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    Lyme Disease, The Epidemic Truth

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    Mary E., will be joined by Michael Urbano and Cheryl Savage to expose the reality that is plaguing millions of Americans annually. This unknown epidemic is wreaking havoc on unsuspected victims. Tune in to hear the start of a 3 part series. Be informed, be forewarned. 

    Michael Urbano  I am 34 years old and went misdiagnosed with Torticollis.  A.K.A. Cervical Dystonia.  Which is a neurological issue that keeps your head stuck in either a left, right, up, or down position.  Fighting it is nearly impossible.  You become a prisoner of your very own body. The next step neurologists told me is Deep Brain Stimulation.  Brain surgery procedure to fix the neurological issue, tremors, spams, etc... January of 2014 I discovered that I have Lyme Disease.  Which is causing my neurological mumble jumble. My issue with Lyme Disease is doctors can get in trouble for treating it. 

    Cheryl Savage lives in Portland Oregon and is a mother of twins. After years of battling back against multiple medical issues, it was discovered that she is infected with lyme disease and multiple viral/bacterial infections that are passed through tick bites along with the lyme infection. She wishes to expose her nightmare and hopes that in doing so others will be able to get the help they need. 

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    Chiropractic care and Torticollis

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    Chiropractor in auburn WA

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    Massage in auburn WA
    Massage in Covington WA
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    Rare Medical Conditions symptoms and information

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    There are MANY medical conditions that little are known about yet MANY suffer from. The focus on this 15 minute show will be on 2 conditions that NEED MORE exposure. MY goal is to help EDUCATE people on these 2 conditions. This is in NO WAY an extensive discussion but geting this discussed ON THE AIR is a good start in MY effort to HELP educate and INFOEM people. The 2 condditions I will be discussing will be DYSTONIA and Intracranial Hypertension(IH). If you or any loved one suffers from ANY RARE medical problem please feel free to call in.

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