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    "Ferguson: "Black Lives Matters- Tracing Elements of Domestic Violence

    in Motivation

    "Ferguson: "Black Lives Matters- Tracing Elements of  Domestic Violence and its Correlation to Street Violence"

    Join J.R. Thicklin along with his Special Co-Host Dr. Annette Douglas-Behavior Scientist and their Special Guest Former Chief Michael Blow -retired former 

    Deputy Chief of Police in Prince George County Maryland as they discuss some underlying elements in the Ferguson riots as well as the correlation between domestic 

    violence and street violence and how it impacts our society as a whole. We will discuss Black Lives Matters: What Does that Really Means? You don't want to miss this show 

    9:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM CST, 6:00 PST www.soulofamericaradio.com or call in at (323)784-9638

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    Brown-Eyed Perspective Anniversary Edition: Episode 1

    in Current Events

    Your co-hosts are excited to celebrate their one year anniversary of the Brown-Eyed Perspective and will talk to Ms. Tenesha Duffy, Elementary School Teacher, and one of the educators on the Department of Education's 2016 Delaware Dream Team as she discusses excellence in the field of teaching.  We will also hear from Deneen Moore-McDonald to talk about geneology (tracing your roots).  As the hosts continue to educate the community we will also talk about the legacy of Tommy Coveleski and the coverage of sports in the Cape region since 1972 from Mr. Dave "Fredman" Frederick, Sociologist and Sports Encyclopedia.



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    Lizard Lick Towing Stars Amy and Ronnie Shirley

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Ronnie Shirley.

    Ron is the President of LLTR and oversees the day to day operations of the repo company as well as heading up the repossession skip tracing department..

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    Alan Butler & Janet Wolter: America, Nation of the Goddess

    in News

    In America: Nation of the Goddess, Alan Butler and Janet Wolter reveal how a secret cabal of influential “Venus” families with a lineage tracing back to the Eleusinian Mysteries has shaped the history of the United States since its founding. The evidence for such incredible assertions comes from American institutions such as the National Grange Order of Husbandry and from the man-made landscape of the United States where massive structures and whole cities conform to an agenda designed to elevate the feminine within religion and society. 

    The book explores how a secret cabal of influential families has shaped the United States according to the principles of sacred geometry and Goddess veneration 

    • Exposes the esoteric influences behind the National Grange Order of Husbandry 

    • Examines the sacred design and hidden purpose of the Washington Monument 

    • Reveals how the three obelisks in New York City depict the stars of Orion’s Belt 

    • Explains how every baseball diamond is actually a temple to the Goddess

    Alan Butler is a writer, researcher, and recognized expert in ancient cosmology and astronomy with many books to his credit, including Hiram Key Revisited, Civilization One, and City of the Goddess. He has appeared on Ancient Aliens, The Mystery of History, and America Unearthed. He lives in Yorkshire, England. Janet Wolter is a writer and historical investigator. Married to Scott F. Wolter, the host of H2’s America Unearthed, she lives outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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    Author never gave up and dedicated his first book to his deceased wife

    in Spirituality

    Jack Martin was born and raised in California. After receiving his Juris Doctorate from UCLA, Jack worked for The Department of Defense and the aerospace industry, specializing in contracts and regulatory issues. While tracing his Californian ancestry back to the 1820s, Jack developed a passion for American history and the mystery genre. With encouragement and support from his beloved wife Sonia, he began writing. Sonia passed away on Christmas Eve 2009, following a brave battle against ovarian cancer. He promised her he would finish the books and become a published author. He is dedicated his first novel to Sonia, the love of his life.

    Before "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" Jack had five Civil War mysteries published by Fireship Press: Alphonso Clay Mysteries of the Civil War: John Brown’s Body, Battle Cry of Freedom, Marching Through Georgia, The Battle Hymn of the Republic and Hail Columbia. Learn more about them at www.fireshippress.com.


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    The Deception Of False Prophets In The Last Days By Dr. Jordan Wells

    in Christianity

    False Prophets have been around since the old testament period, deceiving there victims with motivational words,that they claim are from God. When in reality the inspiration, behind there preaching comes from the father of lies Satan. Well in this ground breaking teaching, we will be taking a break from our Living In The Final Chapter Series, to trace the history of false prophets throughout the ages. But more important than that we will be tracing a even greater threat, the arise of the thousands of false prophets that our leading millions around the world, into the arms of Satan. Please do not miss this powerful teaching, and also be sure to share on facebook, and to get our new book Living In The Final Chapter today.

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    BLOOD RUNS GREEN-Gillian O'Brien

    in Entertainment

    It was the biggest funeral Chicago had seen since Lincoln’s. On May 26, 1889, four thousand mourners proceeded down Michigan Avenue, followed by a crowd forty thousand strong, in a howl of protest at what commentators called one of the ghastliest and most curious crimes in civilized history. The dead man, Dr. P. H. Cronin, was a respected Irish physician, but his brutal murder uncovered a web of intrigue, secrecy, and corruption that stretched across the United States and far beyond.

    Blood Runs Green tells the story of Cronin’s murder from the police investigation to the trial. It is a story of hotheaded journalists in pursuit of sensational crimes, of a bungling police force riddled with informers and spies, and of a secret revolutionary society determined to free Ireland but succeeding only in tearing itself apart. It is also the story of a booming immigrant population clamoring for power at a time of unprecedented change.

    From backrooms to courtrooms, historian Gillian O’Brien deftly navigates the complexities of Irish Chicago, bringing to life a rich cast of characters and tracing the spectacular rise and fall of the secret Irish American society Clan na Gael. She draws on real-life accounts and sources from the United States, Ireland, and Britain to cast new light on Clan na Gael and reveal how Irish republicanism swept across the United States. Destined to be a true crime classic, Blood Runs Green is an enthralling tale of a murder that captivated the world and reverberated through society long after the coffin closed.

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    Dr. Alicene Hunter - Author - Reflections of our Lives - NashvilleAAE

    in Christianity


    Dr. Hunter is ordained for service by two Christian organizations – Holiness Science and Liberated Catholic. The major components of her service include: preaching at diverse Churches and events, teaching specialized Bible studies for persons with special needs, prayer and counseling, and foreign missionary work to Haiti three times and to Belize once. She was educated by The Holy Spirit, life, and the following institutions of higher learning: University of Tennessee at Nashville, Tennessee State University, Emmanuel Bible College, Sacred Heart Theological, and United Theological.

    Dr. Hunter’s freelance articles and photographs have been published in the Tennessean and the Nashville Pride. She self-published and sold a poetry chapbook, Reflections of Our Lives.  Her poem, Rain for Haiti, published in Tracing the Infinite, by The International Library of Poetry, received the Editor’s Choice Award from the International Library of Poetry. Alicelene has been honored locally by the Office of Mayor Bill Purcell for “… artistic contributions to the community through poetry.” Also awarded with the group, Relativ, for “…service to the artistic community of Nashville as a supporter of literature and poetry.”



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    The One World Religion By Dr. Jordan Wells Part 1

    in Christianity

    In this ground breaking teaching, I will be tracing the history of the One World Religion, going all the way back to the tower of babel. This is part of our new Living In The Final Chapter Series you can not afford to miss this special teaching. I have done alot of research, the devil is setting the world up for the greatest deception in history. This fall will even effect the very elect of God. The only way for you to not be decieved is through the revelation of the word of God, tune in today. 

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Barry Eaton: No Goodbyes - Insights from the Other Side

    in Spirituality

    TV Star, Bestselling Author & Psychic Medium BARRY EATON live!

    In No Goodbyes: Life Changing Insights from the Other Side, Barry Eaton reveals information gleamed from his experiences with the spirit world, about destiny and free will, world unrest, the effects of negativity and addiction, dealing with skeptics, soul energy guidance, consulting mediums and psychics, soul growth, and other insights into the bigger picture.  His book offers new information from spirits living in the advanced stages of life after death, who believe that their time has come to let people know the answers to mysteries that have puzzled them for generations.   Experiences these messages from the Other Side tonight!

    Barry Eaton is well known in his native Australia as a mainstream journalist and broadcaster, and for his internet radio show RadioOutThere.com He gives regular talks and lectures, as well as one-on-one sessions as a psychic intuitive. As a writer he has scripted and narrated many documentary films and corporate presentations and written numerous feature stories for magazines and newspapers on everything from astrology to travel.

    Barry's first book ‘Afterlife – Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death’, tracing the journey of the spirit in between incarnations, Barry is a qualified astrologer, psychic and medium and in 2012 did what he terms a postgraduate course in mediumship at the world famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. He was also given the 2012 Hall of Fame Award by the Australian Psychics Association.




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    Help Tracing Your Roots with Ancestry.com

    in Family

    Thank you for checking out this episode of The Help Desk with Kim Nelson-Ingram.
    If you’ve ever thought about researching your family tree, but didn’t really know where or how to begin—this is an episode of The Help Desk that you’ll want to hear.
    I’m talking with Ancestry.com Associate Genealogist Sherry Lindsay, who has expert advice and helpful tips for getting started with tracing your roots and making those leaves on your family tree shake.

    You don’t have to be an Alex Haley type to get to the roots of your family matters. We’ll tell you everything you need to dive in and start digging  after listening to this episode of The Help Desk.