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    A Discussion On Transhumanism

    in Religion

    Join us on Remnant X Radio as we discuss the topic of Transhumanism. We will be joined by Robert Worley and Carl Teichrib of Forcing Change. Please check out our website @RemnantXRadio.com!

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    Dan Brown's "Inferno" and Transhumanism

    in Radio

    On Thursday February 5th, 2015 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon
    will present a discussion on the recent Dan Brown novel "Inferno" and
    the the cult of Transhumanism that it seems to advocate. This is a
    highly controversial subject and deals with issues that are deeply
    challenging from a moral and ethical position. We will also go back to
    an earlier novel by H.G. Wells "Men like Gods" which deals with the same
    issues and projects a genetically perfected future utopia that seems to
    be the goal of the transhumanists. We will compare this form of human
    elitism with the process of Hermetic self development and ask ourselves
    which way we would rather follow to become "more than human?" So tune in
    and find out what's coming in the next 100 years.


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    Transcendence: an Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity

    in Technology

    Authors R. U. Sirius and Jay Cornell discuss their new book, Transcendence: the Disinformation Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity. 

    In nearly ninety A-Z entries, Transcendence provides a multilayered look at the accelerating advances in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, genomics, information technology, nanotechnology, neuroscience, space exploration, synthetic biology, robotics, and virtual worlds that are making transhumanism a reality. Entries range from Cloning and Cyborg Feminism to Designer Babies and Memory-Editing Drugs. In addition, the book notes historical predecessors and personalities, both in mythology and history--ranging from Timothy Leary to Michael Jackson to Ray Kurzweil. It also introduces the culture around Transhumanism, covering all the geeky obsessions of the Transhumanist movement.

    Want to get un-disinformed about Transhumanism and the Singularity?

    Join us.

    Also, check out their site.

    Our Guests:

    R. U. Sirius (Ken Goffman) is a writer, editor, and well-known digital iconoclast. He was co-publisher of the first popular digital magazine, Mondo 2000, from 1989-1993 and co-editor of the popular Book Mondo 2000: A user's Guide to the New Edge. He has written about technology and culture for Wired, Rolling Stone, and Boing Boing. He also lectures widely.

    Jay Cornell is the former managing editor of h+ Magazine and senior web developer at Landkamer Partners.

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    Transhumanism with Zoltan Istvan

    in Atheism

    Zoltan Istvan joins Karla Porter to talk about transhumanism and his book "The Transhumanist Wager" for the Saturday, December 7 at 8PM Eastern episode of Brave Hero Radio. 

    As always, callers, no matter their viewpoints, are welcome to join the discussion. Call the number on your screen, 718-766-4598, or click the Skype-to-call button on the show’s page when the show goes live to join the caller queue. 

    Listen live, join the live chat, and use the same link following the live broadcast to stream and/or download the archived show. 

    Opening music is provided by memewar.net. Break music is provided by Phil Giordana. 

    Like what you hear? Please donate. Brave Hero Radio depends on support from listeners to remain online and continue offering unique live and on-the-scene conference reporting.

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    Inhuman, the Men of Renown & You – The Race to Change Humanity

    in News

    Join Steve Quayle & Tom Horn for this very special broadcast of The Hagmann &Hagmann Report as they individually and collectively discuss their documentary projects. There is a special informational package, unavailable elsewhere, that will be made available to listeners.

    Inhuman is not fiction or a mockudrama. It is a new investigative documentary from the internationally acclaimed team at Defender Films and Raiders News Productions. They travel the globe to unveil for the first time how breakthrough advances in science, technology, and philosophy—including cybernetics, bioengineering, nanotechnology, machine intelligence, and synthetic biology—are poised to create mind-boggling game-changes to everything we have known until now about Homo sapiens.

    As astonishing technological developments push the frontiers of humanity toward far-reaching morphological transformation (which promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human), an intellectual and fast-growing cultural movement known as transhumanism intends the use of these powerful new fields of science and technology as tools that will radically redesign our minds, our memories, our physiology, our offspring, and even perhaps—as Professor Joel Garreau, Lincoln Professor of Law, claims—our immortal souls.

    More:  http://www.hagmannandhagmann.com/archives/2669


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    Friday FARcast: Google, Transhumanism, & Occult Apocalypse with Isaac Weishaupt

    in Paranormal

    In 2012, Google hired researcher, inventor and all around big brain, Ray Kurzweil.  Kurzweil has been a Moses of the virtual relams, prophesying "The Singularity," a moment in the future, where artifical intelligence outstrips human intelligance with Ai thus becoming conscious of itself.  Shortly after Google hired Kurzweil, they began to buy best of breed robotoics and cyber intelligence companies.  To date, Google's motto has been, "Don't do evil."  Google founder, Larry Page has expressed that this quaint little coloquialism might be a tad out of date and somewhat limiting to the current state of Google.

    On today's show, we'll be talking with Isaac Weishaupt, who is an independent researcher, leveraging over 20 years of study into conspiracy theories, symbolism, and how they relate to popular culture. He uses his background in systems engineering to guide his curiosity as he explores theories and occult symbolism on his website, IlluminatiWatcher.com.

    He's  authored several books on these subjects- from his Stanley Kubrick film analysis "KUBRICK'S CODE", to the beginner's guide to conspiracies "A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY: THE ILLUMINATI, ANCIENT ALIENS, AND POP CULTURE", and also the hip hop conspiracy book "SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC".

    He is also the author of; "THE TRANSHUMAN AND OCCULT APOCALYPSE: HOW GOOGLE WILL "SOLVE THE PROBLEM" OF HUMANITY" which makes him the perfect candidate to pull back the curtain of Google and Ray Kurzweil.

    Please join us for two hours of insightful and revelatory discussion.


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    Transhumanism Social Media and Dream Machines - Destiny Lab PODCAST!

    in Religion

    Join us for a discussion on Transhumanism with our friends Destiny Lab - They will be discuss transhumanism, social media and dream machines! They may just drop a few joint and bump the bass! Give us a listen! Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com and send me a friend request on facebook!

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 41: Transhumanism

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Transhumanism
    Side Topics:  Russian guy doesn't like banks credit card terms, so he changes them & bank agrees to new terms (hilarity ensues).  Detroit community takes justice into their own hands regarding rape case.  'Slider' theives - how to deal with them.  French egg-farmers protest low prices of eggs due to high production of eggs... HUH?  Cops punching & slapping kids - how long do we let it keep going on?  Snowden's email provider forced into shutdown!  The "You wouldn't Download a Car" anti-piracy campaign backfires.
    All this in 30 Minutes!!

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    Transhumanism Social Media and Social Media P2 - Destiny Lab PODCAST

    in Religion

    Join us as we re-air the Destiny Lab podcast. We will listen to the guys discuss transhumanism, social media and dream machines (not sure what that is??). Who knows maybe they even spin a few joints - Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com and send me a friend request on facebook!

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    Between The Lines with Host Kiler Davenport: Open Mic Night

    in Culture

    Tonight we will probe the essence of being and existence; deep space and time; creativity and imagination. We will journey down the road less traveled. We will seek to express ideas and concepts and bring validity to magic, mystery and mayhem. Let us explore mind, body, spirit, soul and consciousness. We will probe the depths of the imagination. We will discuss the sex trade, mind control and main stream media madness. Be amazed, be dazed and glazed. Tune in for this fun filled ride.

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    APRIL REVISITED: (PART 8: Racing Toward the Age of Humachines)

    in Current Events

    Over 2000 years ago, the Holy Bible warned us of a time and age when HUMANS AND MACHINES WOULD MERGE INTO ONE LIVING BEING... A future age when the IRON-BASED MACHINES CONTROLLED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT COMPUTERS would meld with the CLAY-BASED HUMAN BEINGS to become what would be known as CYBORGS...PART MAN...PART MACHINE...PART CLAY...PART IRON...It would be a TWOFOLD TIME PERIOD of "COMPUTERIZED HUMANS & HUMANIZED COMPUTERS".. An age when "COMPUTERIZED HUMAN CYBORGS" and "HUMANIZED COMPUTER ROBOTS" would exist, side-by-side, like TWO LEGS of some colossal futuristic, new race. Each leg of this new race had one common final goal...THE MARK OF THE BEAST IMPLANTED INSIDE THE HANDS & THE HEADS OF EVERY HUMAN BEING UPON THE EARTH...!!!...This final future is not yet fully here, but we are headed towards it with lightning speed and the TRENDS & SIGNS FOR ITS ARRIVAL ARE BEING FORETOLD EVERY DAY... LET'S EXAMINE SOME OF THESE ALARMING SIGNS OF THIS FINAL ENDTIME SCENARIO ON TODAYS WAKING UP AMERICA EPISODE!!...JOIN US ON TODAYS LIVE BROADCAST..

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