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    Talking Paintball With David REAPER Justin

    in Sports

    We have two great topics this Thursday.

    1st at 5:00pm, it's a Podcast about Podcasting. What? Yup, I reached out to all of the Paintball Podcasts and only the bravest responded. We are all going to be chatting about what it takes to do a Paintball Podcast and give you tips if you would like to start one yourself.

    2nd at 6:00pm, on a more serious note, a Kid I highlighted last month, Louis Wynn who is doing amazing things for our sport like going door to door collecting money for other PB charity events, has been the victim of bullying and why are the Kids and teachers at his school bullying him? Because he has Tourette's Syndrome. So, Louis will be on the show and you are welcome to call in and remind him just how Kool our Paintball community is and we have his back.

    The show is on Thursday from 5pm to 7pm  Pacific Standard Time.

    The number for the show is 646 787-8384 or you can use Skype and the call is free. If you already have a Skype Account, then you can call (audio only) from any device; Smart Phone, Tablet, Ipad, Computer.



    How to Skype into the show:

    1. Create/sign into account for blog talk radio

    2. Go to the episode page, you know you are there when you can hear the show

    3. Look for a "Skype" button, click on it

    4. A new window will open asking you if you need to download it or already have it. You should have it

    5. another window is open asking to launch the application, click approve or equal button

    6. Skype should open and begin calling in

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    Talking Tourette Syndrome with Comedian/Ventriloquist/Artist Chip Zito

    in Health

    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will get seriously funny with funny man Chip Zito about his bout with Tourette Syndrone. Chip is also a mural artist using special flourescent paints to display life-like displays of our solor system on ceilings. This should prove to be a fun and informative installment of The Forbidden Fruit. Come join us and contribute to the conversation.

    Chip also has a current Kick Starter program he needs you to support. Supporter can receive their very on sample poster of his art.


    Please call in to participate and/or just to listen to the show at 347-202-0492


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    Brain Injury : Coping Day to Day ?

    in Current Events

    On September-18-2014, I was suckered puch twice on the side of my head by my 30 year od stepson who is a schizophrenic and had been up for 3 days with no sleep ! I woke up from being a sleep shall I say with blood on my front shirt in my hallway, the first thing I saw in the mirror was my side of my head and face was swollwn ! Two day's later after being stubborn, I finally went to the hospital and was told I have a Concusion ! Thirty days later, I thoght I was getting well but I fely funny one day and my whole left side went limp form head to toe ?

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    Successful Family Businesses and Tourettes, ADD, and Creativity

    in Motivation

    Daphne Mallory : Successful Family Businesses 

    Daphne Mallory, Esq. is an International Speaker and Trainer on Family Business and Real Community Development. She has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and in Self Magazine, Woman's Day, Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, and many others. Daphne is the host and producer of "Family Business with Daphne" and is passionate about training low-income families, older adults, individuals with disabilities, refugees, and other "invisible" members of communities in leadership and business skills. 


    Stephen Dijoseph: Tourettes, ADD, and Creativity

    Stephen Dijoseph is an established musician, composer, producer, and film maker. With passion and "partnership", Stephen has fashioned an award-winning career and has been a leader in the Tourette's community. His autobiographical film, "A SynapTic Adventure: Tourette's and Beyond" won Best Emerging Documentary in the 2013 Bucks Fever Film Fest. Stephen has appeared on TV, Radio, and in the press openly sharing his experiences with Tourettes, OCD, ADD and The Arts.  


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    #ChatAutism with Dr. Doug Bibus: The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    in Caregiving

    Clinical Advisor for Coromega, Dr. Doug Bibus joins us to take questions from our community live! 

    About Dr. Douglas Bibus: 

    Dr. Douglas Bibus is sitting down with us again to answer all of your omega-3 fish oil questions! Have a question? Tweet it to us @GenRescue using hashtag #ChatAutism! Or post it on our Facebook wall. 

    As an expert clinical advisor for Coromega®, Dr. Douglas M. Bibus advises all product development and research for the company. Dr. Bibus has served as a research scientist at The University of Minnesota for more than 20 years and is considered one of the leading experts on omega-3 fatty acids in the country, a distinction that stems from his work in the academic lab which invented the omega-3 terminology used today.

    Dr. Bibus’s research interests include the role of essential fatty acids in human and animal nutrition, the role of omega-3 fatty acids in attenuating the inflammatory response, the application of fatty acids in the treatment of disease and the impact of oxidative stress on performance animals and humans. Additional research has examined the role of omega-3 fatty acids in nutrition and its implication in the treatment of depression, schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease, heart disease, arthritis, critically injured and adult respiratory distress patients and in patients with autoimmune disorders. .

    Dr. Bibus holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Mankato State University, a Master of Science degree in nutrition from the University of Minnesota, and a doctorate in nutritional biochemistry from the University of Minnesota.

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    Mommy +Noise- Boys- Toys-Girls- Curls & Whirls & Running a Business From Home.

    in Finance

    Many Mommies around the world desire the freedom to raise their kids themselves, but find financial needs drive them into the work world.  It's not that they do not have career aspirations, but many of us are very ready to set our priorities with family first and regret the financial demand to put a job first - a job that keeps us away from many firsts.  First steps, first allergy exposure, first smile, first crush.

    So, some of us take a leap of faith and figure out a way to make an income from home.  This is truly a difficult balancing act as the demands of home and children are truly a full-time, + overtime, zero paying job.  Even great business ideas with customers flowing are difficult to manage when phone calls have noisy backgrounds and repeated interruptions.

    This show is geared to helping you brave work-from-home moms, make the most effective use of your day; creating a balance between our determination to put the family first without giving up the income that can be yours from home - if you get some strategies under your belt to create an income stream despite the noise, boys, toys, girls, curls and whirls.  My guest Vikki Bojarski Spencer, runs a popular Mommy Blog, helping moms create phenomenal families.  She holds a Master's in Education and successfully helped her child overcome overcome OCD and Tourette's, she understands the fight against guilt to care for oneself amidst crisis and care giving.  Herself an entrepreneur, she and I will share our strategies for making being mommy and entrepreneur work, from home.


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    THE HONEY SUITE: Parental Guidance "Destruction Of Black Fatherhood"

    in Entertainment

    Tune in Tues.Feb. 3rd at 9pm est. to The Honey Suite on Phone Fantasy Radio. Join Lakrush with special guest commentators for a candid conversation on the "Destruction Of Black Fatherhood". Last week we discussed the deconstruction of black families with an emphasis on Willie Lynch syndrom against black women and the progression on black relationships between man and woman. This week will discuss the dynamics of black parenting without the presence of a father. Why are so many children being raised without a father or father figure in the household? How does this affect our children? what are some solutions to rebuild our black families? and much more. 



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    WTF? - w/Kevin A. Phillips - Most Memorable Misfires

    in Self Help

    Brain trauma may make maturing brains "misfire" and disrupt the development of impulse control, social judgment and self-restraint, according to MedicalNewsToday.com but speaking from personal experience, it's a FACT! It was also my introduction to discovering the specific type of trauma sustained, had it not been for a 'misfire' after returning to duty in the Marine Corps.

    If you have a Brain Injury, 'misfires' can be an common occurance, if not identified and addressed. Before a Brain Injury, it's referred to as a 'melt-down', 'anxiety', '30-something syndrom', and a plethroa of others unique adjectives however, after a brain injury I've heard 'anger issues', 'crazy', 'insane', 'psyco' and a host of others. Fortunately there is HOPE!

    Join us tonight as Kevin shares some of his most memorable 'misfires' and the lessons learned from them. Call in and listen LIVE @424.243.9540 and share your success or questions. You never know who will be listening and how your question or story can help inspire others. 

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