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    In Your Face Talk Show on AVN: American Tragedies: Station Nightclub Fire 2003

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    On this episode of the In Your Face Talk Show LIVE on American Variety Network, CIA Alex Cardinale debuts a series he thinks you will enjoy!! Alex will be talking about some of the biggest American Tragedies to ever happen! My goal is to teach you about some of the historic tragedies that have happened and in the mean time teach you what to do in case a tragedy does strike so you know what to do!

    The first tragedy I will talk about is the Station Night Club Fire that took place on Thursday Febuary 20, 2003 at 11:07 PM EST. This fire took the lives of 100 people and injuried 230 others! The Station Night Club Fire took place in West Warwick Rhode Island and is regarded as one of the worst fires in USA history!

    Let's all learn about the Station Night Club Fire on this show!


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    Tinseltown Tragedies Episode 1 Preview

    in Movies

    This preview clip from episode 1 of Tinseltown Tragedies, the new original series from Movie Geeks United, focuses on Peg Entwistle, the actress who jumped off the Hollywood sign to her death in 1932.

    For more information on the series premiering in October, visit http://www.moviegeeksunited.net/tinseltowntragedies.htm

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    "A Man's World: Tragedies And Triumphs" - IT IS WHAT IT IS on KLJN

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    Special Guests: Author Paul Lamar Hunter



                                 BEN TANKARD - Don't Stop


    Producer: LadyJaz

    Co-Producer: Phillip Simmons

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    Daycare Tragedies

    in Current Events

    Let's talk about the recent uprising deaths in Daycares. Why are the licensing agencies not monitoring these facilities? What should we do to protect our children? Let's tal

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    When Trials & Tragedies come before the Holidays and carries into the New Year.

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    Episode 45: When Trials & Tragedies come before the Holidays and carries into the New Year. Guest Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity.


    On this episode of G220 Radio we are going to talk about trials and tragedies that happen before, during or right after the holidays and how we as Christians deal with them. We are going to talk about these issues that we may face or deal with in our lives and how God gives us comfort in times of trials and tragedies. Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity Ministries will be my guest as we discuss some of the things that people have gone through recently, a brother in Christ losing his home, a spouse who walks out on you, or a spouse who dies, police officers, firefighters and military men and women who die in the line of duty.

    The Sunday right before Christmas a brother in Christ woke up to his house on fire, thankfully by God's grace everyone made it out of the house alive, but the house was burnt to the ground, losing everything inside. While material things can always be replace, pictures and sentimental items cannot.

    What if your spouse cheats on you or walks out of the marriage. Maybe the loss of a loved one, a spouse, a child, a parent, a relative, or a friend.

    First responders and military men and women put their lives on the line everyday. Some service men and women die in the line of duty, leaving behind families.

    All these situations happen to some and the holidays come and go and then we carry the hurt, pain and sorrow into the New Year. How can we as Christians be there for someone going through a trial or tragedy? What if we are the one going through it?

    Second Hour:

    Sermon Jam: Voddie Baucham (If God is so powerful and so big why do bad things happen?)

    Open Air Preaching Spotlight: Bobby McCreery (To the End of the Earth Ministries)

    And more!!




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    Tragedies & Distractions In America

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    There seems to be more and more tradgies happening in these United States of America on a regular basis. We have witnessed more killings of unarmed African American men than we have seen In  the last decade. And it seems to keep bringing g up the race issues looming in the mist of the United states citizens. Is this another case of injustice being p lay ed out or just another distraction to the people? There has to be an answer to this madness

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    The Virgin's Diary: From Tragedies to Triumphs

    in Blogs

    The Virgin's Diary: From Tragedies to Triumphs
    In today's show, Judith discusses how she moved from constant tragedies to triumphs.  If you are having difficult times or know someone who is, ask them to tune in.
    Public Health Topic:
    What are GMO's?
    An organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.
    Wikepedia (2013). Genetically Modified Organisms. Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetically_modified_organism. Other GMO Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetically_modified_food

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    Terrible Tragedies Thursday (Lost In The Violence)

    in Education

    Call In (((713-955-0708))) 6:30pm Central/7:30 Eastern time
    Thursday night at P.O.P.S. Movement Radio Networks will host the Family and Friends who has lost Loved Ones in this senseless violence in our own community.
    Join us for a Special Guest Speaker "Nortasha Stingley", mother of our late Princess "Marissa Simone Boyd-Stingley".
    We are spending time to address the unsolved cases where children and adults are being layed to rest without the offender being made to answer for such atrocities...

    Join us, and bring a friend who understand the Struggle...in Love & Service Family

  • Tim Black At Night: October 5, 2015

    in Entertainment

    Tim Black looks at the "fakery"of politicians on mass shootings and gun violence and how they exploit tragedies for political gains. 

  • Tips For Loving Your Body Even When It Doesn't Feel Good

    in Spirituality

    Today's incredible show is teaching you tips on how to love your body even when doesn't feel good or it's difficult.  Mary and Janice will teach how to find that love for your body even when it doesn't feel good.  

    This show is to assist you with your spiritual development and journey. Our vision is to assist you with your life's journey.  The vision of this show is to help you make the changes you would like to have with ease and grace, to create a more fulfilling happier life. 

    Janice is a transformational coach helping your life Beyond YOUR Bliss and a healer certified in Basic and Advanced Theta Healing, Quantum Touch I & II, as well as a Quick Pulse practitioner.  Contact her at janice@janicepatricehart.com/www.janicepatricehart.com

    Mary is a visionary spiritual intuitive who specializes in facilitating her clients to live their passion. Mary has been addressing the concerns of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Mary began her soul work after her life met with tragedies that transformed her.  Mary launched her own company Globalhealing-soul-utions to provide people with the intuitive prospective they need to overcome obstacles and make the most of their lives. Contact her at maryanswersnow@gmail.com/http://www.globalhealing-soul-utions.com

    Notice:  We are on Stitcher and iTunes so you can listen from your mobile device! 

    We would love you to see our line of high vibrational energized Ambassador of Peace and other energized Peace and Love Products at The_Peace_Zone. These products are our own designs that we wanted to share with those who want higher vibrational choices for their clothing.

    Much Love,

    Janice & Mary

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          The statistics for mass shootings, school shootings and gun violence are in the forefront again, due to the recent shooting in Roseburg (hope I am spelling it correctly) Oregan at Umpqua Community College.  In my honest opinion, I don't think anything can prevent these tragedies, unless there was really a way to monitor the world like Tom Cruise did on THE MINORITY REPORT where they could PREVENT any disaster.  It's got the politicians playing their political hand, and finger pointing.  That will be one of the subjects for today's show - 347-205-9366.