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    Tears in the Chambers of Heaven with Author Trinisha Marks

    in Family

    Trinisha Marks has been called by God to fulfill a great mission in broken families. As a certified life coach, leader, author and Christian minister Trinisha uses the path that God has ordained for her life to enrich the lives of others. Mrs. Marks latest new release “Tears in the Chamber of Heaven” expresses some of the life challenges we may face and how to overcome them through Christ Jesus.  Learn more today on Brown Suga Radio on how to overcome personal difficulties and allow God to get the glory.

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    Jesus Aguilar: A Highway of Tears

    in Poetry

    A Highway of Tears, a short story that is now part of the No Se Habla Espanol Anthology, will be read and discussed by its author, Jesus Aguilar

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    Remembering Trail Blazer Magazines SUSANA GIBSON on Equestrian Legacy Radio

    in Entertainment

    TUESDAY AUGUST 11th NOON CST on Equestrian Legacy Radio's SADDLE UP AMERICA!

    SUSANA GIBSON was the Founder and Publisher of TRAIL BLAZER MAGAZINE, a dear friend and  Member of our Family with her monthly visits on  Equestrian Legacy Radio's SADDLE UP AMERICA!  This week we lost Susana to Breast Cancer.

    This was Susana's first visit with us on the CAMPFIRE CAFE' in August 2014 along with BELINDA GAIL. We talk about her love of horses, her solo ride in the Grand Canyon and her passion for helping improve the relationship of horses and their people through Trail Blazer Magazine.  I think you'll get to know her...just a little through this interview, her first in over 20 years. 

    NEXT TUES AUGUST 18th we'll share her last show from July on SADDLE UP AMERICA and we'll be joined by her friends from the wonderful world horses as we pay tribute to this amazing woman.  

    Join GARY HOLT and co-host TINA MAE WEBER every Tuesday at Noon CST with entertaining guest and valuable information for the Trail Rider. We take you across the country to visit great riding destinations at Horse Campgrounds and Guest Ranches that you'll want to add to your "Bucket List"
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    *If you miss the Live Show you can listen to the Archived Podcast Anytime at www.equestrianlegacy.net

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    The Tears Of A G!

    in Social Networking

    We as men are taught not to cry,but the world can weigh you down::Talk about your problem to someone::Join us 11:00pm central time::Live from the CyberHood::With your host}}.Big. $hi.Getti}}Guest call in at::347}633-9524

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    Sowing in tears \ Semeando em lágrimas

    in Christianity

    Os que semeiam em lágrimas segarão com alegria.
    Aquele que leva a preciosa semente, andando e chorando, voltará, sem dúvida, com alegria, trazendo consigo os seus molhos.
    Salmos 126:5,6

    They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.
    He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing seed for sowing, Shall doubtless come again with joy, bringing his sheaves [with him].
    Psalms 126: 5.6

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    The Powwow Trail with the Native Guys

    in Culture

    Have you ever been to a powwow? On this Native Broadcast exclusive, the Native Guys, Trilby and Russ are going to talk about the powwow trail. What is the powwow trail? What does that mean? On this episode, you will hear songs from Northern and Southern drums as well the Native Guys discussion on what it means to be on the Powwow trail! What does that exactly mean? 

    email the show at someguytalkingstuff@yahoo.com or follow on twitter @nativeguytalkin

    Come join the discussion!

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    The Powwow Trail with the Native Guys! Episode 2 Continue on the Trail

    in Culture

    Last week Trilby and Russ started the first segment on the Powwow trail! As the powwow trail evolves and grows with each generation, Trilby and Russ, continue on the powwow trail!

    Episode 2-

    The first segment will welcome you again to the powwow trail as intros start the show, to segment one stories of Trilby and Russ's first Powwow memories, were they good, were they rugged, find out in segment one!

    Segment 2 will be a block of music tune in to hear songs on the powwow Trail

    Segement 3 Maybe more music, maybe some top 10 and ending of this weeks powwow trail!

    This episode of Powwow trails is brought to you by: Frybread! Keeping your snags Round,Brown, and Greasy, since the 1500's© 

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    Hidden Sacred Songs from The Trail of Tears Revealed: Earthkeeper's Tom Bluewolf

    in Religion

    Tom Bluewolf is a Muskogee Creek Elder who works with Earthkeepers

    Tom's Grandfather taught him that just before the Trail of Tears, many Sacred Songs were hidden in the Dreamtime so that they could be retrieved later... many years later, the current Rain Queen Modjadji of South Africa (of a line of Rain Queens lasting 10,000 years) contacted him,having leaned who he was through spirit, and told him that she had found the Sacred Songs in the Dreamtime, and to come get them. Hear the story of that Journey!

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    Black Pastors Protest Sanger, On The Campaign Trail & Latest Movie News

    in Politics

    Paul Kengor-He is a professor of political science and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College. His latest book is The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor.  The professor talks about Black Pastors Protest Margaret Sanger at Smithsonian.

    Alexis Levinson-Senior political reporter at National Review, where she covers the 2016 presidential and Senate races takes us to the eye of the GOP Presidential storm.

    Steve Evans-The Movie Guy reports live from Hollywood, CA  on the weekend's box office, with Straight Outta Compton and MI5 coming in 1 & 2 once again.  Plus, this week's coming attractions.

    Barbara Tako-The breast cancer and melanoma survivor, author, organizing/de-cluttering genius and motivational speaker discusses Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools.

    Stacy Washington-A member of the National Advisory Council of the Project 21 black leadership network, and a local talk radio host in St. Louis, Missouri talks about the bitter black reporter who gunned down white ex-colleagues live on air and posted the video online.

    Horace Cooper- Adjunct fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, co-chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board and a legal commentator, asks, "Is the activists narrative that blacks are treated unfairly leading to disgruntled blacks who ultimately go off the edge?"

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    in Entertainment

    TUESDAY JUNE 16th NOON CST on Equestrian Legacy Radio's SADDLE UP AMERICA!

    In our first segment we visit with SUSANA GIBSON Publisher of TRAIL BLAZER MAGAZINE for all the latest in trail information from the countries leading trail riding magazine.

    In our second segment we travel to west Tennessee to visit the historic BUFFALO RIVER TRAIL RIDE and learn about all this TN treasure has to offer from owners TRACY and TIM ASTON.  The Buffalo River Trail Ride is one more destination that is a must add to your "Bucket List"

    Join GARY HOLT and co-host TINA MAE WEBER every Tuesday at Noon CST with entertaining guest and valuable information for the Trail Rider. We take you across the country to visit great riding destinations at Horse Campgrounds and Guest Ranches that you'll want to add to your "Bucket List"

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    Episode VIII- The Powwow Trail Commentary, The spirit of Competition

    in Culture

    A few weeks ago, the debate (more like discussion) was had on the topic, are Powwows commercial or traditional? This episode, as Russ's co-host Trilby is somewhere on the trail, Russ will delve into commentary on his thoughts on the spirit of Competitve Powwow singing and Dancing. What is the spirit of competition? And like any competition, do people really get that mad when they don't win? Come be a part of this discussion as Russ takes on the Powwow Trail! Where is Trilby been will be the premise of Episode IX! Weee Chaaa! Dance your stlye and Keep on the Powwow Trail!

    Take the survey at someguytalking.com/survey and hit the follow links to stay in tune with all the episodes! 

    Dance Your Style! Stay Beautiful Native America!

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