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    Transform Your Life, Be Your Best YOU (Searching for Justice)

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    Transform Your Life, Be Your Best You provides Motivational and Inspirational self-help and self-empowering tools, advice and strategies for transforming and living your best personal, professional and successful life.

    Tune in today at 2p est for a serious and provocative discussion on Discrimination, Violence, Oppression and Injustice with special guest; activist and social justice advocate, Nariko Wright, founder of Luz's Daughter Cares; An action group dedicated to ending discrimination, violence, oppression and injustice against humanity. We will be talking about justice for Islan Nettles, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and countless others. We'll also discuss ways for citizens to get involved in bringing awareness and holding those accountable while advocating justice for ALL. 

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    Janice Bishops-Carter SWOT Analysis Model to transform all relational conflicts!

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    Janice E Bishop Carter is the founder of Arm Communications Group, LLC, an Advocacy, Research and Marketing business with: Cooperative Economics, Corporate Responsibility and Community Inclusion the essence of her platform. www.armcommunications.com
    She is a twenty-nine year retiree of the criminal justice system. The former public servant for Public Safety, she managed the communications and telecommunications center, communicating with local, state and federal agencies. As a Telecommunications Professional, she dealt with diverse types of emergencies and conflict. She was one of the first women to be elected for the FBI Southern Region Policy Board.
    She has other first time leadership roles in here community. In 1998 she was the second female elected to hold office, as a three term six years President, of the Louisville Branch NAACP; the oldest civil rights organization in the nation. She has experienced many memorable moments; however, she’ll never forget what she was doing September 1, 2001 when all of America and public safety was under attack.
    ( She has developed The Phantom Family Model & SWOT Analysis Model)
    SWOT Analysis manages the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats to a family’s unit and sustainability, as a business and its organizational structure.
    Master in Business Administration and Master’s in Conflict Management.; lives in Louisville Kentucky 

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    Transform Your Life-Be Your Best YOU (Discover Your Life Message)

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    Transform Your Life, Be the Best You provides Motivational and Inspirational self-help and self-empowering tools, advice and strategies for transforming and enhancing your best personal, professional and successful life.

    Join me this Sunday at 2p est with special guest, Identity Coach, Personal Development Mentor, Author, Minister and Creator of In Pursuit of Me!- Mrs Stephanie M. Kirkland. She specializes in identity, personal spiritual growth and development, general life coaching, women’s issues and consulting for faith based women’s ministries and organization. She is the author of, The Eve Dilemma, which deals with the #1 Temptation Every Woman Faces in Becoming Who She is Destined to Be. 

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    Master Sha: Transform your Finances and Increase your Intelligence

    in Spirituality

    Apply Divine Healing Hands to transform your finances. Apply the Divine Purple Light Ball and the Purple Liquid Spring of Divine Light to transform your finances. Apply divine healing Hands to increase Your Intelligence. Increasing Intelligence as well as Developing Intelligence comes from the mind but the most important source of intelligence comes from the heart and the soul.

    There are three (3) kinds of Intelligence: mind, heart and soul. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the Heart Intelligence houses the Mind Intelligence and the Soul Intelligence. There is a secret code to increase your Mind Intelligence.

    Increase your Heart Intelligence by applying the Divine Purple Light Ball and the Purple Liquid Spring of Divine Love, soul, mind, and body transplant.

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    The Freedom Promise: The Book That Will Transform Your Relationship with Food

    in Nutrition

    Wouldn't you love to ... 


    Know WHAT to eat, HOW to eat and WHY your past dieting efforts haven't brought you sustainable results?
    Know that you can TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD to one that is joyous, loving and free?

    Mindy Gorman-Plutzer’s new book, The Freedom Promise, shares powerful insight and strategies related to letting go of disordered eating behaviors and limiting beliefs that keep you tied to a toxic relationship with food. You will not only examine what you eat but explore who you are as an eater. 

    With personal stories to inspire, practical steps, exercises and affirmations, The Freedom Promise will motivate you to examine your behavior with food, explore what it is you are hungry for and guide you as you re-frame and re-write the stories you have been telling yourself about food and your relationship to it.

    Reading this book will bring you to a place where you can experience lasting change, sustainable results and the knowledge that you can be fully nourished in ways other than from the food on your plate. You’ll be guided to find the sacred space where compassion, acceptance, forgiving and the healing reside.



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    Transform Your Life and Business Through the Secrets of Personality Type

    in Entrepreneur

    Want to know how to transform your life and business?

    Learn what is perhaps the most powerful and most under used secret to growing your business.  Be empowered today to release the real you into your business and see how dynamically this transforms your business. 

    So often we become convinced that we are not good enough, or that if people knew the real us they wouldn’t like us.  This negative self-image couldn’t be further from the truth.  The uniquely special you is just what the world needs and we are going to show you how!

    Today we are talking with Psychotherapist, Coach, Hypnotherapist and Myers-Briggs Speaker/Trainer Jessica Butts.

    Jessica will share the importance of being who you are.  We will learn how to know the specific personality type you bring into your business and how to make use of it. Discover what being the authentic you can mean to your business.  Find out how maximizing the true you will empower growth in your company.  Be empowered today to take your business to the next level by allowing your personality to shine and transform how you approach your life and business

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    April Deep Aries Presents: Feel good music of the 90's!

    in Entertainment

    April Deep Aries Presents:  Timeless! 90's soul, and music love!  Music by request also!  





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    Linda Gross, HITCHED…in 90 Days or Less. Every Girl’s Ultimate Guide to Dating

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    HITCHED…in 90 Days or Less.  Every Girl’s Ultimate Guide to Dating
    Have you been single for the last ten years? Have you finally decided that you need help to figure out why you're not hooked up?
    Wedding blues? Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?
    Are you convinced your daughters will never get married, let alone give you grandkids?
    Already married or engaged?  The book teaches you how to be irresistible, and who doesn’t want to be irresistible?

    LINDA GROSS is a Gender Differences expert.  She interviewed over 20,000 men for her men's book and gives both sexes tips that actually work. She has a degree in Psychology from UCLA. Ms. Gross has hosted a weekly cable TV show, has been a co-host and guest on dozens of radio shows, was a top ten blogger for several years, and has been a keynote speaker. 

    In addition to being a published author, Ms. Gross is an experienced life coach.  She offers targeted one-on-one coaching on conflict resolution, removing long-standing sabotaging behavior, or actualizing career or personal dreams.


    link to the Book is http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KDY5Z1M/?tag=dt4m-20






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    WTF is the 90 Day Rule?

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    Our special guests will be Otescia Johnson, and Clever Black, and we are going to discuss and explore the 90 Day Rule made popular by Steve Harvey, and then by the movie Think Like A Man--Does the 90 Day rule work? Yes or no. 

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    I am so excited about having my listening audience meet Dr. Nicola Bird because I have seen first hand how amazing she helped me in pain I had been dealing with my whole life and all this was done in 1 session! I know a lot of my listeners are dealing with problems in there lifes and some has to do with what is going on currently and some has deal with what happened many years ago and even like myself many of us think what happened when I was a child is no longer effecting me, that I have delt with it and forgiven that person and come to peace with it but like I discovered it was still having a very negative effect in my current life. But with just one session with Dr. Bird, it is honestly gone and in great place now. So join us each Monday and call in to speak to Dr. Bird! ....Nicola Bird, Ph.D. is a new generation, visionary psychotherapist who pioneered a ground-breaking approach to personal transformation and brain retraining. After seeing the same patterns in herself and her clients, she created a powerful, fast moving, and effective system for healing and self-empowerment. During her almost 20-years of practice, she’s helped people to breakthrough negative tapes, liberate themselves from struggle, and triumph over obstacles. Her one-of-a-kind method gives people the tools to free themselves from limitations, fears, and past hurts and to empower their lives. Nicola received her doctorate from the University of Toronto. 

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    Transform Your Negative Energy Into Positive Energy!!!

    in Self Help

    Guest: Dr. Nicola Bird, Pscyhotherapist: Self-Imaging Therapy (SIT).

    Do you have a constant negative tape running in her head?  Do you want to overcome negativity in your life; so you can succeed? The way to success is a postive self-image.

    Join Richard & Jaimie with their guest Dr. Nicola Bird and learn totally life tranformation, leaving your negative energy into postive with self-awarness.

    Check out Dr. Bird's site for her site on how to transform your life.




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