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    Soul Trajectory

    in Spirituality

    Soul Trajectory. Join Psychic Mediums, Lisa Salaz and Vicki Smith, in a journey through lifetime after lifetime of self-discovery in the progress of your soul as it creates opportunities to reflect light on your soul’s purpose. Readings to follow.
    Vicki Smith http://vickismithmedium.com/
    Lisa Salaz  http://innerspiritrhythm.com/

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    in Spirituality

    Most of us humans are so action oriented that we go out into the world seeking our "path" that we think will bring about an end result of what we are wanting.  We become "seekers." Abraham teaches us that what we are focusing on when we do that the absence of our path. We all had a trajectory before we came into the physical. And that path is one of Well-Being. We didn't ever intend to get off of our path. It's alright when we do because every time we do, we launch rockets of desire for what we would prefer and the Source part of us becomes it and The Law of Attraction brings cooperative components to add to our trajectory. Source become more expansive whether we get back on our path or not! Today on our show at 11, we will talk about how to get back on our path and how to build momentum, favorite listeners. I can hardly wait! Love, Linny


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    The High-Altitude Mentorship Show: Changing Your Trajectory For Success

    in Entrepreneur

    In any given moment, we can CHOSE to alter our trajectory in business and life…or we can stay the course. It’s a decision; a decision that typically depends on our awareness of where we are relative to our or goals and how intentional we are in our actions and beliefs.
    Listen in as JT gives you a 4-step strategy for altering and maintaining a trajectory for success.

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. REALLY!

    in Self Help

    Join Nicole Greer, PPCC to take on some Habit work that will literally save planet earth!  In Nicole's S.H.I.N.E. Coaching Methodology, the "H" represents Habit Work. Habit work is essential to letting your light illuminate the world.  WIth good habits in place, we allow the flow of positive energy and create positive outcomes.  Doing your part for the environment is imperative to your future and your ability to live a vibrant and productive life!  

    If you can be part of the process of sustaining the quality of life on planet earth, obviously this will create your own sustainability. This concept is so obvious, so close, so taken for granted, that you may just be numb to fact that you can really do some incredible work that would shift the whole trajectory of planet earth.  

    Take away strategies, systems, and smarts for shifting YOUR behavior to sustain a vibrant life!

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    Daniel Scifo of Latrobe Bulletin talks Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates & Penguins

    in Sports

    Daniel Scifo, assistant sports editor of the Latrobe (Pa.) Bulletin, joins City of Champions Radio for the first time to talk about all things Pittsburgh. Also a freelancer for the Associated Press and USA Hockey, Scifo breaks down the Steelers' recent draft and their current trajectory with host Matt Gajtka. Following that, the guys address the stagnant Pirates and what might be ailing them in particular. Penguins talk wraps up the show, particularly what they might be up to during the second summer of the Johnston-Rutherford regime.

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    John Carver Show - It Changed Everything

    in Self Help


     “Years ago a farmer owned land along the Atlantic seacoast. He constantly advertised for hired hands. Most people were reluctant to work on farms along the Atlantic. They dreaded the awful storms that raged across the ocean, wreaking havoc on the buildings and crops. As the farmer interviewed applicants for the job, he received a steady stream of refusals.

    Finally, a short, thin man, well past middle age, approached the farmer. "Are you a good farmhand?" the farmer asked him.

    "Well, I can sleep when the wind blows," answered the little man.

    Although puzzled by this answer, the farmer, desperate for help, hired him. The little man worked well around the farm, busy from dawn to dusk, and the farmer felt satisfied with the man's work.

    Then one night the wind howled loudly in from offshore. Jumping out of bed, the farmer grabbed a lantern and rushed next door to the hired hand's sleeping quarters. He shook the little man and yelled, "Get up! A storm is coming! Tie things down before they blow away!" (LISTEN TO THE SHOW FOR THE REST OF THE STORY)

    Trust impacts us 24/7, 365 days a year. It undergirds and affects the quality of every relationship, every communication, every work project, every business venture, every effort in which we are engaged. It changes the quality of every present moment and alters the trajectory and outcome of every future moment of our lives—both personally and professionally.

    In business, trust is established through reputation.  Jesus has been our “brand” for some years and we still have trouble being an unpaid advertiser for Him.  Do we distribute Christ’s trust in the marketplace?  Look at EBAY…millions of people trust complete strangers EVERY year. 


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    PODCAST: USGIF Discusses Launch of Trajectory

    in Military

    Just in time for GEOINT Community Week, USGIF will be launching its new official publication called Trajectory Magazine. This exciting new publication will provide high-level thought leadership for USGIF members, as well as for the overall intelligence, defense, aerospace, and homeland security communities.
    Today we are speaking with Keith Masback, USGIF President, and Kristin Quinn, USGIF’s new Publications and Communications Manager, about Trajectory.

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    Mother/Source Puts Her Foot Down, with the Company of Heaven at Her Side.

    in Spirituality

    This week we will be broadcasting on Saturday, May 9th at 2 PM EDT instead of our usual Wednesday show.  Mother God will speak of the decision to create a course change in Earth's wavering trajectory by putting her foot down concerning the attacks on Lightworkers in recent years.  No dark elements will be allowed free reign any longer.  Hear it in her own words, through Kathryn.

    What a celebration!  This very special Saturday show has been planned by the Company of Heaven to bring you up to date on developments in the Universe.

    The Masters on our show will help to provide an enhanced field to help you reach through the Veil to break through to new connections with Higher Dimensions.

    Come share this exciting show.  You will be amazed when you hear what is being prepared for you.

    Looking forward to connecting with our Family of Light,

    Kathryn and the Team

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    It's Later Than You Think

    in News

    It's later than you think. If you are holding to the belief that everything, from the economy to the state of geopolitical affairs, is normal or that we will be just fine, then either listen to this broadcast or go back to watching whatever "reality" television program you wish. We are living in very disturbing and troubling times, and many of our guests suspect that this fall is a time to "watch" for major events that will direct the trajectory of our country. While we cannot and do no "date-set," we see many harbingers that point to a series of events this fall that will not end the world - just the world in which you live.

    The coming criminalization of cash, the further restrictions of free speech, the legalization of homosexual marriage, unchecked immigration that is changing the demographics of America and allowing in Muslim terrorists... the list goes on. There is a covert (and emerging overt) agenda of the globalists – the Luciferians – that is directing our controlled demise. The "New World Order" is about to be implemented.

    Tune in to this broadcast as we offer a deeper analysis of key events we’re watching.

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    Winner's Wednesday with Jennifer/For the Love of Boys & Men Part 2

    in Entrepreneur

    Please join me and my special guest Dr. Wizdom Powell as we further delve into national, state, local and grassroots initiatives to assist with changing the trajectory of Boys & Men we love them and with the societal impact of recent injustices we must openly discuss efforts to thwart this pandemic. 

    Part 1 was so compelling we had to continue the discussion with Part 2!

    It will be an informative, compelling and interesting listen!

    Stay Blessed!

    Thank you for listening and your support!



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    Free Psychic Readings! Amazing automatic writer! Psychic Medium Guy Isabel!

    in Spirituality

     I am Guy Isabel and I am a spiritual medium, which means I get communications with highly evolved beings of light through a kind of automatic writing called mechanical. By this gift I have been granted with, I communicate regularly with my guardian angel, spiritual guides, the deads, souls being part of my family of souls in order to receive advices in life and messages of love to transmit to those left behind to relieve their pain, help them moving forward in their incarnations or understand their mission of life. It may also happen that in order to understand a current life, it is useful to obtain information about past lives. Despite a strong scientific background, Guy Isabel has always been driven by an intense inner life. The most impressive sign that was given to him by the other side occured during a night, in Fall, when he was unable to sleep. His eyes were wide open looking around in the darkness of his room when he suddenly noticed a tiny orange dot that was just above the foot of his bed which attracted his attention and suddenly saw it coming toward him following a slightly curved trajectory. He noticed that as the dot was getting closer to his face, it took a more disctinct shape. At a few inches of his face, the small point was in fact a beautiful dragonfly. The body of the dragonfly was orange and the four wings were blue. It looked like a dragonfly with a crystal body whose colors were radiant. The dragonfly stayed in front of him, with its wings flapping, long enough to make him realize that it could not come from elsewhere than the spiritual world   

    http://www.gisabelspiritualmedium.com/, http://www.gisabelspiritualmedium.com/