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    Tracy Repchuk on Creating Marketing Miracles in Your Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Tracy Repchuk is an online marketing and social media speaker and strategist. She is an International bestselling author of and an award winning entrepreneur since 1985 when she started a software company  after graduating with an IT degree at the age of 19. 

    After 30 years in marketing and serving thousands of clients around the world she has spoken in over 35 countries and appears as a technology specialist for: ABC, CNBC, FOX, NBC, USA Today, Forbes, MSN Money, over 50 publications, newspapers and magazines, plus 2 motivational movies.

    Find out more at: www.TracyRepchuk.com

    PS - Tracy's Free Gift - Business SEO SOS Guide at: www.MarketingSolutionsforBusiness.com

    Phone #: 818.731.5937

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    Tracy Repchuk with Author with the book Instant On Line Inpact

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    TRACY REPCHUK is an International speaker and Motivator, Recurring Riches for Life Coach, Bestselling Author,Award-Winning Entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and consultant. 

    Her #1 bestseller "31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles" serves as the reference guide to newbies and entrepreneurs wanting to turn their passion into profits and accelerate business results.

    Tracy Repchuk catapulted onto the internet marketing scene when in her first 6 months she won New Internet Marketing Success of the Year, wrote and launched a bestseller in 58 days, and made 6 figures with no list, no contacts and no idea what she was doing.


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    Mary and Laura Introduce Animal Communicator, Tracy Harris

    in Paranormal

    Mary and Laura invite Tracy Harris-Animal Communicator to this weeks show.

    Tracy Harris says that during a session with her, she receives information through thoughts, pictures and feelings after she connects with the animals energy, which she says she can do with the use of a picture of your animal, or the breed and color of the animal along with thier name. Please, join Mary and Laura on Thursday morning at 10 a.m. (CT) and call in and ask Tracy Harris about your animal.  Let your animal speak to you. So many times the animals have things they just can't tell us, and behaviors that make no sense to humans. Allowing Tracy Harris to speak to your anmals will bring you peace of mind. It and can also calm the animals down as well once they have spoken to Tracy Harris. Mary and Laura will be asking Tracy Harris about both their Charlie dogs. Yes, Mary and Laura both have dogs named Charlie. You can go to the top of the page and get a reminder sent to you about the show and you won't miss a minute of Tracy's unique gift to talk to the animals. This is going to be another amazing show.

     tracyharris33@hotmail.com Tracy's email address if you'd like to send in a photo of your pet so Tracy can get a clear connection with your animal.  









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    Multi-Genre Author and Playwright Tracy Krauss drops by The G-ZONE!

    in Books

    Tracy Krauss is an author, playwright, artist, director, and teacher. She grew up in small town Saskatchewan and received her Bachelor of Education Degree in Saskatoon with majors in Art, English and History. She has lived in many interesting places in northern Canada, many of them north of the 60th parallel. She is currently a full time High School teacher of Art, Drama, English and History. She is currently working on several novels and stage plays, and resides with her husband in beautiful Tumbler Ridge, BC.
    - Website: tracykrauss.com
    - goodreads: goodreads.com/author/show/3492473.Tracy_Krauss
    - FB Author page: tinyurl.com/Tracy-Krauss-Author-Fanpage
    - Pinterest:pinterest.com/tracykrauss/

  • The Psychic Show with Tracy Fance

    in Spirituality

    Tune in each week as we discuss all things psychic. We will have guests who are specialists in their field taking calls from so you can ask questions plus gain more insight in to the other subjects which are out there such as healing, readings, psychic skills, how to develop etc.

    Clairvoyant-Medium Tracy Fance will be taking calls and answering your queries in the chat room with her psychic readings so get the kettle on and come join us on our spiritual journey.

    This week’s guest will be Drew Pillow. Join us as we discuss his spiritual awakening including the mistakes, the highs, lows, tears & laughter.

    If you can't make the show feel free to listen on playback and for readings go to my site www.tracyfance.co.uk

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    Tracy Stern and Renée Vara , SALON ART SOCIETY (SAS)

    in Art

    Tracy Stern and Renée Vara are pleased to present SALON ART SOCIETY (SAS), a cultural community of visionaries, intellects and art aficionados gathered to share their desire to embrace artistic experiences and viewpoints. Members are given unique access to the arts to spark experimental perspectives and new relationships. SALON ARTSOCIETY Membership is offered in three categories: Lifetime, Founding and Annual Members which provide priority access to a full calendar of exclusive SAS events and prominent listings in a social diary.SAS official launch event will celebrate the opening of NY Armory week on March 2, 2015. The SAS community, its co-founders and 12 SAS Ambassadors will invite their favorites to indulge their artistic impulses and support creative culture.Salons over the centuries consecrated the talents of great artists, writers, designers and intellects by gathering such visionary energies to indulge in exciting adventures, dinners, conversations, parties and performances, artists and literaries met and famously blended with fashionistas, socialites and royalty to manifest cultural history.http://www.varaart.com  http://www.tracystern.com/


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    Marketing Success Strategies - Tracy Repchuk

    in Business

    Tracy Repchuk discusses the " Success Strategies to Conquer the New Marketing Landscape."   1. What the first critical step is that most companies do not do. 2. Discover the missing piece to being heard above the noise. 3. What 2 new websites you need to dominate the internet. 4. Why social media can't be skipped and where you should be. 5. How to put it all together.
        Internet Marketing, Social Media and Business Strategist and Speaker  

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    Internet Marketing and Social Media Mastery for Your Business: Tracy Repchuk

    in Entrepreneur

    Tracy Repchuk: internet marketing and social media for business speaker and strategist, bestselling author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles and is an award winning entrepreneur since 1985. Tracy has spoken in over 30 countries and has frequently appeared as a business expert for national TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

    To be empowered online you need to understand that the Internet is the greatest marketing tool of all time but the industry is filled with wrong data, confusing steps, and hype that mislead what you should be doing for your business to attract more leads, get more clients and make more sales. Social Media has transformed the landscape, SEO is even more vital, and brand management is at a premium. Discover how to all of these work together to give you the cohesive strategy you need to succeed online.

    Today You'll Discover:

    1. What the first critical step is that most companies do not do

    2. The missing piece to being heard above the noise

    3. What 2 new websites you need to dominate the internet

    4. Why social media can't be skipped and where you should be

    5. How to put it all together

    Visit http://www.tracyrepchuk.com/

    Connect with Deb at: http://www.greenskyandbluegrass.com/



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    Numerology Readings with Tracy and Alexander

    in Spirituality

    Hey everyone! 

    This SUNDAY, April 26th, at 6:30 PM Pacific/8:30 PM Central Time, Tracy and I will be on the air doing FREE Numerology readings for our callers. 

    Your birthday tells a great deal of information about you - from who you are as a Soul to what specialized talents you possess. It also indicates blocks or challenges you are working through in this lifetime. Tracy and I also use your birthday to tap into our own intuitive guidance when connecting with you.

    Curious about Numerology, or want a little guidance in some area of your life? Call in to talk to us at (516) 590-0993!

    Talk to you guys on Sunday!


    Our shows are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to treat, diagnose and/or claim any cure of disease or condition.

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    Turn Your Passion to Profit online with Tracy Repchuk

    in Entrepreneur

    Tracy Repchuk went from a successful business in Canada, to moving to the USA and starting from ground zero to make sure the new model she adopted put her family first. Discover how she went from no list, no contacts and no idea what she was doing, to becoming a bestselling author in 58 days from starting to write the book to launch, to making 6 figures in her first 5 months and winning new Internet Marketing Success of the Year. It's going to be a fantastic show... get your pen and paper ready to learn from this amazing expert!  

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    Interview with Tracy from Pink Bella Aloha Therapy

    in Spirituality

    I am happy that my friend and fellow Angel Enthusiast, Tracy Polowich (Pink Bella Aloha Therapy) will be joining me for an interview and to offer some short readings for callers!

    Tracy is currently offering Quantum Empowerment Coaching Sessions, Quantum Energy Balance Sessions, Animal Reiki, Intuitive 12 Chakra Energy Readings both near her home and world wide.

    You can find her here:

    Pink Bella Aloha Therapy

    FB Page ~~ www.facebook.com/alohapinkbella

    Website ~~ www.alohapinkbella.wordpress.com

    Email ~~ alohapinkbella@gmail.com

    New Earth FB Page ~~ www.facebook.com/aloha12chakras