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    The Rob Zicari Show

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    This week we'll be discussing how trannies are handled in the media. In the past few years, there has been more media focus than ever on the transgender community. At one point, the extent of our media coverage was the Jerry Springer show and Maury Povich.. Recently, we crossed the line into mainstream with pioneers such as Kandice Kane, Laverne Cox, Isis King, and Leiomy Maldanado.. But are we still getting the respect we deserve? Doors are mostly being open by way of reality television. With reality tv, we're able to take a more intimate look at the struggles and discrimination that some of these girls had to endure.. Tonight we'll be discussing some of these shows and how they dealt with their transgender star/contestant.. We'll be talking about some of the comments made on air towards these transgenders.. And we'll also ask the question, Is this exposure benefiting the Transgender community? Are these shows aimed toward helping the public learn about us, or are we just a Freakshow ploy to get ratings?
    On a side note, I'll also be making a special announcement for all of my Lil Rock listeners who are still wrapped up in the QueenDingaling/Lil Rock scandal..

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    Challenges of Practicing What You Preach

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    We all have our convictions. But what happens when we've greatly compromised our own convictions - especially in front of others? Dr Umar has been exposed for being with the very type of woman he teaches black women to raise higher from. Preachers are always caught hiding sexual relationships with women - and men. Male heterosexual rappers have been caught with known trannies and female ministers have been known to end up with the very men they worn other sisters about.

    Reminds me of how the Lord renamed Jacob, Israel. The Lord often referred to Israel in regards to His chosen people and their inheritance. It symbolized the mantle placed on Jacob. And the Lord when referring to Jacob was more in regards to his personality and humanity. The Lord understands this dichotomy and sees our struggles. But this doesnt always tear us from our callings, rather He chastens those He loves

    From sexing to sexting to hotels and back alleys, ministers, motivational speakers and teachers are held to higher standards of moral conduct. And its like that standard only cause these leaders to dig deeper darker and colder holes to hide their weaknesses in rather than to keep it open and real with the specific of their struggles. Whats in the dark will be revealed in light. 

    Talking about it at 10p cst

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    I hate you F*CKING TRANNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is a great show discussing the hate that people have for transexual men who become women. We will talk to transexuals directly!!! We will also understand their side of the story and WHY they made the choice to live this lifestyle! THis will be an awesome show so dont miss out!

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    Episode 21: WE'RE LEGAL!!! Well.. sort of. Mostly.

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    It's Monday and the boys are back with another exciting installment of the HA! pod. Tune in tonight to see what exactly Max, Superbad, and Draven have been up to and what kind of terror they plan to release on the world. By terror they mean meaningless rants for about 90 mins.

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    War BY Women Wednesday

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    War BY Women Wednesday!!!!  Join Christy Waters and Kimberly Morin:

    Tonight - Jeb Bush 2016???????????  Listen to what Christy and Kimberly think about that.  

    There is an Islamic Tribunal in Texas.  What is the purpose and how many more are there across the country?

    Teacher in Georgia gets in trouble for telling the truth about Ferguson and more.

    Mom's Demand Action get SHUT DOWN yet again by another restaurant they tried to bully.

    And... wait for it..............  Radical Feminists are pissed off at Trannies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Show begins a 9PM EST!!!!

    Kimberly Morin is a policy researcher, Conservative commentator and activist. She is also a political analyst on Girard at Large. Kimberly's 'Political Buzz' show can be heard Monday mornings at 8:20. She writes regularly for Examiner.com and GraniteGrok.com.  

    Christy Waters is a Christian, a conservative, and a capitalist! She loves Thomas Sowell,  bacon, and common sense! She writes for JoeForAmerica.

    Both of these strong conservative women fight daily for the Freedom and Liberty that we hold so dear! Call in and speak to the hosts: (347) 205-9620    

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    Ticked Off Trannies With Knives

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    The Queenz Of Media are back! Skylar and Grace are thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with Israel Luna and Toni Miller, the film makers behind The 2010 Tribeca Film Festival's most controversial and talked about movie "Ticked Off Trannies With Knives".

    A group of transgender women are violently beaten and left for dead. After regaining their consciousness the violated vixens turn deadly divas and with their new-found confidence and courage, slice their way to vengeance.

    An homage to the exploitation films of the 70’s, this film sets out to create a new and unique genre called transploitation.

    Loaded with titillating dialog, bodacious bods and extreme violence, this fantasy film shows that it takes balls to get revenge.

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    Valentine's Day Special: The LOVE Trannies

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    It is said that Transsexuals are the best of both worlds.. In a lot of ways this is true. Because most of us have experienced both male/masculine and female/feminine feelings, some of us are able to be more objective when evaluating and exploring male/female relationships. So join us for a special episode with THE LOVE TRANNIES! Hott, the ladies of INTRANSHEART, and myself will take on all of your love problems or inquiries.. No matter if you're, straight, gay, bi, male, female, trans, other, call in and let us help with your relationship. Let us try to make Valentine's Day a happy one for you!

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    Foxy Brown's Worst PR Strategy, Trannies and STDS

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    Genia and Shae diiscuss:  why some homosexuals married opposite gender spouses.  Did we get married just to fit in?  DId we get married to stay in the closet?
    Shae catches our listeners up on American Idol and The Voice. 
    (Skip to minute 27:18)  Genia and Shae gossip about Jay Z and Foxy Brown:  She claims he gave her a sexually transmitted disease.  AND she claimes he has a thing for "trannies" - her word, not ours.
    Listen to more SistersTalk Radio. Subscribe to SistersTalk Radio on iTunes. Follow Genia on Twitter. Become a SistersTalk Radio fan on Facebook.

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    It's A Work withe Marriah Moreno. Episode 2

    in Wrestling

    Every week make plans to join Marriah either live or as a downloaded podcast and keep up with all the happenings in Marriah's realm

    Join her as she talks about her experiences as a transgender pro wrestler in the business and in life.

    Whether she is called the Bloodthirsty Vixen, the Hardcore Queen of the West Coast, Amanda or She-hulk she has trail blazed her way through indy wresling and now has her eyes set on Podcasting!

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    Gays VS. Trannies... Why the Hate?

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    Join me Tonight as we clear the air. In the LGBT community, there is an unspoken divide between the G and the T.. While the LGBT is looked down on or as different by the rest of society, there is also animosity within the group itself.. Tonight is the chance to CLEAR THE AIR! Tonight we'll discuss some of the reasons there is so much animosity between the G and the T.
    Do gays see Transsexuals as a joke or an oddity that casts a negative light on the gay community?
    Do Transsexuals see gays as less than because we're able to live straighter lives and blend into society?
    Why do gays look to trannies as entertainment or the spectacle?
    Why do trannies see gays as nothing more that bitterness and jealousy?

    Tonight were gonna answer all of the questions and lay to rest any myths about the relationships between the G and the T..
    Gays, If you have a gripe about the Ts community, tonight is your chance to call in and share your thoughts.. Ts ladies, if you have any gripes with the gay community, please call in and share with us..

    This is gonna be eye opening!