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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Eucharistic Miracle of La Rochelle France 1461

    in Religion

    During Easter of 1461, a woman named Jehan Leclerc brought to the church of St. Bartholomew her 12-year old son Bertrand, who from age 6 had been paralyzed and unable to speak because of a terrible accident. At the time for Holy Communion, the boy signaled to his mother that he too wished to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. Initially, the priest did
    not want to give him Holy Communion because it was impossible for the boy to speak and therefore go to confession.  The young boy, however, continued to plead with the priest, who in the end permitted him to receive the Eucharist. Just as he received the Host, Bertrand felt as if he were jolted by a mysterious force. He was able to move and speak; he had been healed.  According to the document written by hand just after the miracle, the first words uttered by Bertrand were “Adiutorium nostrum in nomine Domini” (Our help is in the name of the Lord). The most authoritative document which vividly describes this miracle is the framed manuscript now preserved in the Cathedral of La Rochelle. 

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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Christ The King And the Eucharist (7:00 P.M Central)

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    Pope Pius XI originally established the Feast of Christ the King  in 1925 to remind modern man that no matter how technically advanced Mankind becomes, Jesus will always be Lord.  The Pope was deeply concerned of the rise of Secularism which today is everywhere.

    The Pope wrote, “The faithful, moreover, by meditating upon these truths, will gain much strength and courage, enabling them to form their lives after the true Christian ideal. If to Christ our Lord is given all power in heaven and on earth; if all men, purchased by his precious blood, are by a new right subjected to his dominion; if this power embraces all men, it must be clear that not one of our faculties is exempt from his empire. He must reign in our minds, which should assent with perfect submission and firm belief to revealed truths and to the doctrines of Christ. He must reign in our wills, which should obey the laws and precepts of God. He must reign in our hearts, which should spurn natural desires and love God above all things, and cleave to him alone. He must reign in our bodies and in our members, which should serve as instruments for the interior sanctification of our souls, or to use the words of the Apostle Paul, as instruments of justice unto God.” (Quas Primas #33, Liberia Editrice Vaticana)

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    in Politics Conservative

    WE will be discussing Islam, Our Nation, current events and upcoming items of interest to Constitutionalists.
    One of the upcoming events that are forth coming in the next several days is being planned to take place on Sunday and Monday.  What kind of abomination is being planned for swearing in and inauguration?  We will be including items such as: will the mosques be forced to the same searches as the populace.  Talking about past events will include such item as military equipment being poured all over the Muslim brotherhood.  Finally a short history lesson will be brought up discussing the mandate of the prophet of the Muslim world.

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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Eucharistic Miracle Skete Egypt 3rd Century

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    The account of this Eucharistic miracle goes back to the first centuries of Christianity and is found in the collection of apothegms of the Fathers of the Desert who lived as hermits in Egypt following the example of St. Anthony the Abbot. A monk was assailed by strong doubts regarding the Real Presence of Jesus in the bread and wine consecrated at Mass.  After the Consecration the Infant Jesus was seen in place of the bread.  Three other monks who were assisting at the Mass witnessed the same vision.

    In the sayings and deeds of the Desert Fathers, we find a description of an ancient Eucharistic miracle. Fr. Daniel the Faranite attests: “Our Fr. Arsenius told us of a monk of Skete who was a hard worker but lacked instruction in the Faith. In his ignorance he would say: ‘The Bread we receive is not really the Body of Christ, but a symbol of that Body.’ Two monks heard his statement and, knowing that he was a good and pious monk, decided to speak to him since they attributed his words to ignorance rather than to malice. So they went to him and said: ‘Father, we heard someone saying something contrary to the Faith: that the bread we receive is not really the Body of Christ, but a symbol.’ The Priest said, ‘I am the one who says this!’ They then began to exhort him,‘you must not believe that, but rather believe what the Catholic Church teaches. We believe that bread is the Body of Christ, and this chalice is the Blood of Christ, really and truly, and not a symbol.’ The accused replied: ‘Unless you can show me evidence, I will not change my mind.’The other monks told him, ‘this week we will pray to God about this mystery, and we believe that God will show us the truth.’

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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Catholics lead Prayer in Oklahoma

    in Religion

    Deepertruth members led by Dr. Gregory Thompson traveled hundreds of miles to join in the Mass, the processions, and the prayer, against and for those participating in the first openly Government sponsored Satanic Black Mass. This was billed as a free speech issue but this event represents something far more sinister.

    In order for a true black mass to take place, they must have a consecrated Host where they desecrate the Lord Jesus Christ and everything that is holy. Here, they blasphemed the Lord, stomping on the unconsecrated host as if they were stomping on Christ himself. In actual black masses, this act is far more grotesque. Because of the lawsuit filed against the use of a true consecrated Host, the black mass was performed, despite heavy opposition, with a fake host.

    There were an estimated 30-40 participants of this great sacrilege taking place at a small basement theater in the Oklahoma City’s civic center. There was one noted arrest when a lady refused to leave the entrance of the building. Other than that, the heavy police presence restrained protesters who picketed the Satanic service.

    Archbishop Paul Coakley led over 3,000 faithful Catholics in Eucharistic adoration against this black mass. The archbishop told participants that the city “has been targeted by dark forces,” and decried the Black Mass, “which to the shame of our city is allowed to proceed.” But he reminded the faithful that “Christ conquered Satan.”

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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Revelation 17 and 18? Where Is The Great City?

    in Religion

    1 And there came one of the seven angels, who had the seven vials, and spoke with me, saying: Come, I will shew thee the condemnation of the great harlot, who sitteth upon many waters, 2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication; and they who inhabit the earth, have been made drunk with the wine of her whoredom. 3 And he took me away in spirit into the desert. And I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. 4And the woman was clothed round about with purple and scarlet, and gilt with gold, and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand, full of the abomination and filthiness of her fornication. 5And on her forehead a name was written: A mystery; Babylon the great, the mother of the fornications, and the abominations of the earth.

    6 And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And I wondered, when I had seen her, with great admiration. 7 And the angel said to me: Why dost thou wonder? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast which carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns...



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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Eucharistic Miracle of Avignon France 1433

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    In the official documentation of this event, which is still preserved in the chapel of the Gray Penitents, we read that on November 30, 1433, while the Blessed Sacrament was exposed in the little chapel for public adoration, the city of Avignon was hit by a terrible flood.  The Rodano river overflowed after days of heavy rain.  In the confusion, Armand and
    Jehan de Pourzillhac-Fature, the latter being the head of the confraternity at the time, with great effort struggled to reach the chapel by boat in order to save the monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament.

    From the gates the two men looked into the chapel toward the altar to see what had happened to the monstrance.  The saw that the water, which was almost six feet deep inside the chapel, had parted to the right and to the left of the altar, like two walls, and the altar and the monstrance had remained dry and untouched.

    News of the miracle spread rapidly, and all the people, together with the authorities, hastened to the place singing hymns of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.  Several hundred persons witnessed the miracle.  The Confraternity of the Gray Penitents decided that the anniversary of the miracle would be celebrated each year in the chapel on the fear of St.
    Andrew the Apostle.

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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Eucharistic Miracle of MONCADA SPAIN, 1392

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    “It would be easier for the earth to exist without the sun than without the holy sacrifice of the Mass.“ St. Padre Pio

    “God dwells in our midst, in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar.” St. Maximilian Kolbe

    “We should never again use the expression, ‘When Jesus was on earth’ or thin of Him as being only in heaven, Jesus is still on earth.” Father John Hardon

    “Every Holy Hour we make so pleases the Heart of Jesus that it will be recorded in Heaven and retold for all eternity. It opens up the floodgates of God’s merciful Love upon the world. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is the best time you will spend on earth. It will make your soul everlastingly more glorious and beautiful in Heaven.”  Mother Theresa

    “Give me the grace to long for Your Holy Sacraments, and especially to rejoice in the presence of Your body, sweet Savior Christ, in the Holy Sacrament of the altar.”  St. Thomas More

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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Dr. Gregory Thompson and the Springfield Conference

    in Religion


    The event was sponsored by the Marian Association of Southern Missouri headed by Father Vincent Bertrand (Deepertruth Chaplain) and Dr. Gregory Thompson.

    I interviewed John Carpenter from Branson Missouri who has a lot of study on Marian Apparitions.

    John will be joining Deepertruth sharing much of his research which is extremely interesting.

    If you have a devotion to Our Lady, you will most certainly enjoy the wealth of information John has uncovered.

    St. Joseph's Radio taped the whole two days of speakers and events for the conference and so everything will have both DVD and CD's available.  There were really good speakers both days of the Conference.

    There were always Priests on hand to hear Confessions and many people took advantage of that and went to Confession.  The Bishop was on hand starting off the Conference celebrating Mass with the 4th degree Knights of Columbus in full dress.  That was very colorful.

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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Eucharistic Miracle of Santarem, Portugal 1247

    in Religion

    According to the date recorded in the document commissioned by King Alphonsus IV in 1346, on February 16, 1266, in Santarem, a young woman,  overcome with jealousy for her husband, consulted sorceress who told her to go to the church and steal a consecrated Host to use for a love potion.  The woman stole the Host and hid it in a linen cloth which immediately became stained with Blood.  Frightened by this, she ran home and opened the kerchief to see what had happened.  To her amazement, she saw that Blood was dripping from the Host.  The confused woman stored the Host in a drawer in her bedroom.  That night the drawer began to emit brilliant rays of light which illuminated the room as if it were daytime.  The husband was also aware of the strange phenomenon and questioned his wife, who was obliged to tell him everything.


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    Islam, Terriorists, TOTUS, and the Flying Monkeys

    in Politics Conservative

    Shariah – Islamic law – is unspeakably cruel, barbaric and inhumane. The Muslim Brotherhood is unalterably dedicated to imposing Shariah on the entire world, with a special emphasis on America. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood is America's enemy. Islam is a “Religion” of open-ended WAR against the disbelievers (9:5, 9:29), Amputation (5:38, 8:12) & Torture (5:33, 24:2) THE DEADLY ALLAH VIRUS …If the child goes to Madrassah (Islamic school), further indoctrination continues. The fear of Allah, the hate of Allah towards infidels (unbelievers), Muslims are best of people (Q: 3.110) and unbelievers are vilest of created beings (Q: 98.6, 8:55 vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve), Paradise and Hell-fire (Jahannam) etc are systematically programmed in him…. It is the duty of all Muslims to keep striving that all Governments have been converted to Sharia Law. By infiltration or by conquest, Sharia (or hariah) is being introduced or imposed around the globe. It is a religious system of law which, among other things, condemns women to oppression and non-believers to dhimmitude suppression. And unfortunately, despite its obvious dictatorial and even fascist elements, there are many, many sympathizers even in the legal profession, who somehow find the central control elements and disciplines alluring. The opposing systems of law, western civilization versus Islam, are a part of the sharpening conflict of law. The World Trade Center 911 disaster was not unrelated to Islam’s reaching out in this clash of civilizations. Hans Calmeyer would have opposed these trends with every fiber of his being. He resisted, at danger to his own life, the Nazi abuse of the law.