutes, past, current and future. At the Roundtable: Dr. Valerie Batts an expert on violence, healing and a change-oriented approach to diversity; New York Prosecutor and DA Mina Malik; Casey Anthony's defense attorney Jose Baez; and Harvard Law Professor Ronald Sullivan.

    At the center of our conversation: Where do we find solace and a way forward when justice, as delivered by the courts, feels wrong and unfair?

    It is time to gather at the Roundtable as Stephanie Robinson delivers hot topics, deep talk and a little bit of uplift. Roundtable with Stephanie Robinson...pull up a chair.

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