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    Traditional Asian Medicine with Ben Fleisher, LAc

    in Health

    We will discuss traditonal chinese medicine and traditional Asian Medicine. The discussion will include herbs and acupucture

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    Confederate Flag & Traditional Marriage lost in same week

    in Politics Conservative

    The Confederate Flag and Traditional Marriage lost in the same week.  Have Conservatives lost everything?

    This episode brought to you by The Savings Mart




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    The NWCR Show #321 - Why do we allow what we allow?

    in Politics Conservative

    I have been railing for the last months about how America is going down the toilet because of the idiocy of what is going on and what is being allowed.  Well, it is going farther than we even imagined it would just months ago.  Join us for more illumination on the idiocy that is destroying this country, with your host, the infidel, Robert Garding.  We are improving for you, our listeners.

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    The Tyrannical Liberal Minority PC Leftists Truly Want To Destroy America!

    in Politics Conservative

    Tune in this Thursday as I talk about how the tyrannical liberal PC minority crowd in America is hell bent on re-wrighting history and telling you that YOU must conform or be labeled a rascist!

    Now what about the Confederate flag offends these people? Please tell me cause last I checked not one Confederate flag flew over any slave boats going from the North to Africa and back to the Carribean and back to the north but the American Flag flew during these missions. Please tell me why the Confederate flag offends you so much cause I really want to know!

    The Left and also some on the Conservative side have lost their collective minds because of a vocal few that are demanding history being re-written! 

    Is anything going to change in the fate of black on black crime or racism in this country by tearing down history? NO! Nothing will change! Nothing except our loss of American history!

    And why is it that a half white guy gets to use the "N" word on national TV and he is not called a rasict?

    Join us tomorrow for some thought provoking talk on American By Design! 7-9 pm CST 657-383-1908

  • 01:01

    Women Patriots Race in America

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight Barbara and Brenda discuss the South Carolina murders and more.  Should free speech be limited because it offends?  Should the confederate flag be banned?  Should the media cover the shootings in Chicago, Baltimore and more?  8:00 pm ET Join the discussion we want to hear from you!

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    Fathers day, the communist pope, Obama's anti gun nuts & Charleston shooter.

    in Politics Conservative

    This Sunday if you wish to give a shoutout to your father, living or not please call in as this will be our Fathers Day salute and our final Sunday show as we will be moving to Thursdays next week.
    I am also going to talk about this communist we call the Pope, Obama's anti gun speech after the Charleston shooting and one thing the media is NOT telling you about all of these shootings!
    But I willl!

    We will also have our "How Bizarre" segment as well as other things that are served up on your radio dish and ours, so tune in!

    This show will be from 7-9 pm cst and the number to call is 657-383-1908 if you wish to get a jump start!

    CYA there!


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    The NWCR Show #320 - Where do we go from here?

    in Politics Conservative

    War has been declared on us, and our leaders are sitting in their ivory towers in Washington D.C. ignoring the dangers, with the misbegotten idea that if you ignore it, it will go away.  The problem is, ignoring it will only embolden them to do more....because they can.  This has been proven in the past and will be proven again if we don't change the course this nation is on.  It's time to rock and roll our military all over their butts.  That is the only thing that groups like ISIS and Islam will understand.  They have been the ones doing the rocking and rolling lately.  And everytime they win, they have a parade through the conquered cities.  Don't we realize that when they do that, they are then targets for a hit?  I am trying a new way to do my show so the quality of the sound is much better.  I hope that this will be a better sounding show for you all

    Join us for another information filled show.

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    Traditional Turnbuckle Tomfoolery

    in Sports

    Sign Guy and QT are back with some traditional tomfoolery. Join in on the nonsense.

  • 01:37

    American By Design - Cruz on Halperin, the Pope on Capitalism, & bizarre news!

    in Politics Conservative

    Hey! Join us this week for my first show on The Traditional American Patriot Network as I talk about the Ted Cruz interview with the liberal Mark Halperin from Bloomberg and also about how Pope Francis seems to think capitalism is the root of all evil in this world, when in fact it is the only thing that will save this world from evil. We also will discuss anything that breaks late in the news and our "How Bizarre" segment where we will talk about some real flippin weird stuff!

    We also will simulcast this show to my Mixlr page at http://mixlr.com/americanbydesign/ so you get two, count em two shows in one for the price of admission of FREE! Now how much better can it get than that?

    So please join us for some fun as your host, Bing Fischer gets the jabs out for some entertaining and topic oriented talk!

    This Sunday 4-6pm EST on "American By Design", where the "Glass is Never Half Full" and where "WE WILL NOT BE RULED" is our motto!


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    Women Patriots Special Guests Karen Vaughn, GSM and Dave Bray of Madison Rising

    in Politics Conservative

    Karen Vaughn is the mother of fallen Navy SEAL, Aaron Carson Vaughn (SEAL Team VI). On August 6, 2011 Aaron was killed in action in the Tangi River Valley of Afghanistan when a chopper (call sign Extortion 17) carrying thirty Americans was shot from the sky. The day Aaron’s life ended hers began again.

    Dave Bray, lead singer of Madison Rising (America's most Patriot Band) will be calling in at 9:00PM EST. Dave will let us know the bands part in Concerned Veterans for America.

    Concerned Veterans for America advocates for policies that will preserve the freedom and liberty we and our families so proudly fought and sacrificed to defend.

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    Chewing the Fat with an old friend - Author, Harry Glosenger !

    in Politics Conservative

    This Sunday 6-14-15 I will interview a very good friend, Harry Glosenger who is the author of "The Resident Beanbag Bible", that I have interviewed before and was one of the most inspirational, heartfelt stories of a young man who overcame bullying because of a speech impairment and to turn it around without having to sue anybody. 
    His service to our country in the Army is priceless and his service as an ambassador of just being himself is also priceless.
    He is a bit older now, but also alot wiser and if you want to be uplifted instead of hearing about doom and gloom then tune in this Sunday for a must hear show. You will love this interview!
    5-7 pm CST 
    Something from Harry when I interviewed him 3 years ago to share.
    "I'm convinced that what's needed in this country is straight thinking, a good sense of humor and a willingness to do what you know is right. 
    I'll start by suggesting you ask yourself a couple questions. First, are you willing to laugh at yourself as much as you're willing to laugh at others? Second, are you open minded enough to consider some straight forward ideas? And I’ll ask nothing of you that I’m not equally ready to give you in return! I'll always put myself out there first with no philosophical mumbo-jumbo like asking you to meditate on a cactus or dance the funky chicken. Although I'm sure some of you do that anyway!"

    As we go along together we’ll talk about such things as Faith and Trust, Married and Single folks, Politics, Media, Money, Social Behavior and more. And I'll tell you about me and some of my defining moments. Oh, and don’t be at all surprised as we talk and share together that you and I become friends. 

    So, please join us and call in as we just wind down, chew the fat and blow off some steam!