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    in Christianity


                    If you really want to become the person that God wants you to be for your life. You can significantly improve your life if you're willing to transform. How you feel as a Christian as a spouse, as a parent. 90% of the time there is no one to blame but ourselves that's why we must transform. GOD HAPPINESS, CONFIDENCE, RELIEF IS YOURS if you want it.

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    Singularity Network Meets the World Transformed

    in Technology

    The World Transformed presents the November Singularity Network video hangout. PJ Manney, Jason Xu, Stephen Gordon, Philippe Van Nedervelde, Nikola Danaylov and others will be on hand to discuss a wide range of topics including accelerating technologies, transhumanism, nanotechnology, biotechnology, anti-aging, robotics, and post-scarcity.

    (WT 042)

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    Transformed by Grief

    in Art

    with Dianne Gray and Alicia Copolla.

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    Transformed By Grief

    in Art

    with Dianne Gray

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    Our Thinking Transformed -- Best of WT

    in Technology

    Originally aired June 29, 2011: David Brin, P.J. Manney, and Thomas McCabe talk about how our thinking must change if we are to survive and thrive in a wolrd transformed.
    The World Transformed 2, Part 1
    Some of it is evolutionary, some of it is cultural, and a small portion of it is original to us as individuals. It is our way of thinking. Our thinking is  always subject to scrutiny and inspection, but perhaps never more urgently than now. If profound change truly is upon us… …what assumptions must we avoid? …what new ideas must we be ready to embrace? …what cherished “truths” must we be prepared to put away once and for all? Our panel will explore the role that education, imagination, and creativity have to play in coming to grips with a world in a state of transformation. Our Panelists David Brin P.J. Manney Thomas McCabe

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    WT2: Humanity Transformed

    in Technology

    The World Transformed 2, Part 4
    We can only imagine that, some 6 million years ago, when hominids began to stand upright, there was a tremendous controversy amongst the proto- australopithecines as to whether assuming this new posture was “natural.” Weren’t Lucy and her ilk simply violating their most basic nature?

    The debate has continued ever since, as humans have learned new skills and augmented their minds and bodies for reasons both aesthetic and practical. Today we live in an age of unprecedented human malleability — pacemakers, nose jobs, laser eye surgery, and other wonders. But that’s nothing compared to where we’re going next. We may soon be able to match the  level of change that occurred  in the six-million-year ascent from Australopithecus to modern human — only we’ll do it in a single human lifetime, or perhaps a matter of years, or maybe even faster than that.

    What might we become?A panel of futurists join us to discuss the prospects for an expanded and improved definition of humanity.

    Our Panel
    Sonia Arrison

    R. U. Sirius

    Geroge Dvorsky

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    The World Transformed

    in Self Help

    Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon present a new series that carries on the exploration begun on FastForward Radio. 
    The world is changing in ways that are difficult to predict, sometimes even dificult to imagine.
    Forget about THE future. Let's talk about YOUR future.
    If this truly is the greatest period of transformation in human history, what does that mean to each of us? 
    How will our lives be different?
    What should we each be doing to prepare?
    Phil and Stephen discuss the three major drivers of change we all need to be aware of and the one change that is crucial to making the future happen
    Let the journey begin. Today is the day.

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    in Christianity

    Change your mind, Change your life

    Radio Program based on a powerful book that links Bible passages with the reality of modern transformation. This book’s exciting message is so great it will leave a remarkable impact in the lives of all who read and apply it.

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    WT2: Human Destiny Transformed

    in Technology

    The World Transformed 2, Part 10
    We know what we are, but not what we may be.
    -- William Shakespeare
    And I want to know the same thing
    Everyone wants to know
    How's it going to end?
    --Tom Waits
    Our Panelists
    John Smart
    Venessa Meimis
    Robin Hanson
    Kevin Kelly

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    WT2: Intelligence Transformed

    in Technology

    A few years back, a computer  won a chess match against the world's most highly rated player.

    More recently, a computer beat a pair of highly skilled human competitors on the game show Jeopardy! IBM, the company responsible for building both of these remarkable machines, announced that Watson, the computer that won on Jeopardy!, is (in effect) going to medical school. Machine intelligence is evolving rapidly.

    The questions this raises are both simple and powerful:

    How long until machine intelligence reaches the level of human intelligence?

    How long, after that, before human / machine intelligence reaches a level far beyond anything seen or imagined before?

    A panel of futurists and AI experts join us to discuss the coming intelligence explosion.

    Ben Goertzel

    James Hughes

    Carl Shulman


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    WT2: The Future Transformed

    in Technology

    The World Transformed 2 Part 9
    A convergence of emerging technologies and emerging possibilities lies at the heart of this, the greatest period of transformation in human history. Our world is changing in ways that are difficult to predict; sometimes even difficult to imagine.

    Accelerating technological change may soon alter our world beyond recognition...and maybe that's a good thing.

    Our Panelists
    Philippe Van Nedervelde
    Anders Sandberg
    Ray Kurzweil