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    The Captain's Very Special Guests: Robert Wilkins & Dr. Robert Needham

    in Social Networking

    Are You Tired And Frustrated With Trying To Get Your Movement Underway Or Get Your Ideas Out To The Public Using Social Media? . . .

    Then Join The Captain Tonight With My Two Guests Robert Wilkins And Dr. Robert Needham,  The Founder Of CollaborateUSA And Freelancer Nation.

    They Will Be On Board To Tell Us How We Can Use Our Minds, Our Ideas And Our Resources In A More Productive Way

    There Are A Lot Of Problems In This Country And We CAN Solve Them - We Just Need To Come Together - Robert Wilkins And Dr. Robert Needham Will Show Us How Can Do It

    Change Your Life - Change The World - Change The Way You Do Business

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    Let's Talk! (Healing Past The Holidays)

    in Spirituality

    After taking a small break in radio , HMi is back each month to just talk . With so much going on in the world today it's best to just vent to a listening ear , and HMi is here ! Join me , Intuitive Spiritualist Torrie C as I aim to aid many in the art of relaxation , redirection and re-emergence into the experience of life here on HMi Radio ! Let's talk and grow together !

    It's your world , so create it well !

    (This show will be pre-recorded)

  • Baltimore Riot-What You Need To Know with I.S. Torrie C & Minister Mason

    in Spirituality

    Join Minister Mason and Intuitive Torrie C @ 6pm-7pm for Pt.I of "The Baltimore Riots and What You Need To Know.  We will discuss the political propaganda that is aiding in the spiritual corruption of a city that's sparking change throughout the nation. Find out what change means for the city and what you can do to to prepare yourself for it.

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    ESP, OBE's and More with Intuitive Spiritualist Torrie C & AstralBooBaby (ABB)

    in Radio

    Join HMI Radio on this Solar Day, have your questions ready and your mind open for discussions on ESP, OBE (Out Of Body Experience) and much more with Intuitive Spiritualist Torrie C and AstralBooBaby (ABB)!

    To learn more about ABB, here's ABB's Brief Bio:

    ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby is a self-identified messenger, catalyst, multi-media artist, producer, writer, blogger and Christ-anchor. He was born with what many of the spiritual community would call a ‘veil’ or ‘caul’, which has aided in one who has a ‘gift of sight’ as the elders of the spiritual community has often deemed those who are born under such circumstances. ABB acknowledges to having a level of sight and sensitivity that permits him an ability to naturally decode, perceive and sense beyond the typical five senses. He would often express his unique perception and connection through His art and with anyone who would show an interest in such subject matters. As a child, ABB continuously demonstrated a level of awareness and knowing beyond his biological age. As a pre-teen, his family members, friends and associates were often shocked and surprised when he would innocently speak of events and situations that he had not witnessed nor was privy to.

    ABB, extra-sensory perception and inherent connection to the greater reality in and around us, would inevitably grow to the point of him having spontaneous out of body experiences (OBE’s) and astral projection, as far back as he could remember. In the fall of 2009, ABB was moved by spirit to begin publicly sharing his personal experiences and revelations by way of Youtube. By blending theatrics (from his former musical theater experiences and training), artistic expression, original art, music and powerful revelatory messages, ABB begin producing uniquely made videos that struck a chord with people of all walks of life.  

    Read more at: http://www.astralboobaby.net/

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    VOC Wrestling Nation - 8-31-11- Candace, Torrie, and Saving Jimmy Hart

    in Entertainment

    The VOC Wrestling Nation run pre-taped this week on 1360 WNJC Philadelphia and Worldwide on vocnation.com. We wanted to pre-empt the live show in order to give you the best of K and S Wrestlefest, as well as our chance to tell the story of the VOC Nation impromptu trip to Ohio.

    As Hurricane Irene rolled up the eastern seaboard, most flights were cancelled and Jimmy Hart's booking with MCW Pro in Ohio was at risk.

    The VOC concocted a plan to drive Jimmy all the way from Philly to Youngstown, Ohio in order to save the day for the fans in Ohio. So the VOC jumped in the car with Albert AC Smooth and the Mouth of the South and we headed 350 miles out to the birthplace of aviation.

    We recorded this show in the hotel room with Jimmy Hart, the VOC, and Albert AC Smooth. We also have special interviews with Candace Michelle, Torrie Wilson, Devyne, Heidi Lee Morgan, and Sojo Bolt from K and S Wrestlefest.

    The audio quality is a little lacking due to the lack of proper equipment, but we wanted to capture as much as we could of the moment for you fans. Enjoy!

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    Episode #68 Del Mar Meet 2012 Recap with Torrie Needham

    in Sports

    Jockey World Radio with host Frankie Lovato and co-host Torrie Needham, this week's show Torrie gives us the full scoop on her barnyard to racing adventures from the 2012 Del Mar meet! We also will begin a multi part question and answer series with Jockey World Member Elizabeth Lee as she presents "Things I want to learn and know about horse racing!"   Then our "Track Talk" segment with Brittlan Wall and the "Jockey World Radio News" of the week with Kayla Jarvinen. Call in during the live broadcast #714-583-6807   Hear ya soon! Frankie   Frankie Lovato (producer/host) Brittlan Wall (assistant producer) www.jockeyworldradio.com

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    ESP, OBE's and More with Intuitive Torrie C & AstralBooBaby (ABB) Pt.2

    in Spirituality

    If AstralBooBaby (ABB) hit your mindz on the May show, then join him as he returns to share the 411on more provocative topics. Tune in to hear his take on astral warfare, movie and music messages, sexual attachments, and racial programming. Make sure to call in with questions and comments. To find out more about ABB, go to http://astralboobaby.net/.

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    MWR Life's Tom Cunningham interviews Life is Good Founder John Jacobs

    in Entrepreneur

    MWR Life Inspiration Ambassador & Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Tom Cunningham (too tall), interviews Life is Good Co-Founder John Jacobs.

    In 1994, John Jacobs and his brother Bert with a combined sum of just $78 in the bank, John and his brother, Bert, o?cially launched Life is Good. Today, Life is Good is a $100 million dollar clothing company with one simple, unifying mission: to spread the power of optimism.

    Life is good focuses on forging meaningful, emotional connections, and relies heavily on its community of optimists to build its brand. Because Life is Good considers kids its ultimate source for inspiration, the company is committed to helping kids overcome poverty, violence, and severe medical challenges, through its nonpro?t foundation, The Life is Good Playmakers. A minimum of ten percent of annual net pro?ts is donated to the Founda3on, which has raised over $11 million to date and positively impacts the lives of more than 100,000 children a day. Bert, John, and Life is Good are living proof that "Optimism can take you anywhere.”

    John is the youngest of six siblings from Needham, MA. His credits his mother with teaching his brother and him to face life’s bumps in the road with a smile. The Jacobs brothers see simplicity, humility and a sense of humour, as the three keys to Life is Good's continued success.


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    Episode 7: Musician and Singer/Song Writer to Pageant Queen- Music Education!

    in Entertainment

    Alissa has performed on stages across New England including Mohegan Sun, the Massachusetts State House, the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, the House of Blues, the Hard Rock Cafe, Narrows Center for the Arts, the Fairmont Copley Hotel, the Ritz­Carlton Boston, Twin River Casino and events for T. Skorman Entertainment, CES Boxing, Harvard University, MIT, corporations, charities and political candidates. She has held performance residencies at Scampi in Portsmouth, The Rice Barn in Needham MA, Seasons 52 in Chestnut Hill MA, the former Eighty­Eight Lounge in Providence, Zaboo in Manchester NH and most recently, Point Street Pianos in Providence.


        In addition to performing, Alissa is a piano/vocal teacher to 35 students in Massachusetts, a student at Harvard University, an advocate for music education through her campaign, Project MIOS and Miss Tri-County Massachusetts: an official preliminary to the Miss Massachusetts and Miss America Scholarship Organizations.

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    Diary of a Witch's Daughter with Author Tonya Parker

    in Spirituality

    Mind, Body & Soul Food host, Tonya Parker, puts on her author hat as she sits down with HMi\\\Radio host, Intuitive Spiritualist Torrie C, to discuss her new book, Diary of a Witch's Daughter. Parker's protagonist, Harmony Blue, is a 14-year-old African-American word nerd and budding writer trying to navigate her way through her first year in high school with its ups and downs, including first love and bullying. We see her life and relationships up close and personal as she shares her deepest thoughts with her new diary. By the way, did we mention her mother is a WITCH—a Woman In Tune with Conscious Healing, and this creates conflict within this already different teen struggling to fit in.

    Tune in to hear more about this delicious book that manages to fold in tidbits on conscious cooking, holistic healing, and metaphysical concepts that will engage readers of all ages.

    Tonya Parker has been called a Renaissance Spirit as she uses her Libra energy to balance a lifetime of healing work. She has worn the hat of Mental Health Counselor, Prevention Specialist, Corporate Trainer, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Professor, Conscious Caterer, Communications Coach, Workshop Facilitator, and Writer. Tonya has also been called Therapeutic Goddess, Natural Sistah, and most recently Throat Chakra Shaman. She simply sums up what she does as spiritually inspired and guided healing, teaching, and writing. Tonya also coordinates retreats and other sacred gatherings, has contributed to various anthologies, published the e-cookbook, The Tonya Parker Collection: Healthy Eating to a Healthy Lifestyle, and a meditation CD, Meditative Morsels: Prayers & Meditations for Feeding Your Mind, Body & Soul. For more information you can go to www.mindbodyandspiritworks.com.

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