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    Electric KoolAid for the Snowpocalypse... maybe hot chocolate tonite?

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    A snowy day, but perfect to let your transistors run free with a healthy dose of KoolAid for the Road. No guests, but you have the Bird and Poet.

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    5/8/13-Dr.Hildy-Dr. Zhong Lin Wang - NANOTECHNOLOGY UPDATES

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      This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy® welcomes returning guest Dr. Zhong Lin (ZL) Wang, head of a leading group in nanoscience and nanotechnology at the Georgia Institute of Technology, to discuss the concepts of Nanoscale Triboelectric-Effect-Enabled Energy Conversion for Sustainably Powering Portable Electronics, about which Dr. Wang's paper states: " Harvesting energy from our living environment is an  effective approach for sustainable, maintenance-free, and green power source for wireless, portable, or implanted electronics."  AND his new Arrays of transistors made of nanowires which could form the basis of a new class of devices nearly as sensitive to mechanical force as human skin is, according to research published recently in Science.   MORE >> http://onecellonelightradio.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/dr-hildy-dr-zhong-lin-wang-nanotechnology-updates/

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    When Will Your Computer Out-think You

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    What does a rule of thumb coined by a computer scientist in 1965 mean to the average Joe or Jane?  Moore's Law postulates that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year since they were invented.  While  the rate has slowed down a bit with data density doubling approximately every 18 months, Moore's Law is predicted to hold for at least another two decades.  As a result, the "personal computer" will not only become vastly more powerful, it will also get smaller and vastly more personal.  So if you want to catch a glimpse of what's in store for the future, tune in for this episode.

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    Pleiadean influence has been a prominent factor in the creation of many Pyradyne products. The Flame Thrower stands out probably more than any of our other products. It has proven itself as a tremendous device for protection of human life and healing powers and the first time it was.Other companies have benefited from Pleiadean or Extraterrestrial influence. In the 1950s, scientists at Sony and General Electric produced the first transistors, which are responsible for today's computer industry.Tracing an original patent on the transistor is almost impossible. Motorola in Phoenix, AZ received information for a semiconductor development from a Pleiadean contactee located in central Mexico in the mid-1980s. Nikola Tesla's ideas came from an Extraterestrial source. IBM's founder states his original information originated from ET's in dreams. Ideas at the Lockheed skunk works came from reverse engineering from spaceships collected from Roswell. New Mexico Aztec, NM and Laredo, TX. At Dreamland in Area 51, the Groom Lake group, also are well known for the use of reverse Extraterrestrial technologies. Some of the technologies that we would know today involved advanced electromagnetic technologies as in miniature micronization.National Health Federation established legal precedents for freedom of health choices, the legalization of over-the-counter vitamin sales, also had ET contacts.

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    Let's Celebrate Festivus!

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    Every day of life is reason enough to celebrate. However on this show, we take it a step further. Join "Mr. Zuberosity" (host Albert Motz) as we let you know of special events, anniversaries and birthdays of the famous and not-so-famous that you can celebrate today!

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    Let's Celebrate Bob Hope Christmas Shows

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    Every day of life is reason enough to celebrate. However on this show, we take it a step further and let you know of special events and anniversaries that you can also celebrate.