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    one of the greatest western movies with kurt russell as wyatt erap and val klimer as doc hoilday. showing us what the true west was like in that time period. cowboys vs the erap brothers and doc hoilday. that stay true to facts in this movie. but there a famous gun fight that happen in tombstone. gun fight at the o.k. corral. on october 26 188. but there was alot of stuff they miss in the movie that really happen at the gun fight of the o.k. corral. that true gun fight happen in alley. as the eraps and holiday where walking down they past newpaper for tombstone and gun fight happen on east fremont street in alley of east fremont street where the o.k. corral. now some people say that the gun fight only lasted thirty seconds. but the thing they got right in the movie is that ike clanton run and billy claiborne ran from the gun fight unharmed. mean while ike brother billy clanton was gun town with the others. and during the trail the cowboys said that they threw there hands up  and said we are unharmed. making sound like earps and hoilday shot them down cold blood. but when wyatt and his brothers took the stand. they said they never threw up there hands and they where armed. the judge rules not guilty for the earps and hoilday. and there where only 3 deaths in the gunfight. so later on the cowboys wanted revenge on december 28 they try to gun down virgil on december 28 1881. and on march 18 morgan was gundown and kill. and this lead to earp vendetta ride. and took down all curly bill and ringo and most the cowboys. after wyatt got his revenge against the cowboys. finally settledown with his true love josephine and they never left each other side. later on wyatt earp die on january 13 1929. wyatt erap and his brothers where the greatest law men there was. u cross there path they show u who true boss was. and that was them.

  • Tombstone Arizona

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    We stopped In Tombstone Arizona on the way back from Los Cruces New Mexico. My wife and I had both finished reading a couple of books about Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, and the OK Corral.

    So we decided to make the detour and go see it

    First the Bad News, while the parking is free, any attraction you might want to see charges admission

    The Ghost town part of town reminded me to much “Knott’s Berry Farm” and or Calico. I would have preferred a deserted set of buildings and a walking tour

    Again I sort of figured it was a tourist place so was not expecting too much

    The road in / out of town is heavily patrolled so watch your speed

    The Good News 

    We ate at “Big Nose Kate’s Saloon”  the food was quite good , the service was great , the entertainment  was pretty good, and was a neat place to eat and let one’s imagination take over and be there with Doc Holiday, and the others.

    My wife and split a brisket Sandwich and a bowl of chili and each had a “Doc Holiday “to drink (Mr. Pub) but hey indulge me

    They had a gentleman doing some street dancing for tips that while not western was rather interesting to watch

    A lot of the residents are dressed in period clothing which gives the place that western look.

    My wife bought some earrings at a Native American store as souvenirs.

    Tombstone is a neat place to stop and visit , check off the bucket list, eat at “Big Nose Kate’s Saloon” and enjoy a couple of hours to break up that LONG I -10 drive BUT I do not foresee it has my favorite destination site yet

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    Tombstone Jesus returns to SGWS

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    One of our favorite guests, Tombstone Jesus, makes his return to the show. This popular fan favorite out of the great state of Utah is always one of the top stars in promotions where he works. He's someone we always count on to have unique opinions on the state of wrestling so we can't wait to hear what he has to say this time.

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    'A Haunting at Tombstone' event founder on-air LIVE!!:)

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    'A Haunting at Tombstone' event founder CAROL MALONE on-air LIVE!!!!:)  Tombstone Arizona event May 1st - May 3rd event details – Dark-Side.TicketLeap.com
    ***Only 4 tickets available!!****

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    Tombstone Arizona paranormal investiator interviews for LiveParanormal.com

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    Originally aired 5/3/2015:  The Ghost Host Sophia Temperilli of LiveParanormal.com interviews SANTIAGO CIRILO (AMC’s “The Walking Dead), Debbie (4 Deuces Saloon manager), Scott Litaea (Paranormal Investigator), Eric Johnson & Mike Dumhart (OC Soul Searchers), Stefan Brigati (Pacific Coast Paranormal / host ‘My Darkest Hour’ on LiveParanormal.com) at the 4 Deuces Saloon in Tombstone Arizona!!!!  ENJOY:)

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    On The Road To Tombstone... with Dan Mewhinney

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    Dan Mewhinney from Dangers of the Paranormal... Don't miss this great interview with one of the Top Paranormal investigators of the 2015 Tombstone Arizona Event. We will be holding a series of interviews presenting you the paranormal investigators that will be there, as the date comes closer. Join our chat.

    Many Topics, webcam interview.

    Tombstone Arizona will hold the most awesome gathering, in this such historic place. many activity for all the family and at night... the whole town gets locked down for the investigation.

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    Tales of Frankenstein: The face in the tombstone mirror

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    Tales of Frankenstein - the Face in the Tombstone Mirror was a tv pilot about  the scientist Baron Von Frankenstein and was put out by Hammer Horror Films. Good old-fashioned spookiness and howling wolves greet you tonight during The Night Owls Radio show..   hosted by The Mysterious Miss X .


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    LiveParanormal.com's Ghost Host LIVE from Tombstone, 5/2!!!!:)

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    The Ghost Host Sophia Temperilli will be broadcasting LIVE from Tombstone Arizone for a special event on LiveParanormal.com, Saturday 5/2, 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm U.K. GMT!!!!  Listen live as Sophia interviews paranormal teams, paranormal authors, AMC's 'Walking Dead' cast member and more; directly infront of the 4 Duces Saloon across from the OK Corral:)


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    Tombstone Jesus comes to SGWS

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    Tombstone Jesus will be rejoining us on Sign Guy's Wrestling Show. He's one of the most popular guests we've had and is extremely popular with wrestling fans in Utah. He's doing some big things for WAR out of Salt Lake City. Be sure to get the latest with him as he returns for another interview.

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    Stevie Tombstone

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    Tune in LIVE Sunday May 5th at 5:30p.m. as MHH Radio hosts Stevie Tombstone. After a chance meeting with Roy Acuff, Stevie (then, a young man) was certain he would always be a musician. Born in rural Georgia, Stevie learned the ropes playing country, gospel, and blues. Rebelling against his roots, he immersed himself in the world of rock and the underground music scene of the 80s in Atlanta but never lost the twang of his childhood. Almost three decades later, he has become an accomplished performer and songwriter. Stevie has now released five solo albums and several music videos, produced music with his 1980s swamp rockabilly band, The Tombstones, and made appearances on compilations all over the damn place. In his early days, Stevie penned the college radio anthem and regional hit "Nobody", which was later recorded by rock icon, Stiv Bators. After separating with The Tombstones in the 1990s, he toured as the supporting act for Jason & the Scorchers in Europe, which opened the door for his solo career. Taking a more serious approach to songwriting, he then began to write with as many accomplished song-writers as he could find in every realm of the music world, from street poets to music row regulars Read More at http://www.stevietombstone.net/bio.html  

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    Deepertruth Welcomes Father Bill Of Sacred Heart Catholic, Tombstone AZ

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    Tombstone got its start in 1877 when Ed Schieffelin found one of the richest silver strikes in U.S. history in the hills above the San Pedro River. His discovery set in motion the history of a town that is seared in the memory of a nation and the world a true representative of the "American West". By 1879 settlement began, and by 1881 the population of the town reached 6000 people. While many rugged individuals inhabited the town's center, respectability and civilization began to occur on the edges of town. Church services were held in any vacant room or closed bar and the need for a decent church building was quite evident! In 1879, Rev. John Baptist Salpointe, Vicar Apostolic of Arizona, sent Father Antonio Jouvencaeu to Tombstone to ascertain the need for a church in the busy mining camp. Led by Nellie Cashman "Angel of the Camp", the citizens of Tombstone raised money to build a one and one-half story adobe building that housed a rectory on the top floor and a church on the bottom floor. This church-rectory was dedicated as Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church on January 1, 1881, becoming the first church building of any denomination in Tombstone.

    In 1882, a second wooden Catholic Church building was constructed. This allowed the 1881 building to be used solely as a rectory. Again, Nellie Cashman spearheaded the construction efforts, raising money and borrowing a team of horses and a wagon to haul wood from the Chiricahua Mountains, 50 miles away. This church building served the Tombstone Community until 1947 when it was moved to its present location. A new 1947 church building was constructed at the corner of N. Sixth and Safford Streets under the guidance of Pastor, Father Thomas Doyle. Later, the property north of the church that included two 1880's entwining rose trees was donated to and became part of the Sacred Heart Church Complex.