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    Does Your Business bring you Happiness? Rachael Stovall/Happy News Now

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    Can your business really make you happy? Can you answer yes to any of these 2 questions? 

    1) Is being listened to, respected,appreciated and understood important to you? 

    2) Have you sacrificed relationships for your career/business because that is what makes you happier?

    If you answered yes, to one or both of these questions you must tune in this week to The Networking Diva Hour and hear that chances are that you, like many of us, are using your business partly if not wholly, to satisfy and support your sense of self!!.  Listen  as I share Julian Hall's take on this subject. Join in the conversation at       646-478-3651 LIVE or log in to our chat line with your happy thoughts! 

    My guest host this week is Rachael Stovall from  KCMJ 93.9 FM Colorado Springs Community Radio  with her new show " Happy News Now". She will be here to make your day and have a enlightening discussion on her take on this weeks topic ?as well as information on her new radio show. 

    Can you use a little Happiness in your day??

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    The Empowered Entrepreneur:Your Either Networking or Not Working Part 2

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    Social media has changed many things for today's entrepreneur especially when it comes to networking. Be careful of the pitfalls and obstacles created by the increased use of social media. The tips I share on todays show will help create lasting connections for your business. 

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    Maximize Your Networking Approachability

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    When your at a networking function or social event, are people naturally drawn to you or do you unknowingly push then away?? Have you ever told a story about a successful business encounter that ended like this: "I am sorry I do not have a business card with me!!!!!!" You need to hear this weeks episode of The Networking Diva Hour on Maximizing Your Networking.  Hear these top 10 tips right out of the book " The Power of Approachability". with a twist of course..

    Also starting this week is the summer series on know your Community and how it effects you!!


    My guest this week is Morgan Mote, Assistant Executive Director with C/S Teen Court.

    C/S Teen Court is a unique and highly successful approach to juvenile crime. This independent non-profit program provides an alternative to the regular Municipal Court sentencing for first-time misdemeanor offenses committed by young people between 10 and 18 years of age. The purpose of Teen Court is to hold youth offenders accountable for their actions and to assist them in making better life choices through relevant sentencing options.

    Check them out @www.springsteencourt.org

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    David Bradford- Up Your Game: 6 Timeless Principles for Networking to the Top

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    Up Your Game: 6 Timeless Principles for Networking Your Way to the Top by David Bradford

    No matter where you are on your career trajectory, a new college graduate, a CEO, or anywhere in between, networking is essential to your success. Here, David Bradford shows us, "network" doesn't have to be a four-letter word.  Bradford, "The Bottlecap Kid", rose from humble beginnings to become CEO of two of the country's top 50 tech companies and is arguably the most connected human on planet Earth. In this book, he shares with us his six "UP Principles" - The very same strategies he attributes to his tremendous success.

    Today, David is Executive Chairman of VIEW- Virtual Immersive Educational Worlds aka FluentWorlds. Imagine a 3D virtual classroom where instead of having video games interfering with classroom instruction, video game technology is at the core of your instructional paradigm. The VIEW is transforming the way education and language training is done.

    His website is http://www.davidbradford.com/   

    To order the book click HERE

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com

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    Can Your Business Survive If You Don't?/Stephanie Curry

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    This week on The Networking Diva Hour, log in to hear about how your Business or Company can survive if you are stricken with a illness or terminal disease.  Learn about FMLA, state laws, eligibility, regulations and employee policies governing family and or medical leave. Get 5 Tips on what you should know if you're ever in that position.

    Also as we gear up for Breast Cancer Awareness month in Oct, my guest is Stephanie Curry author of a New Book "Breaking The Chains of Cancer".  She will tell you what inspired her to write this book and how it can help you or someone your know.  

    Call in to  646-478-3651 or log into the link to join in the conversation and tell us your survival story!


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    Networking Best Practices with Engineering Student Patrina Bailey

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    Self-motivated learner who is always looking for an opportunity to become knowledgable in any field of study. Although I am a student of mechanical engineering, I have enjoyed classes in cultural differences, the controversy of evolution and religion, psychology, and sociology. I am a dedicated and devoted pupil, in hopes of teaching others in the future of what I've learned. I hope to attain, and am currently on the path of attaining, experiences in philosophy, mechanical engineering, business, finance, communications, networking, positively impacting, and experiences in other cultures. I have high aspirations in assembling my own motor vehicle, traveling the world, and having an impact wherever I go.

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    The LBN Hour

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    4 Dynamic Diva's and a Diva Host!!

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    This week on a special edition of The networking Diva Hour, join Janiece Carlson host for an enlightening discussion with:
    Suzzanne Tulien on Branding,
    Dr. Tonya Henderson on Efficiencies,
    Lisa Coffy on Networking, and
    Suzanne Kladder on Sales.

    These Top Women in their field will share with you their knowledge and answer your business questions!! Please share this LIVE episode with your contacts and join us in this Networking Jam. Register to chat and win a great prize and the end of the show!!

    Call in from 10:00-11:30 AM MDT with your questions to 646-478-3651 OR you can log into the chat room at blogtalkradio.com/networkingdivahour

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    Networking Fundamentals with Isadora Badi

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    Isadora Badi is a global marketing professional specializing in marketing strategy and brand management. Over 10 years of experience creating marketing processes and systems to deliver global ad campaigns, promotions, email, social media, e-commerce programs and digital branding. Expert in leading multicultural and cross-functional teams in the implementation of marketing programs. Fluent in translating research and business needs into brand positioning and brand portfolio strategy.

  • How & Where People Network/ NAPW

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    There are countless online networking activities and groups we could take part in but it is not always clear which online networking sites are truly beneficial. It can also be very difficult to figure out how much time we should devote to online networking in order to be effective and where we should network face to face. Hear this week on The Networking Diva Hour from the experts how and where people should network. 

    Also my co-host is Victoria Gheorghe President of the C/S Chapter of the NAPW how to find and use your power. The National Association of Professional Women, created by Star Jones is the company's nonprofit philanthropic endeavor designed to support causes that are front burner issues for women. It also offers women the opportunity to network with over 700,000 members all over the nation.  

    Check them out @ www.napw.com

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    Channeling Magic Into Events, Business and Networking with Patrick Terry

    in Lifestyle

    We're starting this season with a little MAGIC!

    Creator and producer of WONDERSHOW, Patrick Terry will bring aspects of his amazing magic show into the world of events, business and networking; And demonstrate for us its application in every day situations. WONDERSHOW is dubbed, "Professional Mindfuckery by the Best Performers in the Business," by Time Out New York; if that's any indication to what Wednesday October 7th's show will be like, then you better tune in!

    This will be an amazing show, actually, an amazing event! Patrick may just perform a little magic for us, which you can catch on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/y-clad or catch us live on Periscope: @yclad1

    We'll talk the BIG events he's produced, the wonder behind WONDERSHOW, as well as, practical tips to making an event successful. 

    And in-line with our shows format, we will be covering all of the latest events and fashion industry news, as well as, bring you the featured designer of the day.

    Designer Feature:  Multi Light Gala Bracelet by Alzerina Gomes. 

    The Gala Bracelet is a leather cuff encrusted with Swarovski Crystals and finished with hand-stitched edges. It is perfect for a glamorous night out on the town!