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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Interview with Alex Boye!

    in Entertainment

    Alex Boye is an award winning and record setting Pop/World Music/Africanized Pop singer, originally from Britain with roots that trace back to Nigeria, West Africa. Boye had an early start in music, in his Tottenham neighborhood in the UK, where he was influenced in his youth by Motown and other soul greats that championed that sound. In 1995 his professional career was launched as a member of the boy band Awesome, and since then he hasn’t looked back. He has gone on to set numerous records for views on Youtube, by taking famous pop songs and making them his own Africanized rendition, to much acclaim. With over 110 million Youtube views and many more accolades under his belt, Alex is hard at work putting together his Pop/African Infusion album which is bound to be a trend setter for the next few years.

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    Aston Villa try something new as Garde takes over just after Spurs loss

    in Soccer

    There's a new sheriff in town at Aston Villa. Or whatever it is that they call sheriffs in France. That's right, just as expected, Rémi Garde has taken over as the club's new manager to replace the recently-discarded Tim Sherwood. And the look on his face as he sat in the stands and watched Villa get trounced by Spurs was one that does not bode well for the players. I hope they enjoy strenuous workouts!

    And oh yeah, there was that loss to Spurs. If you focus on the 15 minutes of good, tough play, it was really encouraging. If you ignore them, it was absolutely terrible. We'll try and fall somewhere in between as we take a look at the match and see if there is anything we can take from it and apply to this weekend's match against Manchester City. And some player. Some player we all dislike.

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    Special International Edition talking with Nat Coombs - 9/30/15

    in Football

    PodVader talks to BBC presenter, Nat Coombs, about the NFL in England.  How has the sport of American football grown in the UK?  Where does American football rank among the traditional European favorites?  Can England be the home to one NFL team in the future? Can England host 8 games a year? And who cares about the Tottenham Hotspurs?

    Don't miss our special "Australian" edition of the previews and picks on Thursday!

  • From The Touchline in Seattle

    in Sports

    Todd Stauber and Aaron Heinzen are back this week to take an extensive look at the world of soccer for the week. The boys will break down Euro 2016 qualifying and tell you who's in, who's out, and who still has a chance. Holland is a definite target of significant abuse after shocking performances have left them out of the competition after finishing 3rd at the 2014 World Cup. Speaking of shocking, the USA has hit a low level that hasn't been seen since the 1960's when they last lost 5 games in a row on home soil. Is Jurgen on his way out? We'll discuss it here. The Premier League is back after the international break and we get to see our first glimpse of Jurgen Klopp on the Liverpool sidelines this weekend. Also, can Chelsea get back on track and will Manchester United rebound from their thrashing at the hands of the Arsenal? The MLS playoff hunt is still a bit fuzzy, but one thing is for certain.....Toronto is in for the first time in franchise history and Sebastian Giovinco gives them a chance to go deep. We'll cover it all along with Heinzo's World XI and Staub's Bottom 3. Friday 9am PST, Noon EST!!

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    Spurs huge win, Everton comeback, Rodgers hatefest, BPL parity

    in Sports

    Spurs lay second loss in a row on Manchester City with impressive 4-1 win at White Hart Lane.  Was Pochettino vindicated for his Capital Cup Derby line-up?  Everton's great form continues as they come from two behind to notch another win - our evertonPhil joins live from cold England at 3:00 am his time to give up a passionate fan's take.  Is scouserCraig so anti-Rodgers that he'd rather see his beloved Reds lose to get him out? After looking like they were getting iit together, Chelsea suffers through what Mourinho called the worst half of his stint as Chelsea manager to salvage a tie against lowly Newcastle - has the Eva malaise reappeared?  We talk all this and more in the latest version of the Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show.

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    HRExaminer Radio: Kelly Robinson, CEO, Broadbean

    in Business

    Kelly Robinson first showcased his entrepreneurial spirit as a co-founder of a technical staffing firm in the United Kingdom. He then went on to launch Broadbean (2001) the vision being to post the worlds online job adverts and cultivated this idea, with a fantastic team into a global business.

    Kelly grew Broadbean by fostering a working environment characteristic of many young technology companies: one that allowed his people to thrive. In 2009, he brought Broadbean to the United States and recreated the type of environment which had proven to be successful for him in the UK. He hand-selected the first of his crew in the US office upon their ability to work collaboratively while taking ownership in wearing many hats. He believed that the culture he fostered would need to parallel the spirit of the existing Broadbean brand in order to produce great results. A few years later, Broadbean Technology has created a strong global presence with offices in the US, Europe and Australia with no intention of slowing down. Although its organizational culture has evolved with its growth, the company remains true to the core fundamentals of its inception: “Keep it light and fun while getting the job done!” 

    Kelly loves Tottenham, F1, Wing Chun, Soccer Coaching and Snowboarding so if you cold call him, which you probably will if you are reading this, you could do worse than engage him on one of these subjects. 

    He dislikes Arsenal and people who start a cold call with “how are you” especially when you have never spoken to him! 

    Kelly is also the winner of the London & South East lifetime achievement award for commitment to the recruitment industry.

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    What's up with Costa? Tough Spurs loss, Everton & WHU on the rise, Scouse banter

    in Sports

    This week's Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show welcomes expected and unexpected guests from far and near.  evertonPhil rose at 3:00 local time in Liverpool, England to join the banter brigade at the Podcast Cubby via skype. westhamDave joined the show to share the surprising year-to-date results and the outlook for the Hammers' season moving forward.  Visiting from Portland Oregon and working his Everton kit with pride, listener evertonTim unexpectedly joined the show and added greatly to the goings on. We review Costa, Chelsea v Arsenal, the the Capital Cup Arsenal v Spurs Derby. The Evertonians, Spurs fans and Southampton Bob opine about their football clubs all awhile scouserCraig torments all - and absorbs blistering counter banter punches - in a way unique to resident scouse. We cover all things BPL and more in this week's show.

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    Wayne Rooney best ever? Gooners & Spurs square off! Mancs v Liverpool Preview

    in Sports

    Our Sponsor, The Olde Ship British Pub and Restaurant, is unique in being the pub base for both the local Arsenal fan club called the OCGooners and the local Chelsea fan club called the OCBlues.  The growing Tottenheim OC Spurs fan club and the Orange County ManU fan clubs will also frequent the Olde Ship.  In this version of the Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show board members from the OCGooners and the OCSpurs join the banterfest.  Are there times when Gooner and Spurs fans would gang up against scouserCraig? How do Spurs fans feel about their positioning against Arsenal? Do Spurs fans have a Chicago Cubs complex?  Wayne Rooney tied and than broke Sir Bobby Charlton's England National team goal record over the weekend in games v San Marino and Switzerland - Is Wayne Rooner England's best striker ever? Saturday is the first version of the most watched game around the world with Liverpool taking on Manchester at Old Trafford. With both teams coming off tough defeats which team needs this high profile win more? Is this match even more critical to the futures of both Managers? We discuss all this and more - with plenty helpings of banter - in this week's show

  • BDSIR Network Presents: No Foul Play

    in Sports

    The 2015-2016 Barclays Premier League season has kicked off with a bang! Second week in a row that Ric isn't here with us, however, we were joined once again by Alex and Flock Football founder, Danny Powers, joined us to talk Premier League matchweek 1 fixtures! How did Bournemouth, Norwich, and Watford do? Has Arsenal continued their fantastic preseason form? How did Jose Mourinho's Chelsea start off their season? With all the new signings that Manchester United has made, did they make a splash against Tottenham Hotspur? We also preview Manchester City's trip tomorrow to the Hawthorns as the former champions take on West Bromwich Albion in their season kickoff. We also discuss Ligue 1, the English Championship, and we actually talk Major League Soccer tonight! Jam packed show with guests, analysis, and more! Join us at 6:30 PM EST/11:30 UK for BDSIR Network Presents: No Foul Play.

    Hugo's Twitter: @RealHugoRueda
    Andy's Twitter: @TheRealWilba
    Ric's Twitter: @RicFishBoy
    Show's Twitter: @BDSIRNOFOULPLAY

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    24/7 Hockey Show with Tottenham Steam's Ryan Wood

    in Hockey

    24/7 Hockey Show sits down with general manager/coach Ryan Wood of the Greater Metro Hockey League's Tottenham Steam. The Steam are entering their inaugural season in the GMHL.  Host Jay Houslander and Ryan would discuss the in's and out's of running a junior hockey team on today's show.

    About the 24/7 Hockey Show

    24/7 Hockey Show will be unleashed! It is news, talk and round table discussions that will revolutionize the way that you will look at junior hockey.

    Get your junior hockey news every week with highlights, analysis, scores, statistics and all the junior hockey information you’ll need and get set up for what lies ahead. The 24/7 Hockey Show will take you rink to rink, joined weekly by the game’s biggest names and controversial discussions on what is happening in the junior hockey world. It’s the perfect way for the hockey fan to drop the puck each week.

    Whether it’s reviewing, replaying, discussing or deciding – this is the place to be. And one thing’s for certain – when it comes to opinion – this means war. Hosted by the always entertaining Jay Houslander, we’ll take a stand, we’ll take callers and we’ll take no prisoners.

    It’s a fact – so get out of the way or you may get run over.


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    With traumatic loss, Aston Villa assure Premier League safety

    in Soccer

    After a one-week hiatus that likely had you holding your breath in antici...

    ...pation, the Holtecast returns! We've got a lot to talk about, too. There's the slaughter at St. Mary's last weekend. The following demolition of Hull by an aimless Tottenham Hotspur. And, oh yeah, safety! After weeks of worrying, Aston Villa are, finally, officially safe.

    So we've got all of that, plus we dig into your questions on twitter. Mainly: what will be the fate of Christian Benteke? It seems as if everyone is assuming that he's gone this summer, but why have we all suddenly jumped on that bandwagon?

    And of course we look ahead to this week's friendly against Burnley. With the Clarets relegated and the claret and blues safe, there's naught on the line but pride.