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    Parent Unafraid - From the Campaign Bunker of Jay Davis

    in Parents

    Tonight's show is guaranteed to top the downloaded podcast charts.... It's all out war as Jay Davis brings in a special co-host to gain some fresh perspective after a dangerous run in with some undesirable CPS types. Plus Jay Davis will reveal some other kick ass developments that you won't wanna miss! Listen in Live or catch the podcast. You'll be glad you did. 

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    Saturday Mid Morning Mayhem - With Cooper and Konnor Davis.

    in Youth

    Cooper and Konnor Davis bring their special blend of brotherly dischord to the BlogTalk Radio Airwaves each Saturday, beginning Saturday June 13th. Tune in to hear these two wild and crazy, up and coming comedic talents as they tackle everything under the sun. From Pokemon to PlayStation, these kids are sure to be the next radio Uber Gods!!! You wont want to miss this one.

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    Parent Unafraid - Episode IV - We Don't Approve of You, Jay Davis

    in Current Events

    The title says it all.... NFC and DHHS don't approve of what we are doing, but 300 plus downloads don't lie. And neither does Ernie Chambers. He loves what we do, and apparently, so do you! SO, prepare for more of the same show you've grown to love - and more Jay Davis and Jaycob Curran. Starting Now>....

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    Parent Unafraid Episode IV - Happy Birthday, Jay Davis! Ernie Baked You a Cake!

    in Politics

    Tonight's show is a condensed, pre-recorded episode, as Jay Davis will be busy celebrating his latest birthday. Or will he be? Ernie the Intern presents our host with a Birtday Cake and Jay Davis is just crazy enough to try it! Tune in for the 30 minute, Jay Davis Solo Birthday Special!!!

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    Anthony Davis

    in Football

    Former Wisconsin running back Anthony Davis joins Joe Lisi on The Weekly Blitz. Joe and Anthony speak about the upcoming 2015 season for the Wisconsin Badgers. 

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    Author Traci S. Campbell

    in Entertainment

    Traci S. Campbell is a life coach, public speaker, author, radio host, IT consultant and founder of two organizations, the C.H.A.M.P. Community Project, and the “Beauty In / Beauty Out Tour”. The C.H.A.M.P. Community Project is a 501(c)(3) organization which aims to provide support to single parents and their children and teens. The “Beauty In /Beauty Out Tour” also known as BIBO Tour, seeks to recognize dynamic women demonstrating leadership in their communities.

    Traci is the product of a struggling single mother and as a teen and young adult, this lovely young lady worked as a print model and as a hostess of a formal dining room at a prestigious hotel that allowed her to help her mother pay the bills as they struggled to make ends meet. Despite the perceived "glamour" of these jobs, Traci still experienced periods of low self-esteem and low self-confidence just as many young women experience today. It wasn't until she encountered mentors and role models in her professional career that she overcame these issues. Recalling this period in her young life and seeing the same issues rear their ugly heads even more in today’s young women, through her work with C.H.A.M.P. Community project, Traci developed the BIBO Tour to shed light on what REAL beauty is and at the same time, celebrate incredible women who are the TRUE role models for young women to emulate today.

    More information about C.H.A.M.P. and BIBO Tour can be found at www.champcommunityproject.org and www.beautyinbeautyouttour.com. Her radio show is aired on BlogTalkRadio; blog articles and podcasts from the radio show can be found on her website at www.traciscampbell.com, Amirakal Marketing at

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    in Radio

          Come on, come come, come on, you know what's about to go down, some supersound from all around.  With melody and thumpin' ease, some harmony and if you please, some soothing froth from the midnight reason, to satisfy you any season.  Come on, come ya'll and dig in these crates, with circles and squares and figure 8s.  Music is an integral part of our lives, as the blend of soul and jazz and more weave in and out of the fabric of our beings.  There I've reached the 90% mark in the signal strength.  It's JOHNNY DAVIS!!!

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    Phoenix White and Markus Davis

    in Lifestyle

    Phoenix White, a native of San Diego, CA. is a true inspirational success story. From being torn from her family and placed in a foster home, to surviving rape, abuse and a life threatening con- dition resulting in brain surgery. Phoenix found a way to turn her trials into triumph and has since become a powerful voice in communities worldwide.
    Most recently, Phoenix has become a dynamic best selling new author making headlining waves after releasing her highly anticipated new inspirational book “Redefining Strong.” A riveting story of self-discovery, sacrifice, and healing.

    Raised in the city of Compton , chef Markus Bold sapped the motivation to succeed from seeing his beloved grandmother push herself pasted her limits to provide a deprived life style. Chef Markus Bold has since redirected that exact drive and motivation into creating pallet pleasing dishes with an urban influence.
    Chef Markus Bold Davis

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    in Radio

               Catch a set of headsets with a cool glass of whatever your flavor is or crack up your sound system to enjoy the explorations of Johnny Graham Carcker (Graham Cracker) Davis.  2 hours of super spike and the music blend that will take you all over the place.  Artists like Karyn White, Prince, Marvin Gaye, jazz, r&b - a lot, and a LOT where you can park your eardrums to get the full enjoyment.  347-205-9366, wait! I hear something smooth and fusion about to go down!!!!!

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    Everyday People with host Monica Douglas Davis

    in Self Help

    Everyday People with host Monica Douglas Davis

    Nine people were murdered on June 17th in South Carolina, by a young man filled with hatred.
    Racism and hatred is very much alive in America. Give your opinion and weigh in on this topic and what we can do to change this on EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas. Davis

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    in Radio

          Flies to the poopie, moths to the flame, BEES TO THE HONEY - Johnny GRAHAM CRACKER (Carcker) DAVIS in the hive of honey, spinning out that juicy, sticky music for ya.  Honey, honey honey to the bee bee BE.  Kick your Friday off right style - Join the JGCD with his music flow on the J K N.  It's all gooey and it's all good.  The music man is showin' his show, just for you, so get ready to download this piece.

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