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    Transcending Religion

    in Spirituality

    Join Tierney Sadler, Sheila Cash and Mary Phelan as they discuss the movement away from religion and toward a more personal spirituality.  What do we take with us on this journey?  What do we leave behind?

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    WTF? - w/Kevin A. Phillips - Transcending Conventions of a TBI

    in Spirituality

    Belief, like fear or love, is a force to be understood as we understand the Theory of Relativity and Principles of Uncertainty: phenomenon that determine the course of our lives. Yesterday, my life was headed in one direction. Today, it is headed in another. Yesterday I believed that I would never have done what I did today. These forces that often remake time and space, that can shape and alter who we imagine ourselves to be, begin long before we are born and continue after we perish. Our lives and our choices, like quantum trajectories, are understood moment to moment. At each point of intersection, each encounter suggests a new potential direction.

    Join us tonight as Kevin and the Marvelous Maggie share some of additional insight on how all boundaries are conventions, waiting to be transcended. Knowing, One may transcend any convention, if only one can first conceive of doing so. Call in LIVE @424.243.9540 or Listen in on BrainInjuryRadio.com.

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    Transcending the immutable laws of reality and dancing with the mutable laws of

    in Elections


    As we do every week we are transcending the immutable laws of reality and dancing with the mutable laws of creation. 

    Join your host and trickster, Tim Janakos for a little energy healing and more. 

    Tim is a certified Emotion Code practitioner and a student of many other healing modalites.  


    It's your free chance to see what else is possible for you and your universe.


    How did we get so lucky?  



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    Transcending Fear: The Journey to Freedom & Fulfillment

    in Business

    Join us this Friday, June 6th at 1:30pm PT, as we welcome Victoria Reynolds - Personal Worth Expert, Inspirational Author, Keynote Speaker, Seminar Leader, Personal & Professional Mentor as we talk about Transcending Fear: The Journey to Freedom & Fulfillment.

    Victoria Reynolds was born into a polygamist cult where she was taught to be little more than a slave. She knew nothing about self-worth, physically, emotionally, spiritually or financially. At the age of seventeen, out of desperation for a better life, she left the cult and went in search of happiness in a world she had been taught her entire life to fear. Breaking all of the rules she had been taught as a child, Victoria became a successful entrepreneur. Beginning in her early twenties she has owned, managed and sold multiple companies. As the CEO of Core Connection LLC, she now uses her vast business background, along with her personal learning experiences, to teach other women how to get past the past and own their true value. As an author, public speaker and professional mentor, Victoria teaches self-motivated women how to find the treasure in their painful story and how to shatter their glass ceilings. Victoria is the author of Transcending Fear. She has been a featured expert on many television, radio and print programs including NBC TV, Discovery Channel, More Magazine and the Shriver Report. 

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    Transcending Murphy’s Law

    in Spirituality

    The definition of Murphy's Law is, “If something can go wrong, it will.”  What if you were able to rise above or transcend the axiom of Murphy’s law?  What if it didn’t exist?  Today’s episode will discuss this aphorism and how it is not really a part of your universe.  Also if it were what can you do about it.

    What would your life be like if you identified and removed the self-sabotaging behaviors that hold you back?  How much do you think has been lost in relationships, careers, and money because of those behaviors?  Would you like to receive a free 30 minute "Breakthrough Strategy Session" with me to help you get clear on what is going on in your life?  If so Click Here for your Breakthrough Strategy Session.

    Do you have any suggestions or questions please send them to beverly@commandingyourlife.com

    http://commandingyourlife.com or visit http://silverfox.silvacourses.com

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    Transcending Duality By Selomon

    in Energy

    It's time to truly embody the fact that we are all connected and we are all One.  We are coming to the point of transcending duality.







    Kashi Newell:


    Spaceship Earth:



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    Transcending the Titanic

    in Spirituality

    Kardec Radio interviews Michael Tymn the author of the book Transcending the Titanic and several articles and books. Michael is a long-time journalist whose articles have appeared in more than 40 publications. His articles on the paranormal have appeared in Psychic News, Fate, Mysteries, Nexus, Atlantis Rising, Two Worlds, Vital Signs, Venture Inward, Christian Parapsychologist, Dark Lore, Alternatives, Alternate Perceptions, Signs of Life, The Summit, and The Honolulu Advertiser. He is the author of The Articulate Dead and the editor of The Searchlight, a quarterly publication of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc., based in the United States.  Read more

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    in Indie Music

    JCraig is an emerging force on the music entertainment landscape, launching out of total obscurity after overcoming addiction, tragedy, and transforming himself round by round into a reliable Pop and R&B headliner. 
    In a southern town, Memphis, home of STAX, is where you’ll find JCraig working diligently to uphold the rich musical excellence from the town’s iconic legends such as Al Green, Isaac Hayes, Aretha, Tina & Ike, Elvis Presley, Kirk Whalum, and Pop star Justin Timberlake. Now, there’s JCraig and he’s in a league of his own these days and seems to be transcending time and the complaints that he should throw in the towel. But, how could he? Music is in his hands, his head—it’s all over him. 
    This PK was the youngest boy of five, born to a Bishop. From the earliest moments ,he was singing and playing guitar in the church. He became an accomplished musician. It was obvious to his peers in New York that an album was in the making. Oftentimes, they would par ooze the musical credits looking of his JCraig’s name. 
    After serving his country in the armed forces and overcoming many of life’s tragedies, he has emerged simply as a singer with a soulful niche, and he knows how to work it. He enjoys making music you can make love to, drive to, clean house to, and just simply smile and feel good to.

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    Aug 2nd 2015, 9pm(PDT) Lee-Ann Bates Energy Healer, Coach, Intuitive

    in Paranormal

    With me tonight on Spaced Out Weekend at 9pm (PDT) Lee-Ann Frances Bates!  http://innerawakenings.ca

    Lee-Ann is a local transformation leader, speaker, mentor and Founder of Inner Awakenings, an integrated wellness centre just outside Vancouver Canada (offering everything from hypnotherapy and energy work to massage therapy and meditation classes) Imagine transcending...defying limits, stepping so totally out of your box that you create limitlessly with ease, opportunities simply flow to you, the right people always seem to connect with you and you live in peace, joy and prosperity. This is Lee-Ann's dream for everyone and if you are interested in finding out more about how you can create this energy in your life, shift into this way of being then please connect with her. Lee-Ann runs her international practice out of Inner Awakenings where she teaches the art and beingness of transcendence. Her primary background is in conscious leadership coaching, hypnotherapy, energy work, spiritual development and intuitive consulting but that's really only the tip of the iceberg. Her greatest realizations came through her own journey in moving from long term abuse, trauma and shut down at the age of 4 to PTSD in her 20's to success, leadership and abundance in ways she never imagined possible.

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    Transcending Fear with Victoria Reynolds

    in Spirituality

    "Transcending Fear: The Journey to Freedom and Fulfillment" is a true transformational story of overcoming the fear-based beliefs of religion and finding the real meaning of joy.

    "Religion and Spirituality are like peanut butter and honey. They have been sandwiched together for so long that most people do not realize they are two separate and very distinct flavors"

    Far too many of us go through life afraid to move forward or hesitant to try what we have always dreamed of. We are often unknowingly trapped in fear, guilt and shame as a result of the beliefs that were placed upon us as children. Although these fear-based beliefs may not be consciously visible, they profoundly, yet subtly, prevent us from finding inner joy and real genuine success.

    In “Transcending Fear” Victoria shares the process she used to overcome the pain of her past and the subconscious remnants of her childhood fundamentalist religion. By freeing herself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, she found the joy and fulfillment that is every human’s birthright.

    This story of liberation is shared in a simple step-by-step process that anyone can use to free themselves from the pain of the past and step into the future with greater confidence and enthusiasm.

    Victoria M. Reynolds was born and raised in a closed, fundamentalist community in the mountains of Western Montana, where polygamy and abuse were openly practiced and expected. She left the commune at age seventeen and is now a transformational filmmaker, author and speaker.

    For more information visit Victoria's web site at www.victoriamreynolds.com

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