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    Conversations with Myra and Erin Elise

    in Women

    just testing the system out thank you very much

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    BTPowerhouse Podcast #30 - Illinois and Tracy Abrams Talk

    in Basketball

    The BTPowerhouse staff breakdown the recent injury of Tracy Abrams and how it will impact Illinois going forward.  To help facilitate discussion, Jim Vainisi of the Champaign Room joins the podcast.  Some time is also spent on whether John Groce is on the hot seat for next season.

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    Elise Ficorilli Bhagavati: Rythm Yoga

    in Health

    Bonjour, mon nom est Elise Ficorilli Bhagavati

    Je pratique le yoga depuis 40 ans. Professeure certifiée de l'organisation Sivandanda depuis 2000, j'explore aussi d'autres disciplines complémentaires qui teintent mes cours; le chi gong, les méditations taoîstes et la pratique du shiatsu. J'ai enseigné différents types de yoga: Hatha Yoga, YinYang Yoga et Rythm Yoga. Je suis aussi une artiste multidisciplinaire: musicienne et professeur de percussion.

    Retrouvez-moi à Yocomo Web Radio ou j'ai répondu aux questions durant le festival de yoga de Montréal.

    Quel a été votre premier contact avec le yoga?
    Qu'est ce qui vous as amené a enseigner le yoga?
    Quelles formations avez-vous suivi?
    Quel type de yoga enseignez?
    Comment vos valeurs et personnalité influence votre pratique et enseignement?




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    Elise Fellner survived cardiac arrest

    in Health

    Elise Fellner, at age 16, experienced cardiac arrest.

    Being very blessed by God there were two people nearby who knew CPR and were able to perform this life-saving treatment until the EMT medic unit arrived.

    Listen to the show live or in replay to hear Elise's amazing story.


  • Stew and the Nunn, Episode 2- Gina Elise, Author James Christ

    in Military

    Ms. Gina Elise from Pinupsforvets.com will be joining Stew and The Nunn to talk about her amazing charity and all the great things it has done and is doing. 

    Author James Christ will also be joining us to talk about his latest book in his long line of books he has written. 

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Tracy Durrant of Healing the Mind Body & Soul

    in Self Help

    Sandy, UT – All our stress and symptoms are our body’s way of letting us know there is something occurring within us that we are ready to heal and release. Whether the challenge we are experiencing shows up as emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual dis-ease, it can be found and released, thereby creating harmony and healing on a deep level, where permanent healing occurs.

    Tracy Durrant is an energy healer and founder of Healing the Mind Body & Soul, where she specializes in a unique modality known as The Emotion Code, a holistic form of healing that allows us to release the trapped emotions that prevent our mind, body and soul from moving forward in positive and healthy ways.

    “I was always drawn to energy healing but I never thought I would end up working in the field,” says Tracy. “I found the Emotion Code by surrendering to loving myself. I desire to help other people because I’ve seen it change my life in dramatic and profound ways.”

    According to Tracy, our subconscious mind holds every detail of our life’s experience. Trapped emotions are negative energies that distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain as well as all manner of disease. These trapped emotions are also the driving force behind the unwanted patterns we seem to create and recreate in our daily lives. Through a combination of muscle testing and her intuitive skills, Tracy can identify our trapped emotions and release them through our energetic meridians.

    “These are people that are being called to take their own power back, their healing and their health back,” says Tracy. “Alternative medicine gives them the platform and the voice to do just that.” 

    For more information on Healing the Mind Body and Soul, visit www.healingthemindbodyandsoul.com

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    Tracy Arnold from VA ECBRO ROUND TWO

    in Paranormal

    Tracy Arnold is a researcher from VA and has spent many hrs in the field doing research. Please join us us tonight as Tracy shares his findings and knowledge of the elusive creature!!

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    Healthy Mind, Successful Life with Miss Texas International 2015 Elise Banks

    in Health

    Elise Banks brought home the crowning glory when she was crowned during the Texas International Pageant, held March 15th at the Granville Arts Center in Dallas. As Miss Texas International 2015, Elise will continue working with her platform, "Healthy Mind, Successful Life," to help others understand the power they have to create mental health and to help remove the stigma of asking for help. Ms. Banks works with middle- and high-school-aged students to give them tools for effectively coping with common teen stressors, to help further her goal of encouraging others to develop healthy lifestyles that contribute to mental health. Elise completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Baylor University and then graduated with honors from the University of Houston, where she obtained her master’s degree in Counseling. She is a counseling therapist and works in both private practice and at a psychiatric hospital in Houston. During her reign as Miss Texas International Elise’s main goal will be to bring more awareness about mental health issues and focusing on helping individuals lead a productive and healthy lifestyle. She is presently collaborating with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) on their Stamp Out the Stigma Campaign and is a voluntary spokesperson for American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Campaign. Ms. Banks is a native Texan and a member of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, where she served as a volunteer in the children's ministry.

     Order your copy today of Shay-Renae's New-Hit Single "I Am Awake" by clicking on the link:  http://cdbaby.com/

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    Getting to Know Author Elise

    in Books

    Maia Star Livingston had known her share of heartache and loss before she reached adulthood. Growing up with a mother, who was broken by love, Maia swore to herself that she would never fall victim to a man. However, life teaches us subtle lessons and one of them is to never say never. 
    Maia knew the moment she laid eyes on Junior, that she should run for the hills and that he would be her beginning and her end. The more she tried to fight the feelings he ignited, the more she found herself falling deeper in love. 
    Junior Sutton lived life reckless and free, constantly making rash decisions and ignoring the consequences and feelings of others. Junior was an untamable spirit, until the day he met Maia. Soon he would find himself engaged in battle between his pride and the desires of his heart. 
    When tragedy strikes and their lives are changed inevitably will they find the strength and courage to hold on? Or will life and circumstances rip them apart forever? 
    Travel along through this heart wrenching tale of love, pain and struggle. Follow Maia and Junior on their journey, as they discover that sometimes “Unspoken Promises”, provide the most hope.

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    Tracy Stern & Artist Randy Polumbo, Skateboard Studio!

    in Entertainment


    Skateboard Studio is a collection of artfully designed skateboards inspired by color, art, pop culture, movies, nature and music. Tracy has been fascinated by the artwork and color of skateboards since gradeschool when she became the first female freestyler in her neighborhood. As a successful entrepreneur Tracy has cultivated several brands to international status and has appeared in countless international magazines and TV such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and O, The Oprah Magazine. Tracy writes several national columns on Trends in decor and entertainment pieces. She received an associate degree of the New York School of Design as well as Received BFA in painting at the University of Tampa. Tracy currently resides in New York City. As if Tracy’s designs weren’t unique enough, she’s enlisted the infamous artist Randy Polumbo to create a limited edition series of boards featuring his inspiring work Lovestream. “Randy’s work (sculpture) , his imagination , his mind and his heart, are what made this collabration a must,” says Stern. “I’m inspired by his use of colored glass and beautiful shapes. It’s magical and transports us all to a dierent plane or for me, the garden of Eden. ”Randy’s work has been featured internationally at venues such as Art Basel/Miami Beach and Burning Man, Crocker Art Museum and Museum of Sex, NY. He has been reviewed in the New York Times, New York Magazine, and Art Daily to name a few. Current studio projects include a large penthouse residence turned art installation designed and built from Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory salvage and extensive plants hydroponic gardens, plant walls, a green roof, and a food garden. Randy lives and works in New York City.





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    Radio [itvt]: TVOT 2015 Keynote Presentation by Albie Hecht, General Manager of

    in Television

    [itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT 2015 keynote by Albie Hecht, General Manager of HLN. The keynote was described in the show brochure as follows:

    "Albie Hecht is leading HLN's efforts to transform itself into what it terms 'the first all-screens home for the best social news and lifestyle content in the world.' And it seems that the network's strategy of targeting an audience of 'Millennials and the Millennial-minded' is already finding success: over the past year or so, it has attracted a younger viewership by three years in its median audience age, and is enjoying improved ratings among the 24-54 and 18-49 demographics.

    In this keynote presentation, Hecht will explain how HLN is reinventing itself as a social and participatory network that appeals to Millennials and other younger viewers by--among other things--encouraging viewers to interact with its programming, developing specific content for each of the platforms frequented by those viewers, and sourcing not only stories but on-air talent from social media. In addition, he will cast light on television's re-emergence as a third screen."

    TVOT Web site


    Tickets to TVOT NYC 2015