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    Maternal Manager Interviews Her Teenage Self

    in Moms and Family

    What would you say if you could talk with your teenage self?  The Maternal Manager returns to the 1980's to chat with teenage Mindi about her plans for the future and Mindi wants to know what the future looks like.  Did she become a super model/actress/spy/detective?  Did she marry a wealthy guy like on Dynasty or an adventurous modern Indiana Jones? 

    The Maternal Manager confesses she has the exciting career of being a Mom.  Yes, she grew up to become her Mom.  It's an adventure saving the future.  

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    Maternal Manager Interviews 1st Time Mom To Be Before and After Delivery

    in Moms and Family

    Remember when you were pregnant with your first child? Your emotions raced between excitement, anxiety, and wonder when thinking about what life would be like after becoming a Mom? In the first of a Two part interview, the Maternal Manager talks to 1st time mom to be Renee Michelle Williams-King a couple of weeks before delivering her son Eli. What are her birthing plans? Was labor and delivery all she thought it would be? What does she think baby Eli will look like and which parent does he take after?  A follow up interview will happen after Eli is born.  

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    Evaluating the Hiring Manager

    in Jobs

    Hiring Managers. Too often, when job applicants speak with or meet with a hiring manager they forget to take the time to ask great questions about their future boss or even take into account some of the things that might be important to them when deciding upon which manager they might want to work for as part of their decision-making process.

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, discusses some things to look for and look out for when evaluating a manager.


    Who says job hunting has to be so hard?

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been helping people find work by recruiting, providing great information and coaching without any BS for more than 40 years. He is a LIvePerson job hunting expert.

    You can receive a complimentary subscription to No B. S. Job Search Advice Ezine (a $499 value) at www.TheBigGameHunter.us.  While you're there, explore the great content and job search tools to help you find work.

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    Episode 03: Tour Manager in a Coma

    in Music

    In this episode, I sat down with local tour manager, Michelle Celeste. Most of you know her as the tour manager for Girl in a Coma and have seen her running the merch at their shows. This is the first in a three part series where we discuss what it takes to be a tour manager, the hardest parts about touring, and a huge project she's just started work on. The featured artist for this episode is AFOS, a San Antonio rapper who we'll have on in a future episode. His EP Party Rehab is available on iTunes and we've featured his single, Young and Wreckless. Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to rate, comment, subscribe, and follow us on Twitter, iTunes, and Facebook! Thanks for listening!

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    Over the Top Radio - Elite PAC Tour Finishers!

    in Fitness

    Tune in for a discussion with Elite PAC Tour creators Lon Haldeman and Susan Notorangelo as well as a number of riders who have completed the Toughest Two Week Tour in the World! 

    San Diego, CA to Tybee Island, GA

    Arrive: San Diego, CA Saturday, May 16th

    18 riding days 2,785 miles 160 miles per day

    The fastest transcontinental bike tour ever! PAC Tour's first Elite Tour was in 1995 and has been going strong ever since!

    Daily miles range from 140 to 196 miles per day. Riders completing 100% of the tour will qualify for the Race Across AMerica.This extremem cross country bike tour intended for the most serious riders who are looking for a very challenging ride across America.    All riders must routinely ride 200 miles in 10-12 hours in training. An Elite Team Division is being offered for two riders to share participating by individually riding 80-120 miles each day.

    This Elite Tour begins in San Diego, California with moderate daily distances the first three days while crossing the desert.  We hope all riders will be able to gradually work themselves into shape before they begin the longer days for the remainder of the tour.  The route will use a combination of good cycling roads we have ridden for many years.

    This is not an easy cross-country route following the boring flat lands of the Southern states.  We will intentionally climb many steep mountain grades in Arizona and New Mexico.  In the eastern states we will ride many hilly days including the notorious Talimena Parkway which includes many 15% grades.

    This cross country bicycle tour is only for the best riders. Do not come on this tour if you are looking for an easy ride across the country. Even the fastest riders will be tested to their limits on most days.

  • UGP Radio #272 Tour De Fra & Secret Agent Aussie Steve

    in Politics

    UGP Radio #272 Tour De Fra & Secret Agent Aussie Steve


    Tonight We will be discussing Obama Care with an actual expert on O’Care as it affects business. Also we will be talking about the most famous bike race in the world, the Tour De Fra or Tour of France… www.itsonlyabikerace.com 

    Live in the studio in dim lights and a protective screen we will be interviewing UGP’s own Secret Agent Steve from the down under, Australia! Talking Australian conservative politics, etc…


    Friday will be UGP’s Independence Day Spectacular! Don’t miss radio, as we take a look at the War of the Insurrection from the British perspective. We will also be covering some actions and statements from our Founder’s sou may have never been exposed to…

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    What's New With Care4Today Mobile Health Manager

    in Health

    Veronica Barajas will be announcing the newest iteration of the application live with Dr. Pat Salber. 

    What is Care4Today Mobile Health Manager?

    Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager is a free, secure, two-way messaging platform, mobile app and website. Staying on schedule with your healthcare and keeping up with your medication can get complicated. And unlike apps that just send reminders,Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager gives you tools to help encourage you to take your medication on time.

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    Nickademus Hollon Conquers - The Tour of Giants

    in Sports

    Nickademus Hollon is young and fearless. Having just placed 2nd in arguably one of the most grueling Ultra-Marathon Races in the world, the infamous Tor des Geants (The Tour of Giants) is evidence.  We have him live to tell his story.

    The Tor des Géants (205 miles of running through the 4 steepest mountains in Europe) is the first and only race to combine long distance with the individual style of runners: the organization does not impose any compulsory stages, and the winner will be the runner who completes the race in the shortest time, making his or her own decisions on when and how long to stop for rest and refreshment. The maximum time allotted for completion of the race is 150 hours.

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    GET HIRED NOW! - An Interview With a Recruiting Manager

    in Business

    Monique Hollingsworth, Recruiting Manager of SVB (Silicon Valley Bank), talks about do's and don'ts in an interview, what recruiters look for, resumes, and much more! Also, Lisa Ann Landry, Corporate Trainer in Social Media Marketing, gives advise on your LinkedIn profile picture. 


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    Sho'Nuff Talking with Rebecca Tatum "Who am I Book Tour"

    in Finance

    Rebecca Tatum a beautiful woman of God who loves to serve, she is a Worship leaders for events or churches.
    She is married to John Tatum, they have also released a book "The Victory Prayer" to critical acclaim.



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    Episode 05: Tour Manager in a Coma (Part 3)

    in Music

    Thanks for tuning in to the last of a 3 part interview with Girl in a Coma tour manager, Michelle Celeste. In this final installation, Michelle has a big suprise for listeners. It's ... I'm not gonna tell you, you gotta tune in! Coming soon, more featured bands, some film peeps, and some artists. Please stay tuned, rate, like, follow, subscribe, do it all and we'll keep these episodes coming strong. Thanks for listening!

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