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    Join your host Viyahta and Moma Azee in conversations to overcome NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder).  The trees, stones, plants carry messages and are given to us to assist us in our spiritual journey.  "Rock Medicine" women hear the voices of nature and translate for the benefit of mankind.  Join the conversation with questions and comments that will help you become the person you were created to be.

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    IoT Joins the Enterprise: The Internet of Things as Your Link to Customers

    in Technology

    Consider the ways you can support the new customer experience, such as the ability to relate a consumer's activity on your website with their later appearance on in-store proximity beacons. How can you enhance that shopper's experience? Think about ability for a company like GE to optimize the performance and lifespan of a multi-million-dollar piece of heavy equipment at a customer site, improving customer production by 10% or more. How does that translate into customer satisfaction? Then there is the relationship with your own suppliers and trusted business partners. If the IoT allows you to optimize your inventory system, what positive impact in terms of predictability does that have on your own supply partners? This episode will delve deeper into opportunities, highlighting examples that your organization can learn from and emulate. Learn about:

    How IoT supports new business models driven by services
    Where the consumer IoT, including the smart home and smart car, intersects with the corporate IoT
    How you can mitigate customer privacy concerns, and get "buy-in" on device data sharing
    Where the IoT drives your brand even without direct impact on revenue

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    Breaking the Chains......Do You Know Your Power?

    in Motivation

    I have a dream...Celebrating Our Jubilee!

    Our forefathers and mothers planted trees from which we gather fruit, and dug wells from which we quench our thirst. Civil Rights Activist marched for us, died for us and pleaded for our equality.

    So what are we leaving behind for our communities today? What are we fostering in the minds of our Black children? How will we strengthen our families and our communities? How will we show the power of LOVE in the world? How are we Leading Change?

    Fifty years ago, Dr. King's "I Have a Dream..." Speech debuted in Detroit and transformed a nation. Today, we Celebrate our Jubilee and join in that movement, teaching us all to evolve in our beliefs, values and purpose for the elevation of our consciousness for unity of all.

    Today, it's time for us in Detroit to own the power of being the city that led the empowerment of Black Americans in this country. Dr. King spoke in this city for a reason, and now it's time for us to reinforce those actions and establish that voice of power in a greater capacity. We are still the majority of residents in this city, so we have to cease believing the negativity in the media that is designed as self-hatred towards ourselves.

    Being the majority in this city, we must leverage our numbers to translate into economic empowerment, political empowerment, and social empowerment by unifying our messages of self-worth so we confidently work together and create viable communities creating opportunities for everyone. It's time to re-evaluate ourselves, our community, and cease losing our power, by integrating the Kwanzaa principles so we are stronger as a Community and Racial group economically.

    We are powerful, and together we rise!

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    Prophetic Prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in Radio

     Day : Day 3: Read Ruth 3 and 4. “And it came to pass at midnight, that the man was afraid, and turned himself: and, behold, a woman lay at his feet.” Ask the Lord for redemptive strategies so that losses can be recovered and your future secured! Find your new place of submission.We pray to be strengthened with might in our innerman.  That is where we experience God.  He lives in our innermost man, but we experience Him in the inner man.  (Some bibles translate the greek to be innerman or belly everytime)  We will receive the Holy Spirit’s strength to the measure that we ask for it (Mt. 7:7).Strengthen our mind with understanding of God’s love Strengthen our heart with  feelings of love (from God, for God, self, others) Strengthen our will with inspiration to be resolved to voluntarily choose obedience. Paul prayed that the saints be strengthened with perseverance to follow through in obedience…strengthened with all might…for all patience (perseverance)… (Col. 1:11) Jesus urged His disciples to pray to receive strength to overcome temptation (Luk 22:40).

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    How To Make It As a Professional Dancer, A Story of Survival - Jessica Chen

    in Entrepreneur

    JESSICA CHEN, Artistic Director of J CHEN PROJECT, is an inspirational speaker, international teacher and a social entrepreneur. She has taught master classes, workshops and seminars across the globe including Semester at Sea, Yale University, Boston University, Mt. Holyoke, University of California Santa Barbara and Orange County School of the Arts. Her work has been featured world wide including the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai and the Amnesty International Arts Festival in Washington D.C.

    Chen’s choreography has been presented at New York Live Arts Studio Series, Brooklyn Museum of Art, HERE Arts Center, Ars Nova and has received support from organizations including Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Fund for Creative Communities, New York University Asian Pacific American Institute and Asian American Arts Alliance. 

    Recent educational projects include the launch of her summer dance intensive the Mentorship Program in NYC for aspiring dancers. Commissioned by Dixon Place over the past two years, she curated “TRANSLATE (the voices of dance)” a festival for emerging choreographers. 

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    Ariyana a Star Child on Tell Me a Story

    in Culture


     Ariyana is an author, a channeler, healer, consultant and philanthropist who has been chosen to bring a message of hope and salvation to mankind. Through the “Light Language,” she channels her star family.  Ariyana will be joined on the program today by gifted psychic, Kyle Matthews who will translate the “Light Languages” messages Ariyana will share. Her story of how she walked away from being president of a multi-million dollar furniture company to pursue her life’s purpose; is told in the recently published book titled: Light Atonement. Connect with Ariyana at www.astarchild.com Tell Me a Story is a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network www.themagichappens.com

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    Ken Sanginario (1 min highlight) Sales Growth Does Not Always Translate to Sale Growth

    in Management

    Sometimes growing sales is counterproductive to growing the sale value of your business. Ken Sanginario explains.

    Here’s a past highlight from one of our Guests. Find their full interview at www.ExitCoachRadio.com — just click “Audio Library” in the “LISTEN” section and enter their name to hear all of their past interviews!

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    Majah Hype, Comedy And Finding Success In Your Art

    in Lifestyle

    Comedian Majah Hype has sold out shows across the globe in venues ranging from 500 to 3,000+ seats and increasingly continues to captivate social media and audiences of all races - young and old. He has this amazing ability to translate real life conundrums through the various character impersonations he portrays that will drop you to your knees with laughter.

    From 300k followers on Instagram to sold out shows, we’re going to find out how Majah Hype has turned his social media skits and impersonations into a thriving successful business. We’ll find out how he captured the hearts of the many that follow him, as well as, how he prepares for a show. We’ll also seek advice on how other artists can find success in their artistic genres too.

    Also in our broadcast will be event and fashion news. And as usual we'll list cool events happening in your areas that you can attend. We'll end the show, with the designer features of the day which will be the Royal Necklace and the Lake Side Bangles.

    The Royal Necklace is a 22KT gold plated necklace with sea blue and pale green chalcedony stones with strategically placed charms for added flare.

    The Lake Side Bangles are a set of three (3) 22KT gold plated bangles with blue chalcedony, aqua quartz and amethyst stones.

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    Guests tonight are author & channel Ariyana "Light Atonement" and psychic Kyle

    in Spirituality

    Alijandra's two guests tonight are Ariyana, author and channeler of the book "Light Atonement" and psychic Kyle Matthews, who will assist Ariyana with a translation of the light language she speaks. Ariyana’s  Light Family will be asked questions and Ariyana will channel. Callers can also call in with questions for Ariyana as well as her Light Family. 

    Ariyana was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She moved to the United States at the age of 18 to attend the University of Southern California. It was there that she met her ex-husband, with whom she built a multimillion-dollar furniture business from scratch. After a series of revelations through meditation, and with the help of psychics and healers, Ariyana connected with her life’s purpose. She quit her position as the president of the furniture company, and, with the help of her cosmic family, has become a healer and consultant. She lives in Los Angeles. www.astarchild.com

    Ariyana channels messages from three multi-dimensional beings she calls her Star Family. Their messages remind people to live in harmony, strive for love and peace, and work to end wars, violence and poverty. Moved by the uncertainty of the future of the planet, they also urge people to take care of the living being that is the Earth.

    Kyle Matthews has been a working psychic for more than 25 years and has built his own clientele from thousands of satisfied clients. He has the ability to see and read other people’s auras. Contact with his guardian angels, coupled with his extraordinary abilities enables Matthews to translate messages from others who reside in dimensions beyond this one.

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    This Dog Was Meant For Our Family -Human/Animal Connection

    in Pets

    Our guest today is Doree Taylor, a multi-talented woman who is going to be sharing with us about how their dog and family connected.  Her son with hydrocephauls was especially drawn to this specific  animal.  Join us, you will enjoy today's show.

    Here is some information on Doree.

    I have a 20-year background in project-based marketing & promotion, serving non-profit, small business, education & entertainment enterprises. My niche skills include expert publicity writing, graphic design & complete collateral creation. You can rely on my talents to get any project into the public eye and attract the positive responses you seek! My combined experience in outside/retail sales, fundraising, event planning & entertainment coordination has taught me to interact successfully with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations, ensuring that projects run on time, on budget, & without undue stress. Working as a face-to-face marketing research field interviewer & a merchandising team lead, I have learned the importance of tightly integrated logistics as well as confidentiality. Ultimately, I bring to the table rare ‘people smarts’ that translate across all channels & contribute to unified focus among all those concerned with the RESULTS!


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