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    Get on board and tune in to listen to the TOO COLD RADIO SHOW. Where you get to listen to us talk about everything that is going on in world. We may laugh,cry, get mad, or sad but there is one thing for sure you will enjoy the show.Call in and give shout outs to the people you love and care about the most. Better yet just call in and have a talk with us. But aye no dissing people or talking junk. You're going down alone. 

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    Smooth Jazz Gospel Sunday ~Hebrew Style

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    Welcome to Smooth Jazz Gospel Sunday, here on Blogtalkradio.  A Unique Blend of Jazz with Truth Music and always Smooth.  Growing up in the South i was expose to different musical instruments.  My early teens i made the decision to go with the Brass Section.  That being said i chose to play Trumpet.  Being in a Marching band as well as Concert band my love for Jazz came into play. Hearing music on radio in different cities began to shap what i wanted to be in life.  I chose Radio Broadcasting.  Moving to New Orleans for some training in radio i began to love "Smooth Jazz"  mostly heard on WYLD radio.  Moving back to Mississippi which is mostly a "Blues Music" State i wanted our people to hear this sound.  Fast Forward in time now with my own show on The "Men-Empowered" radio group i present to you Smooth Jazz Music, with a touch of Truth, and Hebrew Style

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    Join Joliean Monnic Fields and her Co-host Prophet Floyd Anthony Barber Jr. as they discuss: Who Are You? Understanding our true worth and value in the scope of life.

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    Smooth Gooves Radiowith DJ Rockwell

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    Smooth Grooves with DJ Rockwell is a all music program designed to get you groovin' and movin' all week long. Enjoy Classic R&B as well as Hits from Today!

    This month DJ Rockwell is making your October a little more Romantic! Request your favorite directly to him Djrockwell3013@gmail.comRequest your favorite directly to him DJRockwell3013@gmail.com 

    Add this mix to your podcast and play it at work, in your car, and at home! Invite your friends and sing songs you love and requested! Tweet @MWHYRadio #PlayMy Song



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    Join Joliean Monnic Fields and her Co-host Prophet Floyd Anthony Barber Jr. as they discuss: Letting the Healing Begin.

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    Billboard chart-topping vocalist and songwriter Helen Rogers of Jazzmasters fame returns with her solo debut, the potent Smooth Jazz Meets Reggae (Skinny Bwoy Records). The 10-song set (plus two CD-only bonus tracks), features original songwriting and production, as well as compelling reggae covers of “Don't Know Why” (Norah Jones), “Be Thankful For What You Got” (William DeVaughn) and the reggae classic “I'm Still In Love” (Alton Ellis).

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    Let's Talk Too! Felisha Bradshaw

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    I'm your host

    Author Sharnel


    Author Felisha Bradshaw,

    It's been a while since Felisha Bradshaw, last updated my bio but so much has happened in my life in the past 3 years. I tested the waters of this e-Book Hand Me Downs and didn't give it my all. So I am now. I wanted to do so much and I noticed I was... ya know, doing so much but nothing got the attention it deserved. I decided to let go of some entities to give them their just due in the time frame they needed. So my 7 Blogtalk radio shows were suspended and all my hosts are going through Let's Talk Urban Radio 1 School so to speak. We will be better next season. The magazine I started and ran for 4 years is not in partnership with a writing colleague (Shadress Burks). We decided to start that from scratch from the business aspect up to the turning of pages. When this is released it will be paired with its teen version. So you see, BIGGER and better things are in the wind for Felisha Bradshaw. I am taking what I LOVE so dearly and making it the center of all that I do, because it is what I am. I am words that turn into phrases, which turn into sentences that turns into paragraphs, which evolve into chapters that make best sellers. So, if you need to know more or interested in the slightest bit, turn a few pages of my writing. That's where you will find what I don't tell here.

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    Join Joliean Monnic Fields and her Co-host Prophet Floyd Anthony Barber Jr. as they discuss: Are you ready to minister? Many women are constantly saying they are ready for their husbands. But are they themselves healed and delivered enough to really minister to a man in all of the areas he needs ministry?

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    Smooth Jazz Gospel Sunday (Hebrew Style)

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    Join us every month where we play the very best in Smooth Hebrew Gospel Style. Your HostBrother Malachi of The Men-empowered Group.

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    The Female Solution: Are We Introducing Too Much Sex To Children Too Soon?

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    There was a time when childhood was a period of innocence. Today, with the Internet sending graphic sexual images to every device at our fingertips, that childhood innocence is gone. Are we introducing too much sex too soon to our children? How is it affecting them? There is a scene inSpike Lee's controversial,new film Chiraq in which the lead Character, played by Nick,Cannon has a flashback to a childhood memory in which he walks in on his mother having sex. It gives some insight as to why he later has such disrespect for women. There is a reason why so many children are conceived without love or intention by parents. How do we reclaim innocence for our children and introduce sexuality to them with the wholesome spiritual understanding in a manner that is age appropriate? How dowe protect them from the emotional trauma of public images of too much sex too soon?

  • Let's Talk Too! Survivors of Domestic Violence & Breast Cancer

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    I'm your host

    Author Sharnel,

    Tracey McLean is the CEO of Adyme Enterprise. Tracey McLean is an author, dancer, songwriter, script writer, novel writer, entertainment manager,and is a Sag actress. Satoya Shvette:It took me some time to realize that I too was experiencing cases of domestic violence in my relationship with a man I had been with for 4+ years. At the time I made excuses, took the blame and ignored all the signs. I had no one to talk to, & thought it would either get better or not happen anymore. It first started off as verbal and emotional. Never felt so low, unappreciated & un beautiful in my life. Paulyana Martin: I am a living witness due to Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer! I want to share my story to help other teenagers/women that we are beautiful and we don't need a man to succeed in life! My story begins when I was young around the age of 11-12 I sexually abuse (rape) by my own step brother. No matter how much I spoke about what was happening to me my mother didn't believe me!  I took it upon myself to get tested! Women don't take your health for granted Breast Cancer.  Lacha Mitchell: I'm a recurrent Breast Cancer survivor. I was initially diagnosed in 09/2003 at the age of 32 years old and then again at the age of 33 in 06/2004. Undergoing chemotherapy for stage one cancer that was self detected during a breast exam- was supposedly the easy fix. Once treatment began, additional biopsies, my daughter who was ten years old at the time was diagnosed with stage 3B Hodgkins Lymphoma and Paraneoplastic Syndrome. She was near death and the cancer had spread. It's thirteen years later and I'm a living testimony, twelve years for my daughter who is now twenty-one years old. We still are dealing with long term effects of the disease but we are still standing by the grace of God.

    Everyone must get a Mammogram!