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    Hey Black Child...

    in Family

    In light of the chaos and tradegy that has happened in Baltimore, we (parents) must understand that we also played a part in this. So instead of going into a long sermon about what's wrong let's start OUR begining today. Read this poem or let your child listen to it as I read it. This poem was written by Langston Hughes.


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    Crime Alert: Two Dangerous Violent Trends You Must Know About

    in Education

    Join us on this epsiode as we cover two dangerous trends that you and your family might find yourselves in, unaware and unprepared. This Episode is a MUST for every Parent who takes Keeping their Family Safe Seriously. You will find out how just a quick trip to the Mall could end up in tradegy. Some pointers on how to be Safe in these violent and uncertain times. 

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    Still Standing in the Midst of a Storm

    in Women

    What do you do when the doctors tell you to pull the plug on your husband? How do you cope when tradegy comes to your front door? Join us a our guest, DeAnna Bookert, shares her heart secrets of dealing with the struggle and pain of her husband's recovery from Anoxic Brain Injury. Learn how this wife, mother and business woman stands in her faith and power to move forward, while still in the midst of the storm.

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    Lord help us as we weep for the tradegy of innocent lives

    in Spirituality

    LORD My eyes fail from weeping. I am in torment within, My heart is poured upon the ground because the innocent children  was taken in tradegy without a cause they were destroyed the children were brought to silent. I grieve deeply because of the destruction .Lord we will face tradegy in our lives.But  in the midst of our affliction,there is hope in God.Help us In this tradegy  and give strength to the grieving families.

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    Part II Is God a Monster? A Look at the Old Testament

    in Christianity

    This week we will continue you are study on the character of God and understanding if he is a prideful God who lacks humility and lords over his people, and abandons them when  tradegy hit. Understanding how this loving God could allow so much devastation in the earth and do nothing to change or stop it.

    He is a God who brain washes those who follow him and those who do in some way are less intelligent than those who do not believe in any type of God. Join me as we explore this monster like God some think we serve.

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    How to forgive when it is beyond our natural ability

    in Christianity

    Greeting to all God leading ladies, Each week I get excited about what God is doing and the many doors God is opening for me along with the  many testimonies I receive from Women.I have a dear friend of mine who will be joining me on this episode titled How to forgive when it is beyond your natural ability. In this particular show my guest will be sharing her personal tragedy but how God had restored her and given her the gift of Love.We all say I love you but what happens when tradegy strikes your family and you have a reflection of your own heart When people disappoint us we feel many emotions rejection,abandonment just to name a few but how do we go from being hurt to being restored.I know it so well and it took me a while to get to a place that I could forgive I wanted God to bring the person to me first but what happens when that does not happen.Well I have a testimony for you of a woman who will share her own story.I know her story blessed me and I know it will bless you as well. Tune in July 30, 2014 at 9:00am EST.I would like you all to reflect on this question Is my love conditional? Remember God loves you with an Everlasting Love.

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    The American Tradegy

    in Health

    Title say it all! But my take is a little different.
    In addition to the tragic talk what about Bill Gates' " holding people to account" comment?  Why is he so sure that he has the solution? It's his money so I guess he can do what he wants but holding people to account? Is there a law now, is he employing everyone, if so will they get a W-2?  I will help Bill out in understanding the error of his ways ;)

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    Why does Fear and Tradegy Occur During the Christmas Season?

    in Spirituality

    In Luke 2:10 The Angel of the Lord said “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.”   This passage helps us understand that “Fear” will be a common element of Christ’s birth. Listen as we share how and why it is possible to have a mixture of great feelings at Christmas, yet see some of the greatest tragedies of our time … The Indonesian Tsunami, school shootings, etc.   

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    Oscar-nominated director Robert Bilheimer tackles human trafficking

    in Travel

    World Footprints is pleased to introduce our partner, Pack for a Purpose.  Did you know that just by setting aside a small space in your suitcase—5 lbs worth of space—that you could supply crucial education materials or simple medical supplies to children around the world?  Our friend, Rebecca Rothney founded “Pack for a Purpose” on the belief that every traveler could have a positive and big impact on a community by donating just a little of their luggage space.

    Then, meet our good friend, oscar nominated director Robert Bilheimer.  Bob is using his gift of film making to raise awareness about social, cultural, and humanitarian concerns.  His company, Worldwide Documentaries, brings to light the way the world is today—a world of small islands of wealth surrounded by vast oceans of poverty and despair. his films include “cry of reason”, for which he was nominated for an academy award; “a closer walk” which examines the global response to the hiv/aids crisis; and most recently “Not My Life” which confronts one of World Footprints causes--the tradegy of human trafficking.

    Finally, our dear friend Edvinas Minkstimas, one of Europe’s top emerging young pianists, joins us today.  Edvinas hails from Kaunas, Lithuania and made his debut at the age of 14 with The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Orchestra .  Edvinas has won international acclaim and multiple awards including his most recent, the Belz-Parker Young Artist Award.  In addition to his impressive musical career, Edvinas is also the founder of Global Lithuanian Leaders, a nonprofit organization that has a mission to support Lithuanians all over the world.

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    Living Happier After with Wilma Jones

    in Self Help

    I love living your purpose because in that you will meet the people who you are suppose to meet.  Our guest tonight is no different.  She is a person who believes attitude is everything and we must remain positive at all times and live in that light.  Wilma Jones is the author of, Living Happier After, and her byline is Better, Not Bitter.  She will give us some tools tonight to help us live beyond tradegy, whether that is divorce, bad relationships....there is life after the bad. This is going to be one of those shows that you will have to listen to again and again.  DON'T MISS IT!!

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    Mr. Maken It Happun & Milli M. Show

    in Entertainment

    Tonight - Nigerian girls and "What's going on with Columbus Short?" Also, two amazing stories of TRADEGY TO TRIUMPH. Motivational speaker, Larry Love and CEO of Pink Wishes, Shay Sharpe, share intimate details of their fight and victory over cancer. They'll aslo tell us what life is like for them now and give advice for detection and prevention of this deadly disease.

    It's MAKE IT HAPPEN MAY!! Mr. Maken It Happun and Milli M. show is starting with a bang!! We'll discuss Donald Sterling and kidnapped Nigerian girls. Call in with your questions and comments. 347-945-7597. IT'S MAY! LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN! @ 7:30 PM EST.