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    Traditional Ahrimanist, Spiritual Warrior

    in Religion

    What is Traditional Ahrimanism and Daeva Worship?  Dastur Adam Daniels did an intense email interview with Satanic Stones.  This interview was personable with the Dastur and had him go over how Traditional Ahrimanism was created, and with Karlton Sells's permission, we have reprinted the interview on our blog Dakhma of Angra Mainyu. (Great Read!)  The interview also shows Dastur's evolution from Laveyan Satanist to a Daeva Worshiper.  The area not touched, was how much of the Dastur's Martial Arts training, Buddhist practice, and over all study of Eastern Philosophy/Religion.  

    Dastur Adam will be discussing the Eastern elements to Traditional Ahrimanism and how the blocks help set the stone foundation upon which Ahriman's Spiritual Warriors can learn to empower themselves to contend with spiritual and psychic opposition.  This same religious path gives people a practicle real world way of life that leads to fulfillment, through open expression of our animal nature and carnal desires, which vex and offend the righteous.  We are not a political organization, we are a Church and we will fight for our right to practice and expression our religious devotion that is protected by the First Amendment.  Now the evolution of a new spiritual evil has birthed forth into this world, and may Angra Maiyu's essence be scattered into the wind, water, fire, and earth.   

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    Traditional Turnbuckle Tomfoolery

    in Sports

    Turnbuckle Turmoil starts off 2015 with some of its traditional tomfoolery. Sign Guy, QT, and Demetri give their thoughts on some of the things that they think will happen in 2015 and recap some things that did go down in 2014. Kick the year 2015 off right by listening to what the Turnbuckle crew has to say.

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    PIJN News: Texas Asks Court to Uphold Traditional Marriage

    in Religion

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * The great state of Texas wants a court to uphold traditional marriage
    * Scientific study reveals what we all knew: Divorce causes harm to kids
    * A diverse symposium of religious leaders supports marriage between one man and one woman


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    Haiku - Most important form of traditional Japanese poetry

    in Self Help

    Haiku -  Most important form of traditional Japanese poetry however each and everyone of us now today are creating our own Haiku.  We are working to not only live a life but to create a life. We are all leaving a legacy.  The interesting thing is will your legacy be one that you, yourself would see as worth reading? 

    So how is your Haiku going to be and read.

    Let's talk


    Zurriane Bennett, Is an author, teacher and speaker.



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    Beyond Traditional Marketing: Content Marketing & Networking

    in Marketing

    Beyond Traditional Marketing:  Content Marketing & Networking

  • CURANDERISMO: Traditional Healing of Mexico w/ Eduardo Holman, Apprentice

    in Religion

    Precorded 7/10/2004

    The Late Bryant "Eduardo" Holman, (author: La Santisima Muerte: A Mexican Folk Saint) a "gringo" of Presidio, Mexico, was a student of Curanderismo, the belief in the practice of magical healing.

    A curandero or curandeiro is a traditional Native American healer or shaman in the United States and in Latin America. Historically, in the United States, curanderos were only found in concentrated Amerindian populations. In the mid to late 1970's the rise in ethnic minority and immigrant populations grew in tandem with the public presence of curanderos in areas outside of the historical geographic regions of the United States which had large Indigenous populations. The curandero dedicates their life to the administration of remedies for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual illnesses based on their evaluation.

    CURANDERISMO by Bryant "Eduardo" Holman
    When I first came to live in Ojinaga, I immediately became intrigued as to how much the people here are influenced by what is almost an obsession with what we might term the supernatural. I came to find out that this fact is almost the cornerstone of the culture here, and that this is really the norm throughout Mexico. It amazed me that anthropologists and writers seem to have missed the point on this issue, by and large. In the course of studying this phenomenon it finally became clear that the only way I was going to really understand it would be to befriend an actual curandero, and thus I came to seek out and to know Don Martín. I have since discovered that he is quite famous both here in Ojinaga and in the San Carlos region, besides having a large following all around the area of the "diaspora" of the Ojinaga and San Carlos people in the United States.

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    The voice that rejuvenates Traditional Gospel Music by Mrs.Lady Voncile

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God’s people I am honored to join you this evening and thank you for your constant support of the ministry. My guest today is not stranger to the media and to the world. She has an amazing voice that has opened the doors for her as a solo artist in Gospel music today. Voncile enjoyed singing for her family. She hails from a strong religious background; her father was a noted minister while her mother was a well-respected missionary. With deep gospel roots her yearning to sing thrived.  Today, her love for Gospel has awarded her many opportunities to minister through music, and has led Voncile Belcher to peruse her fourth solo project. Come join me for an hour of inspiration. We look forward to hearing from you. Remember God loves you with an Everlasting Love.


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    Passage to Empowerment - Non-traditional and Anti-gift giving

    in Lifestyle

    What are non-traditional gifts? Do you ever think that maybe gift giving has gotten way out of hand at Christmas time? Maybe you just don't have the $$$ to purchase gifts for your family and friends? Maybe it is time to try something different?

    Or maybe you already do what we will be talking about tonight or maybe you have some other suggestions. Phone us and share.   Is it time to really remember the reason for the season? 

     Brenda, Lydia, Melody and Nina may have a few suggestions on what you could do instead.


    www.levitatingmindsets.com or levitatingmindsets@gmail.com

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    Learning to Learn, Teach, and Live in Non-Traditional Ways--with Anita Merando

    in Spirituality

    Many of us struggle doing what we want to do. Sometimes it is because of lack of ability and sometimes it is a "disability." There are ways to overcome both if we are patient with ourselves and seek out people who have already overcome the same issues. 

    On Monday, Jan. 19, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. UK, Purpose Talk Radio guest Anita Merando will talk about how she struggled to read and write as a child and never knew why and yet now is a teacher, vocalist, writer and storyteller living in New York’s Hudson Valley. As a child, Anita never expected that she would teach or write. Undiagnosed reading and writing disabilities made school a struggle, and she limped along with the help of a few close friends, barely graduating high school with a ‘C’ average. Her second attempt at college was successfully with the help of her son who then was in high school. There is so much more to her story that you will want to hear.

    For more of our guest's background, visit Purpose Talk Radio.

    Each Monday at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST/8 pm UK, our host, Cindy Freeman, and her guests bring insights and ideas to help you grow in your Soul path. Cindy's guests are from a variety of profession, are experts on living their life with a purpose and are willing to share with listeners how they got there and how others might benefit from their experience. Join Cindy on Mondays live or archived to explore this area. Check out more information at Purpose Talk Radio and join the conversations on Facebook at Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.

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    Naturopath, Philip Weeks, Discusses Recipe for Healing Interstitial Cystitis

    in Health

    Philip Weeks is a leading expert on natural medicine and nutrition and a Master Herbalist and acupuncturist. Renowned for his deep understanding and knowledge of ancient medicine, he runs busy practices in London and Hereford, UK. He is deeply versed in Auyurvedic, Arabic, Chinese, and Greek medicine and synthesizes these sytems in his clinical work with patients. He is the author of “Make yourself better: A practical guide to restoring your body’s wellbeing thorugh ancient medicine” as well as the book he will be discussing in detail today “Painful Bladder Syndrome: Controlling and Resolving Interstitial Cystitis through natural medicine”.

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    Christians finding peace and joy in the non-traditional family

    in Christianity

    During this Thursday’s show Mike and Kyle will be discussing current issues that affect the state of Christian living in the United States of America.  As the reality of the divorced/mixed family continues to affect the majority of the Christian experience, the guys will focus this week on helpful biblical principles and Christian experiences to guide the body of Christ onto a life-changing family path in 2015.   

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