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    Surviving the Tornado of Life

    in Self Help

    Bill and Irene Stafford experienced some of the greatest heartaches you could imagine and found themselves trapped in the tornado of life.  Searching for meaning and purpose in their lives, they embarked on a spiritual path and discovered a new way of being in the world.

    Bill and Irene have created a program for resolving heartache and living life to the fullest.  By integrating a spiritual philosophy and healing approach, their book, “From Heartache to Happiness,” shows how you can build a foundation for living a more joyful, loving life.

    Business partners, best friends and married for over 25 years, Bill and Irene will take you on a spiritual journey of the heart, sharing tools and techniques you can use to upgrade your personal toolbox for a more successful way of living.

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    Oklahoma tornado

    in Entertainment

    the after effects of the oklahoma tornado!

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    Oklahoma Tornado !!!

    in School

    Wednesday's tornado in Oklahoma, current community events, Riddle, The Weather, and The Random fact of the day

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    Tornado Alley

    in Real Estate

    Barrett and Tish bring back Ken Stokes, Public Adjuster from Kansas. Hear about the horrific tornado damage and destruction from someone at Ground Zero. This may be a two-parter, Call into 424-675-8242 or listen online

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    Canada Geese Pro's of Tornado Alley Waterfowl!

    in Hobbies

    What make a waterfowl hunter a pro, better yet a professional?  There is a large difference in being a promotional hunter versus a professional.  Join us as we talk with Brandon Mendoza of Tornado Alley Waterfowl Guide Service!  Brandon and the crew have a lot of experiance and it's not all with killing geese!

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    Oklahoma Tornado Update and Fundraiser

    in Spirituality

    Please come join us tonight as we update everyone about how Michael is doing in the aftermath of this horrific tornado that took many lives, many homes, and many tears.
    We are asking for help for Michael and his family during this very trying time. If you wish to make a donation, please go to:
    Paypal to Boomersooner303@yahoo,.com
    Debit/credit cards use below: 

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    part 2-Tornado Alley

    in Real Estate

    Barrett and Tish continue to discuss the hot topic of the tornado that ravaged Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma with special guest, Ken Stokes. Get all the details and find out why it is so imperative to have a public adjuster on your side. Call in at 424-675-8242 Thursdays at 11:30am

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    Breaking News Tornado Outbreak

    in Radio

    Breaking News Tornado Ally EF5 mile long tornado hit central United States and we welcome all brothers and sisters worldwide and nationwide we also have a very special guest out of Atlanta Georgia Franklin Washington! Please call in to listen in on air live and to ask questions and to get positive answers from CEO Dennis Blair Tillman and Vice President Mr. Ricky G.      May 20th 2013 Monday

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    Tornado Small Business Recovery

    in Business

    Beyond FEMA, SBA: How does a small business recover and restart after disasters. You still have obligations to fulfill, deliveries to make. You want to go back to work; it's your business.
    Maybe you can't deliver everything you were planning pre-tornado or flood, but can you do something? So where do you find desks, how can you finish the dresses...what are post-disaster business options. 
    Amazing...there's almost nothing out there.
    See if this helps. Submit your own ideas on our Facebook wall: facebook.com/piggybankpromotions.--Wendy Meyeroff

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    The Ron and Don Show: Reviewing 2011 Tornado Money and more...

    in News

    Tune into the Ron and Don Show for an update on what we expect will be an interesting conversation about the 2011 tornado money and why when asked for a more detailed breakdown of these funds and how they were used, Stately said that “it’s up to the grantees” (those receiving the funds) to publicly disclose how the grants were disbursed. “We don’t give a breakdown on how much was spent on each of those proposals. We don’t do that publicly.”

    The Minneapolis Foundation its most recent financial report on June 29. “All the money was spent,” says Rev. Coleman. A balance sheet provided by Coleman shows remaining cash on hand of $470.78. However, the balance sheet accounts for only $160,668 of at least $395,000 the NCRT received from Minneapolis Helps Fund. The foundation says a final report is expected later this summer.

    Where is the rest of the money?

    Please read: A year later, wrapping up the North Minneapolis tornado money chase

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