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    You Say Tooth Fairy, But We Smell a Rat...

    in Dads and Family

    In this episode Pat and Eric dig into the business of discarded children's teeth... yup we are looking at the myth of the tooth fairy and why this sprite has become a fixture in our culture.

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    in Health

    Ramiel Nagel is a thought leader in the area of holitstic dentistry. In his search to find a solution to a dental problem he and his family were facing, Ramiel discovered indigenous, cultural traditions for optimum tooth care, and the best diet for remineralizing teeth.
    In this interview, Ramiel talks about: The story of dentistry, toxicity and how to heal your teeth naturally; How to cure tooth decay and tooth infections; The early findings of Dr. Weston A. Price; Sugar and high fructose corn syrup, Amalgam fillings and how mercury leaches into the body from our teeth. Ramiel also gives tips on what to eat and what not to eat in order to remineralize your teeth, and what you can do to make sure that you get a hold of a good holistic dentist if you need one.
    This is a must-listen interview for everyone!

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    in Lifestyle


    “The Social Lab” TM Hyman Radio is a high-energy exchange of views, insight and entertainment executive produced and hosted by TM Hyman with co-host Madam Boston, Hot Chocolate, Sabe James, along with special correspondents DD Willingham & Toya Cooper. The one-hour weekly program offers a unique blend of fresh topics and practical conversations with over 100,000 listeners worldwide. The show has featured regular celebrity guest including Christopher Williams, Supa Producer Bing Dawg (Straight Outta Compton Soundtrack), Dru Hill, Cast of Money & Violence, Mack Wilds, Joe Smith, Dawn Richard (Dirty Money), High Five, 112, Dr. Gray Ray (FAMU) and so many others. Each Monday, Wednesday & Friday TM Hyman engages co-hosts and guests in substantive and provocative discussions on a wide range of topics including: politics, health, finance, sports, technology and pop culture. A humorous, but insightful navigation of the issues that matter from fresh, diverse points of view is the show's hallmark.

    REAL TALK. REAL PEOPLE. REAL TIMES. Log onto http://www.tmhymanradio.com to listen LIVE Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9pm. Don't miss it! Produced by: HAC Media

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    Sabre Tooth Animals-Fine Art of Paleontology

    in Environment

    Sabre Tooth Animals will be the topic of discussion on Natures Talk Show Fine Art of Paleontology. Let's find out what exactly are these amazing animals and discuss how they have survived and adapted through the years. Could there possibly been more animals besides the tigers with sabre teeth ? No one can beat Nature when it comes to designing deadly, effective weapons, and some of the sophisticated killing tools of animals simply defy our imagination. However, one of the most fearsome weapons in Nature is also surprisingly simple. Saberteeth are such an effective weapon that they have evolved many times during the History of life, in completely different groups of animals.

    On Monday November 30th at 9pm est,8pm cst and 6pm pst. We look forward to you joining us. If you would like to join the conversation visit our chat room on our web page or call in to our studio number 1 -949-534-0637.

    Thank You,



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    The SUNday Morning INspiration with C. Maria (Stagnant Waters)

    in Women

    So many things are going on in this world; many of us tend to give in and simply cope to exist.

    Do not allow your circumstance to become your stagnant waters, surrounding you with the parasites of lies, lesions of letting not letting go and the stench of decay from not knowing when to walk away. 

    This weeks INspiration: 

    Job 38:16

    “Have you entered into the springs of the sea, or walked in the recesses of the deep?

    John 7:38

    Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’”

    C. Maria Wall

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    The Spiritual Decay of Values

    in Spirituality

    Too many people have adopted a fake spirituality these days. All the while various areas effecting our lives are crashing and failing at an enormous rate.

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    History: No God predestine create the universe or humans bibles is hoax

    in Music

    Black Man PROVES Adam and Eve Biblical Story is a LIE: His DNA Dates Back 338 THOUSAND YEARS!

    As a child, the story of Adam and Eve always perplexed me... even to my childlike sensibilities I knew it did not make any logical sense AT ALL.  Countless debates and sometimes fights were had around the dinner table, as I sought to bring logic to my family who had an illogical belief in what seemed to be a completely absurd story (along with santa claus, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy and everything else fantastical) that they based their lives (and the oppression of women) around. So imagine my vindication when I found this article about a Black man in South Carolina whose DNA is traced back 338 thousand years…  so now creationists have quite a conundrum to ponder: a. the entire basis of Judaism (and therefore Christianity) is myth or  b. irrefutable proof that Adam and Eve were Black and created in God’s true image (a true horror to white Christian fundamentalists)  These findings of course, have not been reported in mainstream… I wonder why… (that was sarcasm).

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    1DimitriRadio: Hillary is not trusted and tone-deaf. Why Oscars are so white

    in News

    Opening monologue 

    The first two questions for Hillary Clinton at the CNN Town Hall meeting last night spoke volumes about distrust. Her answers spoke volumes about being tone-deaf

    First segment

    Anne Welles, the witty and charming creator of the film A Zombie Named Ted, discloses how Hollywood openly - OPENLY - discriminates against actors who are not white. Great insights about what happens behind the scenes, and why the Oscars are so monochromatic

    Second segment

    Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the national Libertarian Party, offers libertarian solutions for the contaminated water in Flint, the decay of Detroit and why some Libertarians never seem angry (even though they are).http://lp.org

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    We Can Do It Right Here Vol. I: Craving White Acceptance

    in Politics Progressive

    In Holipsism's Haven first installment of "We Can Do It Right Here!" we discuss the topic of Negroes craving White acceptance. Jada Pinkett Smith & Janet Hubert are engaged in a war over the relevance of the Oscars and the academy because no black people were nominated, people are fighting tooth and nail over "cultural appropriation" (because for some strange reason white people in America feel whatever their slaves create they can exploit. How did that happen?), etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

    Join Mr. Holipsism and Big Dev as we break down this incessant need for white acceptance and approval. 


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    The Favorite Dessert Show

    in Spirituality

    What is your favorite dessert(s)? If you are like me, you have many favorite desserts and this show is all about indulging our sweet tooth and discussing our favorite desserts so join me for what I hope to be a delicious, mouthwatering show!

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    Cultural Marxism, Frankfurt School, Political Correctness - WAKE UP AMERICA!

    in Current Events

    The poison of cultural marxism and the Frankfurt school... how to start a revolution by destroying the culture, we are in an advanced state of decay...

    I am migrating from BlogTalk over to the Spreaker platform, future broadcasts will appear on my website RSS feed at http://mediafighter.org

    Let's Talk! MediaFighter is a 100% Ad Free - Commercial Free listener driven broadcast. The focus of the broadcast surrounds news, current events, politics, religious issues, geopolitics, science, philosophy and everything in between... it is a true thinking person's show - we go straight for the truth in the most unbiased way that we can, so...

    The call number is (646) 716-9430 between 9 to 12 CST most nights. Call in to discuss your ideas, opinions, insights or just to talk - I will be fair to all concerns, all viewpoints. I will get the ball rolling with news of the day, informative clips, special guests or what's going on in my universe but will freely take all callers as they come and I will give you ample time to speak.