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    Farewell Richard Flor

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    Pilot episode of Let's Connect USA - 

    In this episode - you will meet Kristin Flor - daughter of Richard G Flor, and Sherry Flor. All of Kristin's family members were sentenced to prison for their involvement with Montana Cannabis.
    See John Adams story from the Great Falls Tribune
    In addition - Chris Lindsey - former partner in Montana Cannabis - co-hosts show and has intimate dialogue with Kristin regarding her family and the situation.

    Listen in for Kristins brutally candid rendidtion of the last moments of her Fathers life. Meet a true warrior.

    You may write to the Flors at:

    Sherry Flor #11358046
    Federal Prison Camp
    37930 N 45th Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85086
    Justin Flor
    1010 Main Street
    Miles City, MT 59301
    Kristin Flor
    PO Box 110850
    Tacoma, WA 98411
    The whole family could use any support and words of encouragement you send. Sherry is utterly devastated to lose her husband of 37 years in such a manner.

    Injustices such as what happened to the Flor's MUST STOP

    Please folks - educate yourselves and learn about your elected officials. Hold them accountable. Remind them of their Oaths of Office - and promise to protect.

    Richard Flor was a Vietnam Vet - he protected us and fought for our country.

    Our country did NOT do right by Richard Flor.

    Remember Richard Flor - as well as Scott Day and Robin Prosser. ALL victims of the War on Drugs in Montana who died over the prohibition of a plant.

    Bless their souls.

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    P.I.D. Radio 3/13/11: Pray For Japan

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    IT'S DIFFICULT to grasp the magnitude of the tragedy in Japan. Some estimates place the ultimate death toll at above 10,000. Before-and-after images of the stricken areas defy description.
    While rescue teams continue to search for survivors, workers at damaged nuclear power plants frantically try to cool overheated reactors before they melt down, spewing radioactive material into the environment and adding to the death toll. The Washington Post published an informative explanation of how the nuclear emergency developed.
    Also: Ghadafi hangs on, and a dangerous new teaching about the Nephilim.
    Please note: due to our upcoming move to Illinois, we'll be scaling back our podcast schedule to once a week for at least the next two months. We appreciate your understanding! For updates, visit the P.I.D. Radio Facebook page, and check out the great Christian podcasters at the Revelations Radio Network.

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    The got Consent podcast for Tuesday November 16, 2010

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    News and Commentary. Today's podcast will have:
    Haiti cholera protest turns violent
    9 more arrested in Prince George's corruption probe
    Mars Colonization:
    Juror asks to quit NY Guantanamo suspect trial
    Billions can be saved in defense budget: McCain
    Soldier's heroic dog, brought from Afghanistan, mistakenly euthanized
    Facebook email?
    The 'Israelification' of airports: High security, little bother
    Amid airport anger, GOP takes aim at screening
    and another lie you learned at school.

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    Arizona immigration law - Mexican President attacks Arizona Law

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    Mexican President attacks Arizona!
    (Who the hell is he to us anything?)
    Here is a fact as well.
    6 out of 10 migrant women raped in Mexico, activists say Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/04/28/1603019/6-out-of-10-migrant-women-raped.html#ixzz0mRrKCsEc
    Arizona immigration law prompts probe into California contracts : http://www.news10.net/news/story.aspx?storyid=80402&catid=2
    SACRAMENTO, CA - Fallout from Arizona's new immigration law has landed at California's state capitol.

    State Senate President Darrell Steinberg has asked Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to review contracts California has with Arizona. Steinberg said he's upset about a law that allows Arizona law enforcement to question people they think might be in the country illegally.

    "What Arizona has done is say that it is legal to discriminate against people based on the color of their skin," Steinberg said. "As long as that law stays on the books and discrimination is legal, I don't think we should be doing business with them."
    Justice Department considers suing Arizona to block immigration law! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/04/28/AR2010042805838.html?hpid=topnews
    Washington D.C. at its FINEST! TUNE IN!

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    Do Men Beat Women - When Unemployed?

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    Bank lending by the banking industry fell 7.5 percent, the largest annual decline since the 1940s. Now Sen.Harry Reid pushed for a $15 billion do nothing jobs bill Monday by suggesting that unemployed men are more likely to abuse their wives. “Men when they're out of work tend to become abusive,” Reid said as he argued in favor of a cloture vote on the jobs bill. “I met with some people while I was home dealing with domestic abuse. It has gotten out of hand. Why? Men don't have jobs. Women don't have jobs either, but women aren’t abusive, most of the time. Men, when they're out of work, tend to become abusive. Our domestic crisis shelters in Nevada are jammed.”

    Have you noticed the three blind mice that met with Obama, from the NAACP, Urban Laegue and Al Sharpton, along with the stupid Congressional black Caucus have largely remained quiet as the Senate considered the bill.

    As reported by WaPo, Some civil rights advocates outside Congress say the caucus is wary of too publicly declaring itself opposed to a bill that doesn't include its desired provisions, not wanting to create another dispute between lawmakers and the nation's first black president. WHATEVER! Are they in Congress to serve their districts or the President?

    As reported by The Washington Post, When the caucus called last year for specific job provisions for blacks and others in low-income communities, President Obama publicly distanced himself from the idea, saying the federal government must focus on programs that will aid all instead of targeting specific groups.
    Lets talk about men beating women, the Congressional Black Caucus, Sen.Harry Reid and the United States Congress, Tonight on the Slugfest. "If you can handle the truth."

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    Rick Moran and the Senate Healthcare Bill

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    Special guest Rick Moran talks about the bill that stole Christmas

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    Earthquake in Haiti: 15 Minutes on Latin America

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    Following the devastating category 7 earthquake that hit Haiti - the most powerful in Haiti's history - the American Red Cross has a disaster alert

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    Afghanistan, CIA, GMC, War, Bombs, Tasers and Bailouts

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    Suicide bomber attacks CIA base in Afghanistan Bombing near Afghanistan-Pakistan border is believed to be deadliest single attack on U.S. intelligence personnel of the war,as the Obama adminstration gives out 3.8 billion more to auto lender

    U.S. gets majority stake in GMAC
    Government to provide another $3.8B in aid to auto lender, which has been unable to raise funds. Meanwhile, Twin Iraq bombs kill dozens and a federal appeals court on Monday issued one of the most comprehensive rulings yet limiting police use of Tasers against low-level offenders who seem to pose little threat and may be mentally ill.

    Yes, a federal court decision on taser torture by cops, tonight on the slugfest, "if you can handle the truth."

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    Health Care Reform: The left and conservatives Join Against Plan

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    The left flank of the Democratic Party is opening up a new front in the war on the watered-down health care bill: It’s taking aim at Obama’s claim that it would “provide” coverage for 30 million more Americans.
    This claim has become central to the White House and Senate leadership’s efforts to sell the bill to the left, despite the jettisoning of core liberal priorities. Obama recently told supporters that “the bill you least like” would “provide 29 million Americans health care.”

    Now we learn from WAPO The Senate health-care bill could enable insurers to avoid some of the strongest consumer protections and benefit requirements adopted by state governments.
    More later.. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.).
    "Practically speaking, insurers will domicile their plans in states with less stringent regulations and market to the population in more protective states like ours, just like nationally chartered banks have done," the House members led by Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) wrote on behalf of lawmakers from the two states. Let's talk about this and other political issues tonight on African American Political Slugfest, "If you can handle the truth."

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    Run silent, run deep: 15 Minutes on Latin America

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    Submersibles and the drug trade, and what it means to the US.

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    Are we living under a Beltane ritual? (re-air)

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    Truth extractions. I try to tie in a handful of circumstances during the Satanic Luciferian holiday season of Beltane.

    Bird Flu hoax thread - http://66691177999.yuku.com/topic/1555
    747 / AF1 Flyover video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aE-7BWoC7U

    Lucifer's Rebellion Gains Momentum
    (at about 24 minute mark, I get garbled for about 90 secs or so. The missing portion is the first five or so paragraphs on this page. Thanks)