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    Are Toxins Keeping You Obese?

    in Self Help

    Special episode: Tune in as Pat Council gives you food for thought. If you have a problem with obesity, maybe it is not that you are always over eating. There are several factors that go into being overweight or obese.  Listen and learn some new ideas for physical fitness.  Repeat show to help you gear up for massive success in the coming months.  

    Download a chapter of Pat's book.  Click for details.

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    Plastics and Other Environmental Toxins and YOUR Health with Tom Malterre

    in Health

    Tom Malterre joins Elevate Your Energy radio to talk about what environmental chemicals/ toxins actually do so that we feel compelled to take action without being overwhelmed. 

    We will cover:

    - turning genes on and off with lifestyle

    - once you start eliminating toxins, do you actually see a difference in gene expression

    - toxic scents - febreze, laundry detergents - how bad are they really

    - I think we all know BPA is bad for us... but why.. what does the research say it does? 

    - BPA-free - not better, what's in it, what do we know about it?

    - for someone just taking first step toward a cleaner lifestyle - what are your suggestions?

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    Spirits, Angels, and toxins...oh My!!!

    in Paranormal

    We begin a fun show with Dr. Susan Shumsky author of 8 books and who will share why some people see spirits andwhat that means?

    Next we have Seraphim Angel Healer Karen Beatty sharing with us some wonderful powerful healing we can try ourselves.


    Then we finish our show with expert Health Practioner & Dietician Teri Cochrane who will share how we can remove metals and toxins from our bodies...all in all a spooktacular show with eliminating the negs and hailing the herald angels sing....

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    Part 2 Toxins and EMF. Guest Dr. Gerald Smith.

    in Health

    We continue to discuss toxins in our environment and the all pervasive eleromagnetic fields that are having effects at a cellular level. Call in at 347-989-8899 to hear the show or ask questions.

    Dr. Gerald H. Smith

    Doctor Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties.

    Sir, Doctor Smith is also a Knight Hospitaller a dedicated professional organization dating back to the year 1050. The Knights Hospitallers have official recognition from the United Nations and the Pope for their tremendous humanitarian work with the poor.

    He has accumulated an impressive list of credentials

    We are brought to you by Lipo Light Naples 239-331-5886 located at 1575 Pine Ridge Rd Suite 6 in Naples Florida



    Celebrity interviews regarding obesity and its relation to dementia, anti aging, arthritis, cancer and heart disease. The Dr. Repices' host the show and talk about life style changes for a healthier and longer life.We also offer non surgical fat removal with diffent modalities so that there is no cutting or down time. We also offer a lipolight lifestyle program for you to lose weight and shoe at the same time. Are you worried about dementia, heart disease? Call in to our show or just listen.

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    Toxins and Obesity. Should you detox? Also elecromagnetic toxins and disease.

    in Health

    We will discuss the role of fat in relation to heavy metals and other toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis and their relation to health and weight loss. Also, should you detox? Also in Pat 1 we will discuss how to eliminate electromagentic pollution and its relation to sleep disorders and chronic health conditions and how insideous EMF is to your health.Call in at 347-989-8899. We are Lipo Light Naples at 1575 Pine Ridge Rd Suite 6 239-331-5886

    Celebrity interviews regarding obesity and its relation to dementia, anti aging, arthritis, cancer and heart disease. The Dr. Repices' host the show and talk about life style changes for a healthier and longer life.We also offer non surgical fat removal with diffent modalities so that there is no cutting or down time. We also offer a lipolight lifestyle program for you to lose weight and shoe at the same time. Are you worried about dementia, heart disease? Call in to our show or just listen.

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    GMOs and toxins used on our food is killing us

    in Health

    GMOs are a product of genetic engineering, meaning their genetic makeup has been altered to induce a variety of “unique” traits to crops, such as making them drought-resistant or giving them “more nutrients.” GMO proponents claim that genetic engineering is “safe and beneficial,” and that it advances the agricultural industry. They also say that GMOs help ensure the global food supply and sustainability. But is there any truth to these claims? Public opinion around the biotech industry's contamination of our food supply and destruction of our environment has reached the tipping point, demanding GMO labeling.  The EPA ‘estimates that 10,000-20,000 physician-diagnosed pesticide poisonings occur each year among the approximately 2 million US agricultural workers. Tune in for the rest of the story Wednesday at 7PM est on Aging Younger Radio right here on Blogtalkradio.


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    Learn Quick And Easy Ways To Eliminate Toxins in Your Home and Your Life

    in Fitness

    Do you know the missing link of living healthier lives and being free from disease? It's being able to recognize, control and protect yourself from environmental toxins? Huh? Have you ever thought about all the toxins that you encounter on a daily basis, in your home, on your job, just walking into the store?

    My special guest Kari Yasi knows ALL about the toxins in our life and has made it her passion to teach not only how to recognize them, but what to replace them with and how to live a healthier life when everything around us seems like it is contributing to the opposite.

    This episode will be fun and informative so make sure you tune in with a pen and paper to take notes.

    Learn more about Kari:


    Free offers:


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    Are Chemicals and Toxins making Your Pets Sick?

    in Pets

    Join Judy and Simba as they speak with Kashymyra Asnani, a health care professional, and Charlene Fu, a former Associated Press Correspondent, about the toxins and chemicals in our environment that shorten our pets lives and give them different dis-eases which often times doctors don't relate to toxins. They are lurking so many different places!

    Some of the effects of different products that are used for animals are slowly deteriorating their health....others have a more immediate fatal effect.

    Tune in so you can protect your beloved pets!

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    Toxins: Why Can't We Let them Go!?

    in Self Help

    Dive into this conversation as we discuss how to embrace more anabolic experiences and release the catabolic energy in our lives.

    We have all experienced some things in our lives that have not always been the best "things" for us. It could have been anything from the kinds of food that we eat to a certain group of "friends" we associate with or maybe even a stressful work environment. Let's discuss steps that we can all take to create whole, healthier and balanced lives.

    Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrated Health Coach, Lifestyle Educator and Owner of Bite Size Pieces who specializes in toxins and challenges that can disrupt our Integumentary, Metabolic, and Endocrine Health. She teaches "Weight Loss for Life" & "Stress Less for Life" & "Skin Health from Within" who believes that “Health is a reflection of how we choose to live!” http://www.bitesizepieces.net/

    Dr. Joy Jacobs is a clinical psychologist, an assistant clinical professor and published author who provides individual, family and group therapy for adults, adolescents, and children with eating disorders and weight management concerns. http://drjoyjacobs.com/

    Ben Carter is a Life Transformation Coach whose mantra is, “We can all transform our lives one decision at a time. “ He currently juggles his professional career as a Corporate Software Trainer and is the founder and CEO of L.I.V.E, LLC (Leap Into Victory Every day). http://www.livellccoaching.com/

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    Nutritionist Eloise Nelson discusses Getting Free of Toxins

    in Self Help

    We know that every magazine, newspaper and website concerned with health are all focused on how to lose weight or get fit, as this time of year just makes us all want to do it! So we thought we'd do our bit for the cause, but with a difference: focusing on toxins

    Eloise Nelson is a Nutritionist with 35 years of experience in nutrition, natural health care and exercise training; she specializes in nutritional and lifestyle education, weight reduction, women’s health care, eating disorders, and substance abuse. And most importantly she knows a lot about toxins, the effect they have, and how to detox easily. She'll help you understand toxins, enzymes, hormones, and necessary nutrients. Eloise is the author of The 14 Day Gourmet Cleanse & Rejuvenation Program, teaches educational workshops worldwide, and does individual consultations in lifestyle enhancement. She has been formulating nutritional products for 18 years and is president of Foodie Fuel Inc., which produces a delicious snack line called Foodie Fuel.  www.foodiefuel.com

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    Well Being with Colleen: What is healthy anyway?

    in Health

    In one of the most interesting shows yet we will talk about what really is healthy for our bodies.  I can just about gurantee everyone will learn something in this fascinating half hour!  At the end of the show we will be discussing a unique essential oil that can help boost your immune system.   If you have questions or comments and would like to get in touch with me please go to my web site at:  www.massagebycolleen.com.

    Please note we will be going live on Tuesday June 2nd instead of Monday.