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    Hung Jury.... Would you date a Transsexual?

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    Lenore Lux

    Feb 5

    What is Transgender?

    I think sometimes, about what it means to be transgender. I probe and probe for answers, because as the possibility for a new age of enlightenment and safety increases, the others want to know. I’ve come up with many answers, but I can hold to none. I don’t deserve to paint the definition of a culture with the limited experiences I’ve had. I don’t see myself in the transgender identified people allowed on television. I don’t see myself in the transgender identified people making news feeds and giving high profile interviews. And as my nation’s exposure to our culture increases, likely will their curiosity. Am I transgender? Do I have the right? I’ve heard doctors, psychiatrists, may refuse transgender patients access to hormone therapy based on how dedicated or convincing their portrayal of their identified gender. If you want to be a man or woman, you’ll have to look like the women and men on TV. If you want to be transgender, you’ll have to look like the trans identified people on TV. Every single one of us who has an active role as either participant or observer in our society is prey to the crisis of validity. Am I pretty enough? Am I strong enough? Am I brave enough? Mom enough? Dad enough? Competitive enough? Successful enough? Rich enough? Sexy enough? Pious enough? It never ends. We’re, as a nation of people, being crushed and compartmentalized by this ever present lens, looming over us, exploiting our weaknesses and fears so it may grow wider, and support itself as it follows us, seemingly forever into the future.

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    Transsexual Jane Marie

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    Listen and watch us live tonight on http://www.worldonthefringe.com
    Hot up and comming transsexual adult star Jane Marie

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    United States Supreme Court loves to persecute Chirstians

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    The United States Supreme Court does hate all true believers in God and hates God by allowing the persection of a true beleiing Chrstian woman because she is standing up for her faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Savior, and a higher law which is God's law[s] which is by all means is even higher than any law[s] that come from a human being on the earth. 

    Leviticus a Hebrew word that means law and it is a book that is found in the Old Testiment of the Bible Leviticus 18:22 "You shall not lie with a male as a woman; it is an abomination."  Deuteronomy 22:5 " A man's item shall not be on a woman, and a man shall not wear woman's garment whoever does such a thing is an abomination onto God."

    U.S.Const.amend.I Violated and now we can see the liberals who are the ones that are part of communisim homosexual, same-sex marriages and all of these are communist.both liberals, and democrats who by the way believe in both immoral way of living and all forces of immorality like same-sex marriage, gay, homosexuality, LGBT, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, crisscrossing, all feminist, and other forms of perversion of life like these group represent are all communist in their way of thinking.

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    GOCC Dallas "The Elect"- pt2 Exposing The LBGT Agenda

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    Wouldn't you like to know the agenda behind the LBGT Movement? Are you ready to accept the Truth behind the transgender conspiracy? Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself- Why did a world known gold medalist Bruce Jenner Who is now a known transsexual as Caitlyn Jenner decided to change his gender and  become the main leading spokesman for same sex marriage and the transgender act? Why did he just received an ESPY award for bravery and courage?  More or less,  the question we need to ask and answer is, after knowing the truth behind what the Roman World  Leaders are doing, what are You going to do about it? Join us as we finish tearing down the lies and exposing the secrets of this One World Order movement using The LBGT as one platform to push their satanic worship on this world.

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    Episode 45 -Memoirs of MiMi - Season Three Premiere

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    Micah sits down with Former Miss Continental, World's Most Beautiful Transsexual and Miss International Queen of Chicago, IL - MiMi Marks!!!

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    Transsexual icon Amanda Lepore

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    Amanda Lepore is a true international Transsexual icon. Her life story will inspire you. She is a model, fashion icon, performance artist, recording artist and a muse for David LaChapelle among others.
    Tune in Sunday August 26th at 9pm (EST) for this very special episode of T-Girl Radio. 

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    Men how would you feel if you found out you dated a tranny(transsexual)?

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    Men how would you feel if you found out you dated a tranny(transsexual)?

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    #17 Velvet Steele: Vancouver's Transsexual Fetish Lady

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    BIO: Velvet Steele is a woman who is a trans activist and sexual health advocate. She recently finished working with the City of Vancouver Task Force on Sex Work in an advisory position, is currently a sensitivity facilitator with Living In Community, sits on the advisory of the Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform and is an active member of the BCCEC (British Columbia Coalition of Experiential Communities). It’s her life as a Domina that has led her to advocacy and sexual activism helping to assure the rights of individuals directly involved in the sex work community and those associated. It is from this community that she further strives to bring an awareness and understanding to those not familiar, through public speaking engagements and advisory positions within non-profits and government agencies. Her newly re-released website at www.velvetsteele.com presents all her body of work to the public in one location.

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    Transsexual star Ts Foxxy

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    This week I am honered to have Ts Foxy join me for a intament talk about life as a Transsexual and her very impressive body of work. Submit your questions online at http://www.tgirlradio.com/Questions.html
    Call in when the show is live (646) 716-5539 (USA) (416) 907-2986 (CANADA)

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    Gay Marriage Legal – What’s the Big Deal

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    On Friday, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States of America voted to legalize same sex marriage in all 50 states.  Immediately, celebrations began by those that had longed for that day for many years and maybe even decades.  Some celebrated by marrying the person who the law had previously forbidden them to marry simply because they were of the same sex.  The White House, the most notable symbol of the United States behind the American Flag, joined the celebration.   The home and office of the President of the United States was illuminated in the rainbow of colors that have come to represent the LBGT community and it’s supporters. 

    With so much celebration even from the White House some could pose the question, “What’s the Big Deal”.  The answer to the question will vary from person to person, from group to group.  Perhaps another question should be asked.  That question is, “Who’s answer actually matters?”

    When it comes to explaining the Big Deal behind same-sex marriage one might think the LGBT community would be best to explain.  Other might say it’s the politicians, lawmakers and judges.  Still others will say it is a big deal to religious organizations.  While all that may be true the big question is who has the final say.  Is that or is that not God?

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    Transsexual Potluck

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    This segment is about the pot luck I went to last night.  Let's talk about broke transsexuals, guys who act like a man whore and totally shames me because he was my guest.  The food was fabulous, so was all the different cocktails and beers, so on and so forth.