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    Meditation for Moms: A Transformational Journey to Reclaim Your Authentic Self

    in Moms and Family

    Are you a mother who is feeling overwhelmed, tired and stuck in life? Or perhaps you feel lost, out of balance and frustrated with the way your life is going. No matter what the struggle is, your Spirit is calling you to release it and reclaim your authentic self. 

    Life is meant to be purposeful and filled with passion. We are meant to be abundantly well and happy. Anything less than this feels unnatural to us. Through practicing the Art of Transformational Meditation, you can begin to awaken to your hearts desires, your inner guidance and inner peace. Your Soul is waiting for you, all you have to do is show up. 

    Join Marie Georgopulos, Divine Messenger, Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Mentor, as she teaches you the Art of Transformational Meditation to restore balance and harmony in life through spiritual practice. In this meditation journey, you will learn to embrace self acceptance, self worth and self love by releasing limiting beliefs around what it means to be a woman and mother in today’s society.  

    IN THIS SHOW join Marie as she guides you in How to Access Higher Wisdom through meditation. This is a process that she uses in her daily life that has helped her to resolve struggles and challenges in life as well as inspire her in her soul purpose.

    Also join Marie LIVE FOR INTUITIVE GUIDANCE to know what is BLOCKING YOU from your authentic, fulfilling life!

    Meditation for Moms airs every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, 10-11 A.M. CT US. To find out more, please go to: Meditation for Moms.

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    A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs: Transactional v. Transformational Leadership

    in Entrepreneur

    Leaders have the capacity to create amazing success or screw up a perfect business. Depending on the leader’s point of focus, the organization they lead will either rise of falter, succeed or flounder.

    But what determines what makes a strong leader, and how can we implement those qualities on our businesses and lives? It comes down to choosing between being a transactional leader or a transformational leader.

    Join JT for a power-packed episode where he shares 7 strategies for being a transformational leader in business and life.

    Fly High, Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    Changes is it good or bad ???

    in Entertainment

    Sometimes in life you have to make changes wheather its a job, love, friends, family , just life choices . Some for the good some for bad and some people just will never understand

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    Small Changes Big Shifts: Living Life to The Fullest With Happiness and Laughter

    in Health

    Joining Dr. Michelle Robin on Small Changes Big Shifts is Kimberly Stern, an award-winning writer, Editor-­in­Chief of KC Magazine and co-host with Jasper Mirabile on his popular weekly radio food show, LIVE! From Jasper’s Kitchen.  Stern is a member of the American Food Journalists (AFJ) and Les Dames d’Escoffier, an organization for women culinary professionals.  In addition, Stern is a mentor for students interested in entering the competitive world of freelance writing.
    Also on the show this week is the Reverend Carla McClellan. Reverend McClellan is an ordained Unity Minister as well as a certified Life Coach and has served as Minister of Unity of Independence, Retreat Director at Unity Village, Director of Mindfulness/Coaching Life for Awaken Whole Life Center at Unity Village, trainer and adjunct faculty for Maria Nemeth’s Academy for Coaching Excellence, and the Host of Vibrant Living www.unity.fm.   Carla writes frequently for Daily Word and Unity Magazine. 

    And you’ll also meet Dr. Garrett G. Sullivan MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine and well versed in all branches of general care. He is a “specializing generalist” in every sense of the title.

  • This Week's Guest is Transformational Psychotherapist Penny Cohen

    in Health

    Transformational Therapist Penny Cohen joins us this week on The Best Years in Life Radio.  Penny is a leading edge groundbreaking transformational psychotherapist, life coach and author.  She has been counseling individuals, and lecturing, and conducting workshops internationally at professional conferences, universities, and organizations on personal, career, and spiritual development and Kabbalah for the past fifteen years. Tune in this week as she tells us how to find meaning and purpose in life; something everybody is looking for.

    During the first half hour Tony will go over additions to our website and talk about the health topic of his choice.

    During the second half hour, Luella will continue her series on The 8 Invisible Stains of Our Souls.  This week we will cover Stain Number 3...............  Friends make fun of me.  The harm inflicted by bullying.

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    What If There's Nothing Wrong?

    in Motivation

    What if There’s Nothing Wrong is the title of Dr. Alison Kay’s book.  As our guest, she will be talking about her book which is not a self help book but rather, she states, “ a commentary on the state of our country due to the obesity we have allowed the mind to become.”   What If There's Nothing Wrong  "was written to help understand why it seems now for those in the West, especially in the U.S., that we've been less equipped recently to create vibrantly healthy, happy lives."

    Dr. Kay will depict ways that the average American can adopt healthy nutrition, the body-mind connection and she will even show us how we can cut the number of prescription drugs.  She can be reached at http://alisonjkay.com.






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    Small Changes Big Shifts: Don't Keep Happiness to Yourself. Spread It Around!

    in Self Help

    Cynthia Morris sits and talks with Dr. Michelle Robin on Small changes Big Shifts to talk about living your life around your creative soul. Morris is a gifted writer’s coach and creativity coach, a multi-time author, both fiction, and nonfiction, an international workshop facilitator and, more recently, she’s taking her seat as an illustrator.

     Also joining Dr. Robin on the show is Deborah Heisz.  As COO, Co-Founder and Editorial Director of Live Happy LLC, Deborah K. Heisz is responsible for the management and development of the Live Happy business and creative operations. She joins the Live Happy team with more than nine years of experience leading and growing successful startups in the publishing industry.

    To learn more and to hear more shows go online http://www.drmichellerobin.com/

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    Prayer that Changes,Cleanses, Creates, and Conquers

    in Religion

    Prayer Changes Things. The most powerful weapon and tool that Believers carry is the Power of Prayer. Prayer Changes, Cleanses, Creates, and Conquers. Listen in to find out how Prayer can change your life. Become equipped to intercede and to battle as we walk like Nehemiah,  build with a brick in one hand and a sword in the other. Join us, Pastor Myra Harris, from Rebirth Tabernacles of Glory in Baltimore, Maryland on Friday, November  20, 2015 at 7:30pm. We would love to have you call in to discuss prayer that will change your life. Our focus this week will be Prayer that Creates

  • Flowing with Autumn's Changes

    in Spirituality

    Join your hosts, Grant and Melissa Virtue as they discuss the changes the Autumn season brings. These changes are symbolic, physical, and spiritual in nature. They are reflected each moment in our daily lives. How we choose to accept and flow with them makes a difference in our experiences and opportunities. Grant and Melissa will offer ideas on how you can flow easily into Autumn's changes. 

    Melissa will offer a meditation to the audience.

    Please join in the live chat room or call into the show.


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    The Hour That Changes The World!!!

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another show here at, "Your Place"!  We want to thank all of you that listen live and to the archives of our show. We want to start off tonight, by saying thank you to all of our veterans for your service.  We have many deployed military that tell us they download our shows.  We have had deployed military call into the show live requesting prayer!  Of all of the things in this world, where we cannot always tell what/who is right or wrong!  We have no doubt that our military men and women are the best of the best in their service to our country.  We also want to say thank you to all of their families for their service!  In our past shows you will find that we strive to honor all of you! Once we had a military couple share their experience with PTSD and TBI.  It was a hard story to hear but you can listen to it from our archives.  We always want to encourage people to remember these brave men and women in your prayers! Real life does not play out like a one hour television show! The scars and sacrifices of war go on long after the battle has been fought!

    Tonight we have a great treat for all of our listeners.  Long time caller and guest speaker, "Blog Talk Mom aka Sis Bobbie Lively", is with us tonight sharing a lesson on, “focused balance in prayer!”  The title of her lesson is, "The hour that changes the world! Before she starts we want her to tell us about her new CD and how you can get it from ITunes.  If you have kids and missed out on getting her rap CD.  Well, you need to hear it as well.  We started this show with one of her songs! Great message in a format that kids love! We want to mention that Blog Talk mom has been a missionary, a pastor, preacher, song writer, singer, author, christian school teacher, councilor, cook, homemaker, prayer warrior, and most important to us...she is "the mom!"


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    What if You Were God?

    in Motivation

    How would your life change if you knew you were god?

    How would you feel about yourself? 

    What would you do differently or not? 

    How would you help others?  What would your family look like?

    Join us to explore possibilities and probabilities of your “godness.”